Space rockers Svenska Psykvänner

The Swedish instrumental space rockers Svenska Psykvänner have released their new EP “The Hägersten Sessions” August 23 on Drone Rock records. Four tracks of exquisite space rock. Tune in now for some Swedish trippin.

Eye Make The Horizon

This Swedish four-piece makes absolutely epic music. Their latest album ‘Dim Sum’ was released April 16 on Drone Rock Records.

The tracks on this album are challenging and tense, they create a cosmic and psychedelic vibe wich grabs you by the balls. It’s been a while since i heard and experimental band with such a captivating sound. Each track is refreshing and differs enough to make this a very good album.

Favorite track: Fractured Haircut

Take a mindpill and tune in to ‘Dim Sum’ by Eye Make The Horizon.

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Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, staande mensen