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Alexis Marshall (Daughters) release second track ‘Hounds in the Abyss

In 2018 Daughters released ‘You Won’t Get What You Want’ wich was not only their first album in a long time but was beyond all expectations, a masterwork of industrial tinged noiserock, brutal and intense. It became immediatly one of my favourite albums ever. Then it became clear that vocalist Alexis Marshall would release a new solo album and from that album the fgirst track ‘Nature in three movements’ is already out and now we get the second track called ‘Hounds in the Abyss’. This new track is really amazing and it show how talented Alexis Marshall is in his songwriting, in creating atmosphere and in words. The track is eerie, filled in a bleak an threatening atmosphere. Tune in for this gorgeous piece of work. This new album is going to be called ‘House of Lull. House of When’ and will be released July 23 on Sargent House.

new music

Alexis Marshall (Daughters) release first track ‘Nature in Three Movements’

In 2018 Daughters released ‘You Won’t Get What You Want’ wich was not only their first album in a long time but was an amzing piece of art, that album is intense, original and godlike. It still is one of my favourite albums.

And now it is Alexis Marshall, the vocalist from Daughters, is making himself ready to release his first solo album. When this album will be released and when we will hear music from it is unclear but he shared a standalone singel just now called ‘Nature in Three Movements’. Tune in for the powerful new track now. Out on Sargent House.

Couldn’t be left alone.
He picked up a pen, drew a line across his throat.
Couldn’t be left alone.
He picked up the hammer and nail, tied his feet to the ground.
Then the telephone came alonging,
The front door started calling.
Can’t be weighted down.
He took it as a sign of weakness.
He couldn’t put the hammer down.
He wore one right between his eyes.
He couldn’t be left alone, and took it as a sign of weakness when the baroque tune came upon.
Oh, the telephone came alonging.
The front door started calling.
He couldn’t put the hammer down.
Can’t be weighted down.


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Dump #18

Another Dump of awesome music because there is too musch good music and not enough time. So here it all is in Dump #18. Enjoy.


Monotrope delivers an instrumental album of great variety. “Immutable Future” is complex, intense and a great listen. Out on new Atlantis Records.

Easy Tide

The video “When The Pills Don’t Work” from Easy Tide’s latest EP. Tune in and watch some fuzzy rock.

Modern Technology

After the excellent self titled album from January this year we get a live album called “Exploding Head Sessions”. Tune in now.


On my end of the year list Daughters was number one with their superb album “You Won’t Get What You Want”. Now we get the video for the track “Guest House”. Enjoy.


In 2018 the band from Ghent, belgium released their Ep “SPIRAL ART” wich was a cool postpunk piece of work. The new singel though, is stronger, heavier and way more what I like. this is the good stuff. Curious to hear more.


From Bruges comes the jazz/psych/whatever band called Ventilateur. Their latest single has a nice videoclip. Tune in for the track “Djakarta”.


A good mix of psychedelic rock and alternative heaviness by  the Berkshire based band Doops. Tune in for the new track Rehash Ver. 2.


Osees (Oh Sees (Thee Oh Sees)(OCS)…)) ar eknow for their incredible output. this time they changed themselves to Ohsees and released a 12″ of cosmic ambient. tune in to see the latest visuals of the track “Infinite Columns”.


Crazy noisepunk band with members of Cattle and The Physics House Band. Three extremely wild tracks on this new EP.


I love Dead, these Australians make dirty music. => look i copied this from their bandcamp: “Taken from the DEAD/Barge With An Antenna On It Split 7” single on TYM Records – TYM 44.
Another version of this song appears on the album We Won’t Let You Sleep under the name “Chartreuse Blew.” This song is in tribute to the mighty Vaz”

Hot Snakes

You probably know by now Hot Snakes is back!, they shared their track “Checkmate” a while ago and now we get the video. Enjoy somy groovy rock.


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Street Sects release track with Nick Sadler & Lingua Ignota

Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop is releasing a Various Artist LP, wich  benefits the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), “a national nonprofit that works with immigrants, community organizations, legal professionals, and policy makers to build a democratic society that values diversity and the rights of all people.”

The LP will be released November 8 and features excellent artists like Zeal & Ardor, Oxbow, Street Sects ,Xiu Xiu and many more.

Now we can check out the industrial lords Street Sects. Their new song is called ‘Fourteen Frames’ and features Nick Sadler of Daughters and Lingua Ignota. An extremely powerfull and industrial track.

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Daughters release video for ‘Less Sex’

The Rhode Island noiserockers Daughters released their comeback album ‘You Won’t Get What you Want’ last year and it ended up as my absolute favorite on my end of the year list. It is a long time ago thazt I heard something this powerful. Daughters are a force.

Daughters are not only strong and intense in their music, the lyrics of the band are intense too. And now there is a beautiful video for the track ‘Less Sex’ too. Seems Daughters got it all.

The album was released through Ipecac on October 26.

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Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen

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Daughters release “You Won’t Get What You Want”

I have to say that this album completely blew me away. When the first tracks from the new album were released a while ago i got way too excited. “Satan in the Wait” was the first to enter my brain and i already decided that the album “You Won’t Get What You Want” would be a masterwork.
I calmed myself down because it is always the same with me, I get way to excited and then in the end i’m disappointed. But then track”The Reason They Hate Me” came out and I went berserk again.
By the time “Long Roads No Turns” came out i was starting to act weird.  Small tics, uncontrollable movements that led to embarrassing public moments.
Now Daughters is out and people start to avoid me, look away when they see me limping on the streets with a maniacal smile on my face. But i don’t care, i close the curtains when i’m home, dim the lights, sit in the middle of the room and listen to Daughters on max volume. and I’m Happy.
Be aware when you start listening to Daughters: It may cause social disorders, nervous tics, earfungus, drooling and Ascension.
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Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen

new music

Daughters share “Long Road, No Turns”

Rhode Island noiserockers Daughters are on their way to become my favorite band of 2018 (together with Gnod). They released two track already called “Satan in the Wait” and “The Reason They Hate Me”. These two anxious tracks are extremely powerful and together with the new track “Long Road, No Turns” i have decide that the rest of the album should be absolutely terrible to not become one of the best albums of the year.
Their album “You Won’t Get What You Want” will be out October 26 on Ipecac.
Listen to the third track “Long Road, No Turns” by Daughters.


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Providence noise rockers Daughters share second track

The noiserockers signed to Ipecac recordings and anounced a new album called ‘You Won’t Get What You Want’.  A while ago they shared their first track ‘Satan in the Wait’ wich instantly made me want more, a very promising track, a bit different then their old work but the new Daughters are more anxious, threatening and refined.
Now They shared their second track ‘The Reason They Hate Me’ wich only reinforces my opinion about the upcoming album.  This will be a gorgeous album and one of the best of 2018. Out October 26.
Daughters are on Fuzzy Sun’s Spotify List.


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Noiserockers Daughters share new track

Rhode Islands noiserockers Daughters release their first new music in 8 years and sign with Ipecac recordings.  Their new track “Satan in the Wait” is an anxious and refreshing track. Listen now!