Bristol rockers SANS release new EP

Very glad I got to know this band from Bristol with their absolutely awesome sound! They just released their selftitled new EP and the first track that was already released is called ‘Aztec Drips’ and immedialty shows the strenght of this band. The track starts of good with a postpunk math feel but, brooding vocals mix in and then suddenly the track is like a punch in the face, noiserock comes from everywhere and shifts between the brooding rock and the noiserock, this track is extremely cool. The second track ‘Deja Vu’ is filled to the brim with mathrock energy and post-whatever music. ‘Flip Flip isthis dense groovy riff and some psychedelic effects and moody vocals. Sans is a band that owns their sound, they know what they want and it is heavy as fuck.

Bristol sonic terror SANS

This is the first time I heard of the Bristol band SANS and was immediatly impressed. They have a new song out called ‘Aztec Drips’ and it is incredible good. Four minutes of incredible agressive noiserock, really good sound, strong vocals. This really blew me away. So I immediatly checked out their previous releases and I have missed some absolutely gorgeous stuff it seems. “Misophonic Songs” is their previous release and has that ferocious energy that seems to be the main ingredient of SANS. I can absolutely recommend this to anyone, loads of losers won’t like it but those with good taste will be very pleased. Soon out on Breakfast Records. I have added these fuckers to the Amazing Sax List to because I hear sax or trumpet or whatever i don’t care it s awesome in their latest track.