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Thurston Moore shares new track from new solo album

Thurston Moore will release his upcoming solo album B’By The Fire’ soon and he has release a track called ‘Hashish a while ago and now we get the second track ‘Siren’ wich is twelve minutes long.

I have to admit I like these two tracks very much and I am very much looking forward to a solo album with this sound by Thurston Moore. Tune in enjoy 12 minutes of ‘Siren’.

new music

Thurston Moore shares first track from new solo album

Ex Sonic youth frontman Thurston Moore shared his first track from his upcoming solo album wich will be called ‘By The Fire’ and will be released at one time or another i guess. He released a lot of music lately in the lockdown period, ollder music, unreleased tracks from his different projects but now we get this new track, this quite impressive track called ‘Hashish’. Enjoy