The Switch by Body/Head

Some albums just hit the right spot from the beginning and i have to admit there are only few experimental albums that do this to me. The experimental sounds and originality on ‘The Switch’ just sound right for me, they seem to have a calming, otherwordly effect on me. The eerie vocals of Kim perefectly match with the droning and experimental guitar sounds of Bill Nace.
Experience the noise of Body/Head.

foto van Body/Head.








First track by Body/Head

Kim Gordon and Bill Nace are the experimental noise duo called Body/Head. ‘The Switch’ is their upcoming album and will be released July 13 on Matador. The first track ‘You Don’t Need’ is released and it is quite special, droning guitars and the voice of Kim mashed through make for one eerie track. very curious to hear more from them!

foto van Body/Head.