Richmond Avant Improv Collective

The latest release by RAIC is called “Multiplicity” and is real interesting. The band switches from free jazz to black metal to noise rock  to god knows what else. Yet each track is good on its own, the collective knows what they are doing.

RAIC is Samuel Goff, Abdul Hakim Bilal, Erik Schroeder, Zoe Olivia Kinney and Laura Marina. The goal by the collective, wich constantly features guest members, is to expand musically through improvs that don’t fit other ensembles.
The only rule that RAIC has is that one of the core members has to be performing in the ensemble.
Favorite track: Brugmansia, Leaves continue to Fall

Heavy Natural releases heavy punk noise

noisepunk duo Heavy Natural (with René Aquarius from Dead Neanderthals,Cryptae) released a self titled album. But watch out, the thing is so agressive that it comes alive, jumps out of your speakers and tries to eat your ears of. A casserole of wild punk, screeching black metal, a bit of noise and some 80’s pop makes up for one good sonic meal. Absolutely gorgeous.
Favorite tracks: Leak and Hide
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foto van Heavy Natural.

Roasting human on the new Wiegedood

Wiegedood has a new track and they are roasting a human in the video. I ,personally,  like roasted pig more, but hey, i don’t make black metal so what do i know.
A brutal track called ‘De Doden Hebben Het Goed III’ from their same-titled album wich will be out April 20. Wiegedood is comprised of members from Oathbreaker, Rise And Fall, Hessian and Amenra