‘No Things’ video from the ‘Keeenly’ album by the heavy psych/noise Japanese masters DMBQ


A double track video from the latest album by Luxembourg band The Choppy Bumpy Peaches.

A new track and video by the Japanese punkgirls Otoboke Beaver.

One of my favourite releases of the year so far is USA/Mexico, with their extreme sound they released ‘Matamoros’ and now we get the clip from ‘Shoofly’. For maximum pleasure turn to eleven.

From the great album ‘ZAM’ by Frankie and the Witch Fingers we get the video for ‘I Am Underneath you’.

The Australian band Psychedelic Porn Crumpets released a video for the track ‘Bill’s Mandolin’ and ‘Hymn for a Droid from their latest album ‘And Now For The Whatchamacallit’ out 31 May.

Casual Nun

The clip from the track ‘The Sweet Hereafter’ from the split album between Bruxa Maria and Casual Nun on Hominid. Choatic fun with made for the noiserock fans.

The new psych band L’Epee consists of Emmanuelle Seigner (Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle), Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre) & Lionel & Marie Liminana (The Liminanas). Check out the video for the single ‘Dreams’.

Cocaine Piss recorded a few songs at the Highway Holidays Warehouse. Watch the Belgian band in action.


some good Belgian noisepunk by It It Anita. Check out their vid for the track ‘GOD’ from their latest release ‘Laurent’.


Spine chilling noise on Wart Biter

Wart Biter released their self titled album on Hominid Sounds (wich released the great Bruxa Maria/Casual Nun split earlier). The self titled album is filled with eerie atmosperic sax sounds and drone noise. With Members of Gum Takes Tooth, Luminous Bodies, Alien Sex Fiend and Sex Swing


Casual Nun has got it all

wow, so much loud. Casual Nun has got it all.The first track “Tusk” is a heavy fast-paced noisy trash track followed by “Everyman’s Folly” wich is is almost a doom song. After this we got Truth Machines wich is just hypnotic psychedelia. Xiphoid Revolution is noise and psych wich is just pretty cool. the album ends with “stripes” wich is droning awesomeness. I say Casual Nun is just fucking cool.