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New ‘Radar Men From The Moon’: only 8 tracks, but a world of ideas

Radar Men From The Moon’s sixth full length album ‘The Bestial Light’ is due for release May 8th on Fuzz Club. We got a sneak peek and were delighted. It’s an amazing mix of punk, noise, kraut and metal. The variation and creativity on this album is pretty impressive. And we spotted what we think is an hommage to Belgian grungerock icons dEUS. Extra points!

The band from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, has showed in the past that they are up to anything heavy that comes in mind. With their sixth album ‘The Bestial Light’ they go for an industrial noise-sound with a lot of kraut and metal influences. Neurosis, Swans and Gnod spring to mind, for example.

Opener ‘Breeding’ carries a repetitive riff and screaming and howling vocals. There’s a lot of built-up tension until the finale: a slow-paced outburst of noise and shrieks. Follow-up ‘Piss Christ’ (watch the video below) is as noisepunk as it gets, but the repetitive riff gives the track a groovy feel. Third track ‘Sacred Cunt of the Universe’ is a surprise. Slow pace, no vocals, beautiful saxophone, a kind of spacey, dark ballad vibe.

Then there’s ‘Eden in Reverse’ (listen below). Maybe we are wrong, don’t sue us if we are, but the opening riff, which is played in variations throughout the track, sounds very much like an hommage to suds&soda by Belgian grungerock icons dEUS (listen below). Now we love dEUS, and we love Radar Men From The Moon. And Antwerp and Eindhoven are not that far apart. Anyhow, listen for yourself and let us know if you think we are right.

Title track ‘The Bestial Light’ starts off with a long build-up that leaves you aching for the finale. ‘Self’ we can only describe as a fucked-up mantra for psychopaths looking for self-help, ‘Pleasure’ as a punknoise anthem. ‘Levelling Dust’, the last track, has a new wave-feel and carries some great electronic noise.

In conclusion: ‘The Bestial Light’ stands out because of two things: great vocals throughout, and the album’s creativity: there’s only 8 tracks but there’s a whole world of ideas to discover here. Maybe you won’t like some of them, but none of them are bad.

Out May 8 on Fuzz Club.