Drose release ‘boy man machine+’

Somewhere in Ohio there is a band called Drose. This band has released first album with the same name in 2016 and they have taken this album and combines it with their debut 7″ ‘A Voice” and they have thrown in same unreleased tracks as well. All this is remastered by veteran engineer Carl Saff.

‘boy man machine+’ will be out on October 18 2019 via Computer Students, a
unique, futuristic record label. It will be the first under their new Anatomical Reissues series, which reissues albums with highly conceptual design and presentation.

This album is a highly experimental record, one that really hits you in your face with its destructive noise, calms you down with its ambient soundscapes and scares the shit out of you with its eerie atmosphere. ‘boy man machine+’ is beautiful and cerfully crafted. It does not happen very often that a experimental record like this is so succesfull.

Enter the world of Drose and buy yourself one of the gorgeous designs of the album designed by Computer Students.



Kim Gordon released ‘No Home Record’

Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth, Body/Head, Free Kitten, Glitterbust) has released her first solo album. The thing is called ‘No Home Record’ and has exceeded all my expectations. Kim Gordon has made some absolutely great music since Sonic Youth, I really like her Body/Head project so I was thinking in those lines but I did not expect the sounds on this album.

Kim Gordon drops a magnificent album with ‘No Home Record’, the album has a lot of different influences. There are noiserock tracks on it that are very catchy and rocknroll but she experiments with electronics and she does it masterfully.

Not a lot of artist get away with suck different styles on an album but Kim gets away with it and its is truly great.

‘No Home Record’ is out today, October 11 on Matador Records.



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Swans drop second track ‘The Hanging Man’

‘Leaving Meaning’ is the the upcoming album from experimental rockers Swans. The first track ‘It’s Coming It’s Real’ has already been released.

This album features members from the 2010-2017 swans line-up (Norman Westberg, Thor Harris, Kristof Hahn, Christopher Pravdica, and Phil Puleo) and extra collaborations from Anna & Maria von Hausswolff, Ben Frost, The Necks, Baby Dee, A Hawk and A Hacksaw, Dana Schechter, Jennifer Gira, and more.

Now we get the second single called ‘Hanging Man’. This 10 minute track is something that gets under your skin. an absolute epic piece of work.

‘Leaving Meaning’ will be released October 5 through Mute/Young God.

Swans 2020 Tour Dates:
04/25 — Leipzig, DE @ Conne Island
04/26 — Krems an der Donau, AT @ Donau Festival at Stadtsaal Krems
04/28 — Berlin, DE @ Festsaal Kreuzberg
04/29 — Prague, CZ @ Divaldo ARCHA Theatre
04/30 — Warsaw, PL @ Progresia
05/03 — Stockholm, SE @ Nalen
05/04 — Copenhagen, DK @ Vega Main Hall
05/05 — Hamburg, DE @ Übel & Gefährlich
05/08 — Barcelona, ES @ Razzmatazz
05/09 — Madrid, ES @ KristonFest at Sala la Riviera
05/10 — Porto, PT @ Hard Club
05/13 — Zürich, CH @ Rote Fabrik
05/14 — Milan, IT @ Santeria Social Club
05/15 — Belfort, FR @ La Poudriere
05/18 — Wiesbaden, DE @ Kulturzentrum Schlachthof
05/19 — Paris, FR @ Le Trabendo
05/20 — Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso Music Hall
05/22 — Brussels, BE @ AB
05/23 — Cologne, DE @ Gebäude 9
05/26 — London, UK @ EartH
05/27 — London, UK @ EartH


Order here

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Kim Gordon drops ‘Hungry Baby’ from upcoming album

In a couple of days is the release of the new album called ‘No Home Record’ by Kim Gordon. She already dropped a couple of tracks and they are all really good. Now it is time for the thrid track called ‘Hungry Baby’. Tune in and get ready for the album release. Out October 11.



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Girl Band Release ‘The Talkies’ on Rough Trade Records

This year is an incredible year for noiserock and psychedelic rock, so I am having so much fun listening to all these new bands and albums and I have barely time enough to listen to it more the twice. But for this I took my time, Girl Band’s previous music is absolutely awesome and I have been a fan for quite a while now. So my expectations on this new album called ‘The Talkies’ were really high and I knew they were almost impossible to fill. Then I heard the album and I was completely blown away. ‘The Talkies’ is perfect, this album is so immensly experimental and still all of the tracks find a way in your head to make you an addict. Girl Band have found a way to create the perfect sound for noiserock.

The way they combine this experimental noise and still create something listenable, even catchy is just beyond me. The thing that struck me most is how the band uses different genres in one song and not only gets away with it but makes the tracks so much stronger. In the middle of a track Girl Band switches over to electronic beats that fit so good in their music they create something entirely new.

This album is released September 27 on Rough Trade and needs to find a way in your shelves at home. Order it on their website or on Rough Trade

From the intro to the most experimental track this album is perfect for me and will always be. First time I give an album 10/10 and I give it with love. This is art.



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Prissy Whip is something else, they have a sound not really from this timeline. I kinda picture a far away spaceship where there is an all-lifeform allowed party and Prissy Whip is the headliner of the party. While they play their futuristic noise some of those hipster tripletrunk aliens talk about how it sounds a bit like early humonoid punk and how they knew them way before they where popular.


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Second track ‘Air BnB’ from Kim Gordon’s upcoming solo album

After the release of the first track ‘Sketch Artist’ from Kim’s first solo album we get the new track called ‘Air Bnb’. I absolutely loved the ‘Sketch Artist’ but this new track is goddamn awesome, it is more noiserock, it is chaotic and still catchy. Kim Rules and this album will rule too!. The album is called ‘No Home Record’ and will be released 11 October through Matador Records.



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