Belgian noiserockers Vandal X release ‘Blood on the Streets’

I have to admit something ridiculous, i was really looking forward to this release. Shit, the new album of the Belgian masters of noiserock, and this is a blog especially for noiserock and psychedelic rock. So i wanted to check this album as soon as possible, I needed it as fast as possible in my ears. But since my brain mostly forgets everything since the last time I ate I completely forgot about the release of ‘Blood on the Streets’ (which was March  23).

You people couldn’t care less about all this horsecrap ofcourse. What you should care about is this, this fucking release. From start to finish the duo  keep ramming explosive noiserock down your throat. These dudes ooze experience and with it they created this gorgeous record, as brutal as ever and an everlasting wall of sound.

I could go over every track and tell you what i think but honestly i hate doing that and i don’t think you really care about that.

What you should do is turn this really loud and listen to it again and again and buy it ofcourse.

Out on 9000 Records!

You can find them and more dirty stuff on the Big Belgian Noiserock list.

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Belgian noiserockers Vandal X are back

I love living in Ghent, it’s a great city but it’s also filled with gritty bands like Raketkanon, Pink Room, Hypochristmutreefuzz and stuff like that. But more important, the noise rock veterans Vandal X, they are back with their noisy crushing sound.

Their are going to release a new album on March 22 through 9000 Records. We can check out the new track ‘Blood on the Streets’.  Play loud and listen now!  Pre-order this fast!

You can find them and more dirty stuff on the Big Belgian Noiserock list.

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Heavy Dump II

Another batch of heaviness. Play Loud, play now.


High on Fire
Album number eight is called “Electric Messiah”. Released October 5.
Favorite track: Drowning Dog

Kuar Nhial
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This White Light
A new heavy band with members of Sunn O)), Goatsnake, Engine kid, Pelican and more share two new tracks. check them out here.
La Muerte
Heavy noise hailing from belgium. La Muerte will release their new album on December 7 through Mottow Soundz.


The Lousiana heaviness WOORMS released a new single. Check out “find a meal, find a bed, find a god”.

The UK post-metal band Ohhms released their new album “Exist” on  November 9.