Skiska Skooper shares new clip for ‘Heroin Shifter’

“Surreality Check” is the latest album by the Belgian trio Skiska Skooper. The album ended on my end of the year list and has some absolute killer songs. They made a couple of vids too wich are shared below. Now we can check out the new vid for ‘Heroin Shifter’ wich is the campfire vibe track of the album. Tune in and enjoy.

You can find Skiska Skooper and more on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”.

Kookaburra release “Dry Eyes/White Mice”

The new album from Belgian garagerockers Kookaburra starts with the lead single ‘Dacelo Novaguineae‘ wich is a gorgeous fuzzfest, fastpaced garagepunk riffs and catchy vocals give thsi album a really awesome start. The album continues with a mix of catchy, happy garagerock and heavy fuzzed out garage. ‘Dry Eyes/White Mice’ is a big step up in sounds and songbuilding for Kookaburra, on this album they show their strength and how versatile they can be. Not Really difficult to guess wich tracks are my favourite because like most times I chose the heavy ones. Recorded by Thomas Valkiers in the Hightime Studio and will be released on December 10, 2020 on Resurrection Records (US), Gazer Tapes and digitally through Wagonmaniac Music.

Favourite tracks: Dacelo NovaGuineae, Hikikomori

Belgian noiserockers It It Anita share new track

Somewhere in 2019 the Belgian noisepunkers It It anita released their album ‘Laurent’ wich was a really great album, so I am very pleased to share the new single from the  upcoming album “Sauvé” due to be released on March 5, 2021.

The track is called ‘Cucaracha’ and is wild ride mixing intense punk and noiserock. It seems the band has gone a bit harder with this new track and this pleases me a lot.

It It Anita is on the Big Belgian Noiserock List too.

Kookaburra share new track/video ‘Thermodynamics’

Belgian Garagerockers Kookaburra are finally back with new music. Their upcoming album ‘Dry Eyes/White Mice’  out 10/12/’20 on Resurrection Records (US), Gazer Tapes and digitally through Wagonmaniac Music and they already shared the garagetrash track ‘Dacelo Novaguineae’ and now they shared the second one called ‘Thermodynamics’. The track is a fun and fuzzed out garagetrack , catchy and full of wild guitarwork. Two tracks in and this is sounding like a very promising album. This new Kookaburra is sounding better, harder and wilder. 

Tune in now

Belgian Garagepunk Nutshell

I like nuts and I like garagepunk and I am from Belgium. So does this mean I like the band Nutshell? Yes it does! Nutshell are five humans making punk and garage with jolly vibes. There are three tracks and a new video up for a listen from their EP ‘Tidal Waves’ wich is out since July 24. The track ‘The Malthusian Trap’ is the heaviest of the tracks and is my favourite track.

Tune in, watch the video and move a bit to the sounds of Nutshell.

High energy garagerock Kookaburra

Belgian Garagerockers Kookaburra are finally back with the annoucement of a new album and a new track to check out. The new track ‘Dacelo Novaguineae’ is taken from their upcoming album ‘Dry Eyes/White Mice’ and shows a very strong Kookaburra, stronger then ever.

From their previous, almost jolly, garagerock Kookaburra is now channeling Frankie and the Witch Fingers and Osees through their music yet still own their fuzzed out wild sound. Prepare for very fuzzed out garagepunk. Theire is a new player on the field and they are called Kookaburra. Recorded by Thomas Valkiers in the Hightime Studio and will be released on December 10, 2020 on Resurrection Records (US), Gazer Tapes and digitally through Wagonmaniac Music.

Watch the very sportive video too.

Please, more of this!

Make your life better with the new Pink Room game

Life sucks, I think most of us can agree on that, but now and then sun shines through the clouds, a light descents and gives us purpose, gives meaning to all of us shitty humans.

This is one of those moments, this right here, that does not change a flying fuck.

But this new game is possible the coolest thing that will happen to you this year. Well, yeah, possibly. For those of you who do not know the Belgian band Pink Room, I will share you some links under the video game. A band reaching for the stars with their epic sounds, ready to take the world by force with their music and now with their game development.

The game is superhard, superfun and superloud.



Brussels noisepunk Bodies

I don’t know what is wrong with me, how is it possible that I never heard of a Belgian band this awesome? where have I been? What have I done? It does not matter, I found them now. These dudes make some really loud punk and noiserock infused loudness. Their latest release was on June 19  for Bandcamp day (donating their share of sales to NAACP Legal Defense Fund to support racial justice, equality and change.(

That release has a cover of Fucked Up and an original track. They have 2 more releases each two tracks long and very very awesome. Bodies is loud intens and all you need. I added them on The Big Belgian Noiserock List for obvious reasons.

Check them out.



New album coming from Belgian rockers Heisa

The Belgian rockers Heisa are ready to release their album ‘joni’. This first full album will be out on May 15 through Mayway Records. The band has released three songs from that album wich show they havbe stepped up their game. The band is difficult to describe and that is their strength too, the music they make is heavy, very varied and atmospheric. Tune in and check them out.

Underpants punk by Belgian band The K.

This is just a really good dose of punk and riffs. The K. released their new album “Amputate Corporate Art” and impresses mostly with the heavy riffs while it stays easy to listen to. This album is very good produced. The K. finds the perfect balance between too heavy (if there is such a thing) and too poppy. Every track has a really catchy chorus and in your face guitars. This is a pretty damn impressive album that will scratch that itch from the punk and noise fan. Are they noiserock? not really I guess. Did I add them to The Big Belgian Noiserock List? Yes! why? Because they are pretty fucking great aren’t they?

Favourite track: Best Day


Hypochristmutreefuzz’s ‘Hypnos’: Old fashioned schizophrenic nightmare

Belgian noiserockers Hypochristmutreefuzz (try saying that three times in a row) rock the boat with their second full length album, called Hypnos. The tracks are nightmarish, the influence of American experimental hip hop band Death Grips is everywhere.

‘Hypnos’ is a concept album. All of the tracks are an attack on the senses, all of them short and concise. A couple of scary interludes knit the whole thing together. The mood is nightmarish and chaotic, like an old school horror movie. The influence of Death Grips is everywhere, but ‘Hypnos’ also has a definite nineties noiserock and industrial feel – to the point of being a bit nostalgic.

After an old fashioned intro, the first track is Hypochristmutreefuzz more or less like we know it: ‘Ding Dong’ sports an irregular riff with out-of-control screams and yells on top. Next up is the album’s single, ‘Ode to the night’. It’s a great track, but it could’ve been Death Grips just as well.

The rest of the album goes along similar lines. Interludes and audio fragments that feel somewhat dated, but set the mood, and tracks that yo-yo between nineties industrial and an ode to Death Grips. ‘Ghostess’ somewhat stands out, with a clear hook and melody.

‘Hypnos’ is at its best when you can yell along (terrified! terrified!) and when the typical Hypochristmutreefuzz-riffs join in. The songs with a Death Grips-feel are great and expertly executed, but the original is hard to beat.

You can find Hypochristmutreefuzz and more on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: de tekst 'R HYPO CHRIST MUTREE FUZZ'


Fake Indians release “The Pest”

Fake Indians are a band from Antwerp, Belgium. I have not seen them live yet and had not listened to their music, I don’t why I did not but it does not matter because I did now. I do not know much but what I do know is that Fake Indians are pretty much frikkin awesome. I know that their latest album “The Pest” was released February 29 because I read it on their bandcamp page. I do like this very much because of the level of rocknroll, heavy fuzz and punk atmosphere. “The Pest” is one of those albums that is impossible to pin down, to much energy, to much of a fuck you. I am very glad I finally listen to Fake Indians and I know you will be glad too. I hope to see them live soon, I even might drive to Antwerp.

I very much like the track “Terror Squad” but I don’t like the track “Cheyenne”.

Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

Skiska Skooper release “Surreality Check”

When you press play on the very first track from the new album “Surreality Check” by the Belgian trio Skiska Skooper you immediatly get a gorgeous riff with some distorted underwater like vocals, this is no bullshit heaviness to begin a really good album with. Melodic guitar riffs switch with noiserock brutality and here and there some psychedelic vibes. Most tracks on this album are catchy, heavy and get stuck in your head really fast.

Skiska Skooper took their game a step further and created with “Surreality Check” their best work so far. Heavy tracks like “Cocktail” ,psych/sludge tracks like “Northern Escort’, acoustic stuff like “Heroin Shifter” and grunge in “Silver Linings” create a album that is versatile and fun to listen to.

Favourite track: Clusterfuck

You can find Skiska Skooper and more on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”.

Crowd of Chairs share second track

“Tourist” is the second track by Belgian noiserockers Crowd of Chairs. This track is taken from their upcoming album that will be released through Sentimental Records. This will be their second studio album called “Mod Kid With Dog” and will be released February 21 on Sentimental.

The track “Tourist” makes me really excited for the full album. This song is way more experimental then the first track, it is difficult at first but after you give it a couple of listens it creeps under you skin. It is eerie and dangerous, a track filled with nervous energy.

The Belgian rockers Crowd of Chairs have been a couple of times on Fuzzy Sun. The trio makes intense noiserock with post punk influences. They have already three releases out and their latest “Fuck Fuck Fuck” ended on my best of 2017 list. Crowd of Chairs is on my Big Belgian Noiserock list too.








Hypochristmutreefuzz returns with new track “Ode to Night”

It seems we have ourselfs the best Belgian week ever. With new music from The K., Skiska Skooper and Crowd of Chairs and now new music by Ghentian weirdos Hypochristmutreefuzz. Their previous album (wich is pretty awesome) was called “Hypopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia” and dates back from January 2017.

Hypochristmutreefuzz is a band that is full of originality, weirdness and heaviness and they show that strenght again on their new track “Ode To Night”. The track is a bit of a mashup of genres (like with most of their music) and gives you an unique listening experience. This track feel dominantly experimental and industrial but with a catchy side to it. “Ode To Night” is taken from their upcoming album “Hypnos”.

This band always delivers something special, something unique and with their new music they do it again. Impossible to categorize them wich makes them so much better.

Listen for yourself, here are the Ghentians Hypochristmutreefuzz.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, baard en nacht

Belgian noiserockers Crowd of Chairs are back with new music

The Belgian rockers Crowd of Chairs have been a couple of times on Fuzzy Sun. The trio makes intense noiserock with post punk influences. They have already three releases out and their latest “Fuck Fuck Fuck” ended on my best of 2017 list. Crowd of Chairs is on my Big Belgian Noiserock list too.

Now we get the first track from their upcoming album that will be released through Sentimental Records. This will be their second studio album called “Mod Kid With Dog” and will be released February 21 on Sentimental.

The first track is called “Hollow Thoughts of Wrong” and on it Crowd of Chairs sounds more balanced the before. Their relentless noiserock combined with their typical destructive and bleak atmosphere  creates a gorgeous track but in this first track they sound more intense but less agressive. This is one of the albums I look mostly forward too in 2020.

Also known for their ferocius live shows, so be sure to check them out live too if possible. Tune in now for “Hollow Thoughts of Wrong”.








Belgian noiserocker Skiska Skooper return with new single

The heavy rockers Skiska Skooper released their debut album “Universal SPace Shifter” in 2018 and the heaviness hit me right in the face.  The fourth track of that debut album is 42 minutes of psychedelic noise and has even a video. This is stuff you definitely have to check out if you don’t know them.  But now it is time to hear new music by this great band. They have released a new single with a gorgeous video to accompany it. The track is called “Plastic Mastermind” and is taken from their upcoming album “Surreality Check” that will be release March 3rd. On this new track you can hear the eerie heavy noise that is known from Skiska Skooper, but they have evolved , they perfected their sound. Tune in now for “Plastic Mastermind”.

You can find Skiska Skooper and more on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”.

Elefant released “Bejahung” on 9000 Records

Beloved Ghentian (Belgium) weirdo band Elefant released their new album “Bejahung” today on 9000 records. Their previous album was called “Konard and Bonark” and was a bit of a mishmash of different styles but mostly rock with experimental synth stuff that I very much enjoyed.

But on “Bejahung” I have the feeling the band has grown a bit. It is already clear for me on the first track “Ultra Plus Ultra” that they made a track that is more easy to listen to, catchy and it still has very heavy riffs. Like every album I love it when I can hear some weirdness or experimental stuff in it so i’m glad when the second song “Rechtschreibe” starts whith some weird synthy  sounds, yet you can recognize the sound of “Bejahung” in it, the riffs turn back and the vocals and drumming make sure they stay on the same sonic line. “Eazy” starts like Moon Duo, Oh Sees and Beak got in a fight and although the song is softer (and weirder) it still has the same dreamy trippy vibe, the vocals on this track give it an extra kick too. Probably going to grow on me and become my favourite. “Water Always Flows” is one of the recently released single and got that typical elefant sound but a bit more tender (again weird though). “Stilleben” is experimental eerie doomlike synthrock track and is a very nice track if you are depressed and want to look outside the window complaining you don’t have any friends. “Welcome to Life Sonny” is riffless and a bit soulless for me.

“Bejahung” is difficult, it is a bit of every song on the album thrown together with a bit of oriental vibes in it because why not. “The Dooor” is a slowed down synthpunk track with great basslines wich makes me move my head (wich is extremely difficult). “3-3-3” is very experimental and strange and I will need to hear it a couple times more. “A conversation in a room” is an eerie outro track and the album ends with  “My Race Race Is Better Than Your Race” wich is pretty damn cool track, it sounds like it is made in 2084 and the robot overlords are ready to take over.

“Bejahung” is a great album but it is a difficult one. The first six tracks are easier to listen to then the last 5, these are quite challenging. This album is for music fanatics, people who like to take their time to listen to an album and listen to it more then once.

Tune in, set back and enjoy, it is Elefant, it is out today, buy it here.

You can find Elefant together with a lot of belgian weirdness on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”

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Belgian rockers The Waltz return with new single

It has been a while since we heard from the Belgian rockers The Waltz. Somewhere in 2018 they released the track “Force Publique” and in 2019 the track “Television”. Now the ban has signed to Poetwannes Records for their 2020 comeback. They have released a track called “Fear”. Tune in now and play loud.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, lachende mensen, zittende mensen en tekst