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Can you handle the new Dopelord?

This is some godlike stonerdoom. It’s been a long time since I listen to stonerdoom and it seems Dopelord has awaken that flame again. From the first track “The Witching Hour Bell” it is clear Dopelord is going for the win with bone shattering riffs and really good vocals. When you buy this album you get six tracks with the most awesome names like “Doom Bastars”, “Hail Satan”, “Headless Decapitator”. Can you handle these riffs, can you handle this kind of dense heaviness? yes? Then listen now and listen loud. “Sign of the Devil” is out now!


new music

A Polish 4way split between Weedpecker, Major Kong, Dopelord and Spaceslug

Heavy fuzz, stoner, psych and doom on the new 4-way split between the stoner/doom Weedpecker, the heavy fuzz band Major Kong, The slow crunching doom of Dopelord and ofcourse stonerdoom of Spaceslug.

The polish talent is gushing out of this 4 way split. Released February 1.

Check them out now.