Best of Black Sabbath by Various Artists from the Magnetic Eye Record Label

Black Sabbath rules and stays one of the bands I keep listening to regularly. I made small list with a lot of Black Sabbath covers and I intend too keep that list updated. So now I came across this new compilation by Magetic Eye records with fifteen tracks and bands on it, some of the bands like Earthless and Saint Karloff I really like so I am looking forward to hearing them all. At this moment there are two tracks up for listening and it is ‘Wicked World’ by Caustic Casanova and Summoner by A National Acrobat . The full album will be released October 30.

Volume 4 [Redux] on Magnetic Eye Records, Whores share cover

There is a lot of covering Black Sabbath on Magnetic Eye Records wich can only be good news, Black Sabbath rules and now there are going to be a lot of great artists covering the band yet again. I got myself a little list with covers of Black Sabbath because of obvious reasons that you can check here.

Now touy can listen how the great noiserockband Whores cover the track ‘Cornucopia’. The Cover album will be released October 30 and has some other really nice bands on it. I’ll keep you updated.

Master of Rehearsal by BSCBR

I have never met anyone who does not like Black Sabbath and if you are planning on replying to this post that you don’t like Black Sabbath then you are a turd, there, I have said it.

Listen to the BSCBR cover ‘Sweet Leaf’. BSCBR is  Brad Truax (Interpol), Mick Barr (Ocrilim, Krallice), Greg Fox, Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs), and Angel Deradoorian (Dirty Projectors, Deradoorian). The another track is ‘Fairies wear Boots’ wich is coming soon and is my favorite Black Sabbath track.

I like Black Sabbath and I have made a small list with Black Sabbath covers and I added this one to it too. Check it here if you need more Black Sabbath.


Recently I heard a Black Sabbath cover album by various artists from the Sacred Bones Roster and I really like it, so I was thinking, I heard so many covers of Black Sabbath over the years so I am going to search them and share them here. Now they are really a lot of them. So I am going to call this part one and if you like it I will make another part.

A compilation of Black Sabbath covers recorded by artists from across the Sacred Bones roster

Sacred Bones has always been an special label, the name brings up somthing magical in me, their bands are so wide on the musical spectrum, between experimental an dreamy, it is just amazing to look in to everything and discover all this gems. Now they released a various artists compilation to To celebrate the 50th anniversary of both the self-titled Black Sabbath album and ‘Paranoid called  ‘What Is This That Stands Before Me?’. The thing that is immediatly clear and shows why the bands on the label and ofcourse the label itself are so special is because these covers are so unique, each artist truly made a song in their own style, not like many covers just mimic the track but they truly blended and molded the songs in their own way. Just listen to the first song by The Soft Moon, it is an industrial version of the track ‘Black Sabbath’ and then you know you are in for a ride. An 80 techno russian like version? A sludgemetal one or a dark pop version. Some close to recognizing the original some far away. How Hillary Woods molds N.I.B. into her own version is almost sacred. Zola Jesus doing changes gives me the chills and Moon Duo, wich is one of my favourite bands takes care of one of my favourite tracks. And ending with a brutal industrial take from Uniform. This is a label and bands that are extremely professional and good at what they do.

The Melvins and Al Cisneros of Sleep cover Black Sabbath

The Melvins and Al Cisneros of Sleep announces a 10″ called Sabbath.  This collaboration from hell released their first cover from Black Sabbath. The cover they chose is ‘Sabbath Bloody Sabbath’. Check out the slowed down heavy version of “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”!
Out on Amphetamine Reptile Records.

Check out more heaviness or psychedelic goodies on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify

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Red Eyes Blues by Heavy Stone

From the first second of the album I instantly knew that i was going to love this album. Heavy fuzzed out riffs, black sabbath like vocals and every track filled with gorgeous solos. This is the second studio album by the Tel Aviv Trio Heavy Stone. This very good produced album can instantly become one of my favorite stoner records of this year. Listen on maximum volume and enjoy this ripper.
Favorite track: Red Eyes Blues


foto van Heavy Stone.