WEEDIAN Volume 3 by Blues Funeral Recordings

The Weedian series are compilation albums that are released on Blues Funeral Recordings. Filled with the latest offerings from all the great stoner, doom and Heavy psych. Thiss compilation has three unreleased songs from Holy Serpent, Firebreather and Howling Giant. Fry your brain with all this awesomeness now.



Boris release ‘LφVE & EVφL’

Too put Boris in a box is a bit too easy, yes, their music is drenched in doom but Boris are a very unique band with a sound that has shifted and changed through the years. Their new records ‘LφVE & EVφL’, for me personally, is Boris at their peak, at their absolute best. The sound on their new record is sounds like a balance between light and happiness and haunted and filled with dread. Some tracks can be soothing and filled with hope and then you have those riffs and vocals that are dragging doom and ruin with the most gorgeous of guitar solos making that make it even more epic. The album starts with an epic postrock track that speaks of hope, the next track ‘Coma’ is follow-up but the dread is building up. ‘Evol’ is 16 minutes of experimental songmaking, this track is made of epic ambient doom, doomriffs that suck your soul out and postrock solos. ‘Uzume’ is bleak magnificent drone and ‘In the pain(t)’ ambient. The album ends with ‘Shadow of Skull’ wich is my favorite. This is brilliant, take your time and listen to Boris.


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The Chile band Arteaga released “VOL. III NECROMANCE” on Forbidden Place Records. This album was released by Arteaga on September 23, 2018 but is now re-released on Forbidden Place with live bonus tracks on the album.

The album is a catchy mix of punk, doom,stoner and psych. Tune in for some shredding.


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30 000 Monkies share second track

30 000 Monkies shared their second track ‘The Fist of Impending Joy’ wich is almost 7 minutes of incredibly heavy doom and noise. The band recently shared their first video and track ‘HE-MAN’ from the upcoming album ‘Are Forever’ wich will be released September 27 on Consouling sounds. After hearing this second track it is quite clear this album will be beyond awesomeness. Tune in and enter the world of 30000 Monkies.



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Monolord release ‘No Comfort’

The previous album ‘Rust’ from the Swedish stonerdoom band Monolord was right in the feels for me, A perfect balance between stoner and doom, heaviness and slow crushing riffs. Now the new album ‘No Comfort has arrived and it is a gorgeous piece of epic doom. The music is slow and brooding and filled with epic riffs and vocals that fit perfectly on the fuzzed out riffs. In times sounding like a slowed down and heavy Black Sabbath.

‘No Comfort’ is out on Relapse records and is a must hear for every doom and stoner fan.

Tune in now and enjoy some epic heaviness.




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Faux Machismo release their debut

Guitarist Maeve Munro and drummer Anna Ridley form the fuzzed out band Faux Machismo. This band is taking fuzz to the next level and create an atmospheric and trippy grunge sound.

Check out their debut album and video for the track ‘Shake The Bones’. The album is released through Muzai Records on April 22.



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