Final album from Dorothy Vallens

It seems the UK psych band Dorothy Vallens has come to an end. They have put out some excellent psych over the years and now they end with their final album “In The Oh So Dreary Ever​-​Long”.

On their final album the band gives us again that mesmerizing hazy psych sound. A shame it has to end because they know how to create an spacey athmosphere.

Enjoy their last tunes

Favorite track: Glazed in Honey and Calypso Queen

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Psychedelia by Dorothy Vallens

While surfing the net i came across a track called ‘The Existentialist’s Persian Rug Mantra’ (listen below) by the band Dorothy Vallens. The track completely blew my mind! So i started checking out more music by this psychedelic UK band. And there is a ton of incredible space music to listen to. This January they released a compilation of music and some unreleased tracks they have worked on from 2014 – 2017(listen below). Go to their soundcloud and bandcamp to enjoy more magic!