Daughters release “You Won’t Get What You Want”

I have to say that this album completely blew me away. When the first tracks from the new album were released a while ago i got way too excited. “Satan in the Wait” was the first to enter my brain and i already decided that the album “You Won’t Get What You Want” would be a masterwork.
I calmed myself down because it is always the same with me, I get way to excited and then in the end i’m disappointed. But then track”The Reason They Hate Me” came out and I went berserk again.
By the time “Long Roads No Turns” came out i was starting to act weird.  Small tics, uncontrollable movements that led to embarrassing public moments.
Now Daughters is out and people start to avoid me, look away when they see me limping on the streets with a maniacal smile on my face. But i don’t care, i close the curtains when i’m home, dim the lights, sit in the middle of the room and listen to Daughters on max volume. and I’m Happy.
Be aware when you start listening to Daughters: It may cause social disorders, nervous tics, earfungus, drooling and Ascension.

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Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen

Qujaku release video for “Yui, Hate No Romance”

I have become quite a Qujaku nerd this year. I am a big fan and i will not hide it. The Japanese band released their full length this year and it is even more gorgeous then I hoped it would be. With a unique mix of doom, noise rock and psych the Japanese band are one of my favorite acts in a long time.
They released a new video for the track “Yui, Hate No Romance”.  Check out there new vid here.

Next to their original sound and complex music Qujaku has a very strong live act, so if you got the chance you got the see them live. While you’re here, check out  the track “Shoku No hakume”.
The video “Mei” is from their previous EP and one of my favorite tracks of the band. The tension on the track is beyond.

A while ago you could buy the LP on Norman records but it’s sold out at the moment. If there will be more you will need to by this.

Daughters share “Long Road, No Turns”

Rhode Island noiserockers Daughters are on their way to become my favorite band of 2018 (together with Gnod). They released two track already called “Satan in the Wait” and “The Reason They Hate Me”. These two anxious tracks are extremely powerful and together with the new track “Long Road, No Turns” i have decide that the rest of the album should be absolutely terrible to not become one of the best albums of the year.
Their album “You Won’t Get What You Want” will be out October 26 on Ipecac.
Listen to the third track “Long Road, No Turns” by Daughters.



Beak> release >>>

“>>>” is the new album by Billy Fuller, Will Young and Geoff Barrow. Together they for this cosmic trio called Beak>.
On their third album Beak> seemed to have created something perfect, a unique sound filled with emotions, created with such precision, every note carefully chosen.
This, this album is godly and should be bought and listened to constantly. Out 21 Septembe ron their own Invada records.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, staande mensen

Japan’s greatest psychedelic rockers Kikagaku Moyo are back

The band started as a free music collective in the summer of 2012 on the streets of Tokyo. Quickly evolving over the years with their unique sound  the band makes themselves ready for the release of their fourth LP.
The album “Masana Temples” will be out October 5.
Being one of my favorite bands I am very happy to introduce to you their first single “Gatherings”. With almost 7 minutes of Psychedelic bliss and kraut their first track is absolutely gorgeous.
Find them on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify list






The amazing psych by Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin

In February the San Diego psychedelic rock band Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin released a 7 ” of true beauty. On the B-side was a gorgeous cover of Solitary Man by Neil Diamond. I became an instant fan of their spacey sound.
With much pleasure i can tell you they released the first track from their upcoming EP. “Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin” is a 7 minute psychedelic space trip that takes the listeners through a cosmic journey.
Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin show what they are worth on the new track and prove they belong with the big fish.
“Cabin Fever” will be out August 14.
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foto van Aunt Cynthia's Cabin.




New music by Japanese noisy psych rockers Qujaku

Qujaku is  a Japanese psych/noiserock band that interested me right from the start. The sound of Qujaku is original, heavy and  and influenced by Les Rallizes desnudes and Kenji Haino. In moments the vocals are soft and filled with tension building to violent explosions. You can hear traces of doom, psych and noise throughout their discography.
So you can understand my joy when i heard they are going to release a full album, coming to Europe (10 minutes from my home!) and released the first track.
Their first selftitled album will have a 500 limited double 12 inch vinyl.
The first track ‘Shoku No Hakumei’ is a perfect example of what this band is capable of. After the gothic intro the soft voice tunes in only to explode in a dark doom track, the 20 minute track getting louder and more violent in the end.
I have been hooked on the track ‘MEI’ from their latest EP ‘S’ for about six months. A gorgeous balance between the vocals and the heaviness.






Skiska Skooper’s Universal Space Shifter

The Belgian Noiserockers Skiska Skooper threw their single a while ago in our face. the thing called ‘Pink Harlot’ and is noisy and catchy, just what we needed. The single is the second track on the new monster called ‘Universal Space Shifter’ wich is out today. Ominous riffs and distorted vocals start on the opening track ‘Multidimensional Tentacle’ followed by the catchy ‘Pink Harlot’. The third track ‘The War on Joy’ shows what the band is capable of, the same bleak atmospere is back but this time in the shape of calm, hushed song only to errupt at the end. ‘Introvert Party’ finishes the album with 42 minutes of non stop noiserock. Skiska Skooper delivers a gorgeous album and show that their future is bright and filled with noise.  You can find them on The Big Belgian Noiserock List too.



Incredible noisy debut Laredo by USA/MEXICO

This ridiculously noisy supergroup consists of Craig Clouse ,Nate Cross and King Coffey. The debut album “Laredo” is an incredible mix of sludge, noise, distorted vocals and concrete. Imagine a hangover so humongous that you have to snort paracetamol through your ears. this is what USA/MEXICO sounds like.
Laredo is so fucking cool that i will put it on my poll for best album of 2017 and i hope it wins. Vote USA/MEXICO


French Fuzzy garagerockers Dusty Mush released Cheap Entertainment

I was very much looking forward to this release. The French garagerockers already released some really awesome tracks, but now we can listen and buy their full album on bandcamp.
“Cheap Entertainment” has this really cool fuzzy garagesound thats really rocknroll. Dusty Mush is in my top 2017 poll, Vote them for best album this year.
Howlin Banana Records (FR) – LP
Stolen Body Records (UK) – LP/CD
Yippee Ki Yay Records (USA) – Cassette
The Attic Video (FR) – VHS

Pre-order from Howlin Banana Records : howlinbananarecords.bandcamp.com/album/cheap-entertainment
Pre-order from Stolen Body Records : stolenbodyrecords.co.uk/product/dusty-mush-cheap-entertainment/

released May 26, 2017


Second track by superfuzzy Dusty Mush

Yes, the french garage fuzz band Dusty Mush released their second track “Bad Ideas” for the upcoming album “Cheap Entertainment” due May 26, 2017.
Bad Ideas is like a burning tornado full of broken washing machines that kicks you right in the nuts. this is already going in my top ten poll.
While you are voting for Dusty Mushn listen to their previous track here.

dusty mush.jpg


Compassion released today! Electronic magic by Forest Swords

Today, May 5th, an amazing day. Moon duo’s release of occult architecture, a new album by noiserockers the Gluts and now “Compassion” the new album by Forest Swords.
Forest Swords has always brought magic for me. You can hear the unique forest sword sound again through the whole album. Absolute perfection! vote for the best 2017 album.