Danzig covers Elvis Presley’s ‘One Night’

You could ask yourself why the hell I would post the first track of the “Danzig sings Elvis” album on a blog like this?Well, it has three reasons, the first reason is because I can do what I pretty well like because this is my blog. The second reason is my long love for Elvis, for me there will never be another King than Elvis Presley. From his first recordings to his comback and Christmas music, absolutely briliant, all of it. Now the third reason is Danzig ofcourse, the early stuff he did in The Misfits was one the first punk rock bands that got my attention and to this day I still play The Misfits with Danzig a lot (sometimes the ‘Famous Monsters’ album too wich is something else completely). Then a bit later I bought the CD “Danzig II: Lucifuge II”, and from that moment I was howling all those songs like ‘Tired of Being Alive” and ‘Her Black Wings’. Then I saw ‘I Don’t Mind The Pain’ on television in some metal program and I knew it. I was a Danzig fan. Now and then I cruise in my car with my window open and my arm out playing ‘Mother’ way to loud knowing I probably look like an extreme nerd and creep. Now I was ready to blast this Elvis cover thing absolutely to pieces because I was sure it would be a complete abomination but I have to admit it is not, it is just bad, it is just someone who covers Elvis, like in a bar or in agarage with friends. The sound sucks, its pretty boring and nothing really happen. The track was originally written and recorded by Dave Bartholomew, Pearl King, and Anita Steinman. It was an R&B hit for Smiley Lewis in 1956. I will paste these three tracks here and you can do with it as you like.

Ty Segall released “Fudge Sandwich”

Ty Segall released his cover album “Fudge Sandwich on 26/10 on In The Red Records. In 2018 Ty succeeded in releasing “Orange Rainbow”, “Freedom’s Goblin”, “Joy” with White Fence and “Pre Strike Sweep” with the Goggs.
Covers by bands like Spencer Davis Group, Funkadelic, Lennon and more.
An album thats full of fuzz and fun. Join the fuzz and listen to Ty Segall’s Fudge Sandwich. Order at In the red records.

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second track from Ty Segall cover album

The unstoppable Ty segall releases his second track from “Fudge Sandwich”, his upcoming cover album. His first track “I’m A Man” was a cover by The Spancer Davis Group and now Ty releases his new track “Class War”, a cover from The Dils.
Fudge Sandwich is out 10/26 on In The Red Recordings. Pre order now at intheredrecords.
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