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Master of Rehearsal by BSCBR

I have never met anyone who does not like Black Sabbath and if you are planning on replying to this post that you don’t like Black Sabbath then you are a turd, there, I have said it.

Listen to the BSCBR cover ‘Sweet Leaf’. BSCBR is  Brad Truax (Interpol), Mick Barr (Ocrilim, Krallice), Greg Fox, Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), and Angel Deradoorian (Dirty Projectors, Deradoorian). The another track is ‘Fairies wear Boots’ wich is coming soon and is my favorite Black Sabbath track.

I like Black Sabbath and I have made a small list with Black Sabbath covers and I added this one to it too. Check it here if you need more Black Sabbath.