Electronic Sunday Part II

I am still going to share electronics here on my noise and psych blog because I like it and because I can. So today I wanted to share the Chicago artist Hieroglyphic Being with the album he shared on December 30, 2019 called “The Strenuous Life”. Tune in for some catchy techno beats.


I also wanted to share ELLLL because I heard the track “Pepsi” from her EP ” Confectionary” in February last year, I know it is a bit older but I am still new to most of this music and I thought it too awesome not to share. There are only three track but the good news is there is another EP that was released in December called “Polarbergs”. Both are out on Glacial Industries.


Another addition to my Electronic Sunday is Wrangler wich has a dark and eerie Synth/techno vibe. “A Situation” is going to be out 28/02/2020 via Bella Union.


And finally we get the new track by Electronic artist Jlin. Her new track ‘I Hate Being an Adult’ was released through Adult Swim’s 2019-2020 Single Series.




Electronic Sunday Part I

For those who did not know yet. I am starting an electronic part on Fuzzy Sun and it has now changed to Electronic Sunday, wich I will release on a …. Sunday. I am still finding my way in this new territorium. I think I will cover mostly Techno and experimental electronics.

Monolithe Noir –  Resonate (MAZE Remix)

The Maze Remix for the “Resonate” track by Brussels artist Monolithe Noir is absolutely brilliant. The track is taken from Monolithe Noir Ep on Kowtow records. It is called “Slowly Changing” and was released in the beginning of 2019.

Now he has a new album coming called “Moira” and it will be relesead January 24. There are two tracks available for listening.

For those who are unknown to Monolithe Noir, be sure to check out his album “Le Son Grave” wich was released in 2017. Absolutely great stuff.


Leon Vynehall

Leon Vynehall released a 12″ on Ninja Tune. We can listen to the A side. The track is called “I, Cavallo” wich sounds like dark, sludgy techno and possibly one of my favourites together with  Giant Swan since I started this techno thingy.


Planetary Assault System

Luke Slater delivers  with “Plantea” and excellent piece of  fast paced techno. This was released November 1, 2019.



Karenn released some trippy synthy techno on the UK label Voam. “Grapefruit Regret” was released November 8, 2019.

Rose Bonica

“Mouthful of Concrete” by Rose Bonica is about eating concrete and getting back up with a smile!



Giant Swan

I said before that I wanted to try and share some electronic music. This is is a bit new direction for Fuzzy Sun but that I really like this and I think will fit the blog very well. I still don’t know a lot about it, and about what I want exactly but I will do my best. I have shared Shit and Shine (on Ooh Sounds) and Oil Thief before and this is the third band in the this new direction that I really like.

The Bristol duo Giant Swan (Robin Stewart and Harry Wright) released their new self titled album on November 8 and its quite impressive. The band switches between techno and electronic experimental electronic music with ease. Tune in and listen now.


Three track premiere by the sonic wizard Headboggle on Ratskin Records

Alright, I believe it is important (and fun) to broaden our horizons and try out new stuff, and the good guys of Ratskin Records have offered me something new. Now i have to say this evokes some special feelings, cause the stuff that coming is pretty magical. Let us dive in to the world of Derek Gedalecia with his moniker HEADBOGGLE. His discographie is 100 + releases long and quite impressive. Headboggle deals in electronics, psychedelics and synths.

Now we will take a look at the new release thats coming, Headboggle gifted us with a new album called ‘Polyphonic Demo’ wich will be released April 22 on Ratskin Records.

What we get here is an album with fourty-four one minute tracks. On each of this tracks Derek creates a small sonic universe out of nothing, each track shows a glimpse of a dream. What we hear here is an artist that has experimented a lot and has become an expert with sounds, synths and electronics.

‘Polyphonic Demo’ is an abstract listen, but is easy digestible and feels good from the first minute/track.

There are four tracks that are already up for a listen. But let us first check out the premiere of ‘Sister Synth’ and ‘Siren Phonics’ and ‘Detective Work’.









Yeah I’m On Acid!

Everything that is released on Rocket Recordings is just amazing stuff. Their whole catalogue is filled with psychedelic, kraut and experimental goods. And i remeber i went completely nuts on the 7″ release by Shit and Shine, the Texas droning electronics musicians. The tree track EP ‘Thats Enough’ was released last year in November and was really awesome.
So now they are returning with a new full album called ‘Bad Vibes’ wich will be released November 9.
Get your earholes destroyed with their new track “Yeah I’m On Acid’.













New video for Belgian Electronics trio Onset

The Belgian electronic trio Onset released their EP on February 3 this year. Four tracks of Gloomy and melancholic vibes. Now we get the new video for the single ‘Failure’ directed by Alexander Decommere.
Immerse yourself in the highly addictive music of Onset. (A tiny bird whispered in my ear there will be another big video soon, so be ready)