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Spacerockers Oblivian Reptilian

Heavy Psych/space rock ban Oblivion Reptilian is compromised of Andrew Panagopoulos (Comacozer) and Mike Vest (BONG, Blown out, 11Paranoias, Melting Hand, Lush Worker).

Together they started the project Oblivian Reptilian. On April 12 they wil release their new album ‘Fried On Rock’.

We can check out their first released track ‘Daraconian’ from their upcoming album.



new music


5 minutes in the song i forgot that i existed, 8 minutes listening to ‘The Golden Fields’ i entered a different plane and when the track finished i was back in my shitty life. Have fun listening to the new track ‘The Golden Fields’ by Bong. It is from their upcoming album ‘Thought and Existence’ out May 4th on Ritual Productions.