Grave Flowers Bongo Band to release ‘Strength of Spring’

Grave Flowers Bongo Band is from LA and is going to release their new album ‘Strength of Spring’ on April 30 via Castle Face Records. The album is produced by Ty Segall and the first single called ‘Smile’ is out since a while and now we get the second track called ‘Down Man’ which is a bit wilder with lots of of acid guitar work and singalong vintage psych. really looking forward to this album.

Grave Flowers Bongo Band to release ‘Strength of Spring’

Grave Flowers Bongo Band is from LA and is going to release their new album ‘Strength of Spring’ on April 30 via Castle Face Records. The album is produced by Ty Segall and on the first single called ‘Smile’ the band shows their strength in making vintage sounding psychedelia. A really awesome first track, check out the video too.

Artwork Part II

I made a post a couple of days ago about artworks, albumart, graphic design and stuff that have some connection to psych and noiserock and I really liked making that post so I decided to make it a serie. So in this new series I will try to post about the artists that made art mostly for bands and musicians that fit with my website. There are an incredible lot of artists to chose from so I just pick the ones that interest me and the stuff I like and I will see where it will lead me.

To start of part II of this series I wanted to share with you the London based artist & musician Kazland. First time I saw his work was through the art of the album by Sly and the Family Drone who makes intense jazz/noiserock (The first blue painting is the one from Fly and the Family Drone) . Most of the stuff Kazland paints and draow are colorful and playful. You can buy his works here. Check out his website and follow him.

Next up is Jola Darkovic, a Greek artist and member of The Slang Network (a creative collective). I saw his work first when I found out about the Greek band Kooba Tercu who made and really good album called ‘Proto Tekno’ on Rocket Recordings. And the album art of that album is made by Jola & Cobra.Nine. Their is a lot of street art, arcylics and other stuff that are really great. Ill post some below, the first one the albumcover of the Kooba Tercu album. Check out his FB too and give him a follow. The second picture featues Onebran.

Andreas Christian Haslauer runs the Austrian label Epileptic Media and I did a post about his art and label already but because I love his work so much I tought I needed to mention him here as well. On his label he releases really weird and special music and I encourage you to check out these experimental tunes that go from folky weird to industrial heavy. But what I wanted to share here is his handiwork, Andreas makes all the artwork for his label and for a lot of bands on the label. His illustrations are often eerie, weird and full of color and fit very much with the music the label releases.

Now this I really love, the art of Kyle Ranson. I came across his work a while ago as he is also artist of many of the covers on the Castle Face Record Label (founded in 2006 by John Dwyer (Oh Sees) , Matt Jones and Brian Lee Hughes). Kyle makes slightly crazy art that explodes from colors. I recently bought the latest LP ‘Panther Rotate’ by the Osees with the cover of the cat on it (as seen below) and now aI have a piece of art from Kyle at my place wich makes me really happy.

Tetsunori Tawaray is a Japanese musician and artist that makes sci-fi/experimental graphic novels, album art, artwork, drawings, murals, toys and stuff like that. You can find an lot on his website and you can follow him on instagram too.You can buy a lot of different clothing in his shop too. I got to know his work through the album by Patricia Kokett. The album is called ‘Bizarr’ and was released on Knekelhuis in 2020 and is not noiserock or psych but one of my favourite electronic releases from the last decade. He also did the cover for ‘Mutilator Defeated At Last’ by Thee Oh Sees.

New track by Oh Sees

Oh Sees (OCS, Thee Oh Sees) or also known as one of the greatest psychrock/garage/punk bands in the existence of the universe are back with new music after last years releases ‘ORC’ and the 7 inch ‘Dead Medic’.
The previous track ‘Overthrown’ is Oh Sees at its wildest, a rollercoaster of riffs, distorted vocals and fast solowork. ‘Overthrown’ will be on the new album ‘Smote Reverser’.
Now we get their latest track ‘C’ where Oh Sees blend garage and psychedelia to perfection. Oh Sees are releasing albums in superspeed and are growing each album to something even more perfect.