‘Curved Entrances’ by The Myrrors

The Myrros are band with a very comsic sound, it does not matter wich records from The Myrrors you play, each time you play one you get that comsic desert vibe.

Now they will release an LP on Cardinal Fuzz with two tracks on them spanning 30 minutes of trippy music. The songs were recorded in the winter months of 2014.

Listen to some of that music now.



Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: staande mensen, boom, plant, lucht, buiten en natuur



French stoner rock Wizard Must Die

The French stoner rock band Wizard Must Die released their new album “In The Land of the Dead Turtles” and it is an absolutely great. Wizard Must Die create this desert stoner sound with a lot of psychedelic rock mixed through it.

Every track is a new discovery of great tunes. A great find!

Favorite track: Umibe no Kafuka


Desert Rockers Henry Blacker

Check out the first track full of heavy Desert riffs ‘Cag Mag’ by Henry Blacker. Their album ‘The making of Junior Bonner’ will be out April 6th through Riot Season Recordings.
HB Formed because there’s nothing to do in Somerset. HB Formed because the other band they do (Hey Colossus) rehearse in London and they wanted a band they didn’t need to travel the width of the country to jam with.



Electric Huldra, Sun Voyager, Lightning Swells Forever and Merlin

Electric Huldra is a desert rock band from Michigan. They released their album ‘Roadburner’ January 25 this year.

electric huldra

Psych/Space rockers Sun Voyager released two tracks from their upcoming album ‘Seismic Vibes’ wich will be out April 20.

sun voyager

Lightning Swells Forever is Heavy Psych from Japan. Their EP 0 was released in April last year.


Retro doom (with sax!) by Merlin! Check out their album ‘The Wizard’ released January 28.