New music by cosmic lords Küngens Män

The previous album by the Swedish psychedelic rockers “Fuzz på svenska” ended on my 2018 best of list. I have to admit that instrumental music quickly bores me, becomes tedious and does not get played a lot here.

But Küngens Män is one of the exceptions, the band creates and atmosphere that evokes calmness and a feeling of conectedness even though the music can get pretty chaotic and noisy.

Now the news that their will be a new album out on Riot Season Records is magnificent, wich already promises a good 2019. The new album by the four piece is called “CHEF” and will be released February 8.

Listen to the first released track called “Öppen för stängda dörrar”.

Listen to more psych on Fuzzy Sun’s list.

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The magic of Kungens Män

The Swedish band Kungens Män are true sonic magicians. With their latest album “Fuzz på svenska” they have created a work of astonishing beauty.
This album is a psychedelic trip. Extemely wel crafted and one you should play loud and listen to carefully.
Find them and more psych on Fuzzy Sun’s list.
Favorite track: Tung Dialog

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Cosmic jams by Primitive Air

“Creation Hymn” is the new album by Primitive Air. The trio creates truly beautifull cosmic guitar music. The album will be out on the great Beyond Beyond is Beyond on October 20.
Check out the first two tracks before the release here.
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Another trippy new Beak> track

‘Brean Down’ is another new released track by Beak>, this one from their upcoming album ‘>>>’ out on Invada Records and Temporary Residence on September 21.
I am a huge fan of the hypnotic droning tunes of Beak> and i am sure this will be one of my favorite albums of 2018. Their previous released track Allé Sauvage has been playing day in day out.

foto van Beak>.

Call of The Void by Lumerians

It’s time, Lumerians released their cosmic trip ‘Call of The Void’ on Fuzz Club.
I had some kind of physical breakdown today. I have no idea what happenend, but it hit me hard, suddenly i felt extremely ill, sweat running down my back, cold and warm again, snot clotting up my brain. ofcourse the only solution to these kind of situations is to fill my belly with all the pills i could find in my cuboard. There must have been some strong stuff in there cause only ten minutes later i was staring at the ceiling and my brain was completely empty.
Suddenly, out of the blue, ‘call of the void’ started playing, and everything fell in place. my mind and body left and went on this cosmic voyage and lord, it was beautiful.
I’m back now, like nothing happened.

foto van Lumerians.


Cosmic guitar play by Elkhorn

The cosmic guitar duo Jesse Sheppard and Drew Gardner will release Lionfish June 6 on Eiderdown records. The first track ‘Lion’ is a 18 minute beauty of folk and psych. Let your mind wander while listening to Elkhorn.