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Another Month, another dump of awesome music, can’t follow the the constant stream of releases so here is a fast dump of some awesome bands.

Bog Monkey

Good fat noisy rock from Atlanta with some nice guitarstuff in it. yea

Ari Árelíus

Icelanding funky psych with a new gorgeous track called Miðnætti (Shakti)


Some good vintage sounding psych and hardrock by this Pennsylvania trio.

Blood from the Soul

Shane Embury of Napalm Death, Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, etc), Jacob Bannon (Converge, WYW, Umbra Vitae), and Jesper Liveröd (Nasum, Burst) together from Blood from the Soul and ‘DSM-5’ is their upcoming album.

Devil’s Witches

Good Fuzz n Doom, yes baby

Faux Machismo

Leeds duo Faux Machism is made up from Guitarist Maeve Munro and drummer Anna Ridley. The band released their debut ‘Sink’ a while ago and now they are back with new music.

The first track they shared is called ‘Dopamine’ and is accompanied by a video. The fuzzed out track has an eerie vibe to it. Heavy and with great vocals. Out on Muzai Records.

Sonic Youth

It seems Sonic Youth is re releasing everything on bandcamp and on LP. This is their same titled album that was released in 1982.

The Grease Arrestor

Dreamy sounds, psychedelic shoegaze that makes you feel like you live in the sixties. listen to the album ‘What Was, Is.”


‘blu’ is the new EP by Italian band Norse wich is released on The Ghost is Clear Records.

Quercus Quercus

Funky psych by the new band Quercus Quercus. Their new album ‘Lundahl’ will be out on October 26.

Shiva and the Hazards

A new track by the psychrockers Shiva and the Hazards who expect theri new album somwhere in the beginning of 2021. Check out their new singel ‘Revolution Son’.

new music

Saint Karloff delivers gorgeous doom and fuzz

The Norwegian heavy fuzz rockers have released a split with the Occult rockers Devil’s Witches and it is called ‘COVEN OF THE ULTRA-RIFF’ and is out since September 6 through Majestic Mountain Records and cassette through Stoner Witch Records.

The band has also a new album out called ‘Interstellar Voodoo’ with a track that is 40 minutes of godly fuzz. Delicious riffs and stoner vocals make this album real good. This is psychedelic fuzz with a 70’s vibe.

Favourite track: ‘Interstellar Voodoo’

new music

Heavy riffing with Saint Karloff

This Norway heavy fuzz band has three members. Mads Melvold, Ole Sletner and Adam Suleiman from Saint Karloff and their music is made of godly riffs. The groove and fuzz on their new track is just immense. 

The track ‘On the Mountains of Loudness’ is from a split with Devil’s Witches called ‘COVEN OF THE ULTRA-RIFF’. To be released Sept 6th on vinyl through Majestic Mountain Records and cassette through Stoner Witch Records.

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