Cocaine Piss released “My Cake”

The Belgian noise crustpunk band Cocaine Piss released their new EP “My Cake”. After their release “Pinacolalove” the band is back with their own unique wildness.

Their new album was released December 7th and is filled with energetic sonic terror. This time with some extra party stuff on it too! The EP is recorded and mixed by Steve Albini.

Favorite track: Treehouse

You can find them on The Big Belgian Noiserock list and Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, lachende mensen, staande mensen




Cocaine Piss is back

The Belgian noise crustpunk band Cocaine Piss are back and it seems they are back even stronger. The band has always been ridiculously loud and with their new single “My Cake” it seems they are not going to slow down.

Last year they released the lovely “Pinacolalove” and now they are ready to release their new EP “My Cake” on December 7th. They shared the same titled track.

The EP is recorded and mixed by Steve Albini. The 44 second track feels like a train of sound driven over you, then the train stops, goes backwards and drives over you again.

Cocaine Piss is back!!

You can find them on The Big Belgian Noiserock list and Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, lachende mensen, staande mensen



Belgian post-punkers Whispering Sons release ‘Image’

The Belgian post-punkers released their debut album “Image” on 19 October via PIAS and Smile records.
An excellent debut full of dark and ominous vibes.
Favorite track: Dense
Check them out now and buy their record.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, mensen die muziekinstrumenten bespelen en nacht


Belgian psychedelic stoner band Silent Snare

The Ghent based band Silent Snare released the track “Yawmuddin” from their upcoming album that will be released November second.
Heavy psych and stoner riffs is what you need. Check them out and be ready for the full release.

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Listen to the new EL Yunque

The Belgian band El Yunque released their new album “O Hi Mark” the 12th of October. The band seemed to have spin to a more experimental sound then  their previous brutal noiserock album “Boxes” from last year.
“O Hi Mark” is something unique, something to immerse yourself in. Check out their new album and videos.
Favorite track: De Milo
Check out more on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.


Second track by Ghentian noiserock Pink Room

I  slept good last night, i woke up really happy, full of energy to start the day. Half dreaming, filled with simple contentment i got on my bike in my tshirt and drove to work only to see it was way colder then expected. Shivering, but no way this was ruining my good mood. Just before i entered my building i stept in this enormous dog turd. Now this is how ‘Love’ sounds for me and will always sound. As an angry turd who ruined my day on purpose.
Pretty soon after their ‘Relationshit’ EP the Ghentian noise rockers shouted they would release 2 new tracks, and they spoke the truth! First came ‘Fitness’ (afterwards i wanted to listen to Pissed Jeans, who knows why?). And now we get the second part called ‘Love’.
Listen to Pink Room, a band whose band members previously where in different bands. For very obvious reasons on the Big Belgian Noiserock List.

pink room.jpg