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Skiska Skooper’s Universal Space Shifter

The Belgian Noiserockers Skiska Skooper threw their single a while ago in our face. the thing called ‘Pink Harlot’ and is noisy and catchy, just what we needed. The single is the second track on the new monster called ‘Universal Space Shifter’ wich is out today. Ominous riffs and distorted vocals start on the opening track ‘Multidimensional Tentacle’ followed by the catchy ‘Pink Harlot’. The third track ‘The War on Joy’ shows what the band is capable of, the same bleak atmospere is back but this time in the shape of calm, hushed song only to errupt at the end. ‘Introvert Party’ finishes the album with 42 minutes of non stop noiserock. Skiska Skooper delivers a gorgeous album and show that their future is bright and filled with noise.  You can find them on The Big Belgian Noiserock List too.