Pseudo Mind Hive release “Of Seers & Sirens”

The Australian heavy psych band Pseudo Mind Hive are back. Ther previous debut album “From Elsewhere” was a gorgeous start of a new psych band and on their new album “Of Seers & Sirens” they have perfected their sound. An album with gorgeous heavy riffs, good vocals but the psychedelic parts, intermezzos and solos are absolutely magical. This magical trip was released October 25 and needs your ears. Tune in now.

Favourite track: Equinox

You can find Pseudo Mind Hive on “The Australian List”

Find them on Fuzzy sun’s spotify list

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Australian noiserockers Macros

Through the Australian band Lost Talk i came to know the band Macros with members of  LOST TALK, Overtime, Mile End, Mongrel Country. They released their EP called Macros July 1 in 2019. Macros deals in agressive punk and noiserock. The five track EP is great stuff with ‘Medicate’ as my favourite track. Tune in and listen to some Macros.

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Tropical Fuck Storm release ‘Braindrops’

The Australian band released a pretty impressive album last year with ‘A Laughing Death in Meatspace’ so it is great news that their new album ‘Braindrops’ has arrived. It is pretty difficult to put Tropical Fuck Storm in a box so I won’t do it. The band shifts between genres, between catchy and heavy, noise and ballad, and they do it with excellence.

‘Braindrops’ was released August 23 and needs to be heard. I advise you to take your time because this album has a lot of different sides to it.

Favorite track: Paradise

Find Tropical Fuck Storm and other Australian psych bands here.

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Baked Beans share ‘Avalon Speedway’

Melbourne/Geelong psych band Baked Beans released a new track/video. Again fun psych/garage from this Australian band who is working on their debut wich will be on Flightless Records. You can find them and more Australian psych on The Australian List.

Here you can buy their previous album and check out some more music while you are at it.

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Lost Talk release ‘Tenterhooks’

Melbourne band Lost Talk  released their second and final LP ‘Tenterhooks’ July 19 on Spooky Records.

It is an absolute shame this band has called it quits because their new LP is absolutely gorgeous. Filled with aggression and energy Lost Talk delivers a great piece of work. Splashes of punk, posthardcore and noiserock right in your face.

Tune in now.

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Australian noiserockers Lost Talk

I did not know Lost Talk since like 5 minutes ago and the first thing I have to say is that the band calls it quits.

The Melbourne band plays energetic noisepunk and have released some live stuff and a debut album. Before the band quits they will release their second LP called ‘Tenterhooks’ and the first track is avaiable for a listen so tune in to hear the super energetic noisepunk track ‘Goat Jokes’.

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