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Dope Body release ‘Crack A Light’

Dope Body is back and this is very good news. The band has released their new album ‘Crack A Light’ on Drag City and it is a deranged, noiserock album full of energy. After five years since their previous release they are now back and back even better then before.

‘Crack A Light’ is powerful, original and very very heavy album with a lot of layers that channel noiserock with grunge and hardcore and psych vibes. Tune in and enjoy

Favourite tracks: ‘The Sculpter’ and ‘Mutant Being’

new music

Dope Body to release ‘Crack A Light’

Dope Body makes deranged noisy experimental rock that enters your body like a tapeworm that slowly gets bigger and infects your complete body until finally you succumb to it.

It has been five years since their previous release so it makes it all the more fun that they are back with their upcoming album ‘Crack A Light’ wich will be released on Drag City on October 30.

Tune in for three tracks to warm up. Let Dope Body enter you.

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Cave release “Allways”

The psych/prog band Cave are back with their new album “Allways”. They released their album October 19 on Drag City records.Gorgeous repetitive bliss and kraut. Tune in now.
Favorite track: Dusty
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Tokyo psych Cosmic Invention

Drag City reissued the album ‘Help Your Satori Mind’ by the Japanese Cosmic Invention wich is a side project from Masaki Batoh of the band Ghost. With an extralong unreleased jam session! Enjoy
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Chicago psych rockers Cave are back

Cave (with Cooper Crain from Bitchin Baha’s)  will release a new album this year on Drag City Records. The psych/prog band released their first track San’Yago. Listen to the cosmic  here
‘Allways’ will be out October 19.
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