All Them Witches share new track “1×1”

Nishville psych rockers All Them Witches return with new music after the excellent album “ATW” from 2018. On this new track the band is plays as a trio, their smallest formation yet, but they do not slow down on their sound. Heavy psych riffs and again those perfect vocals from the three of them.

It is unclear if this track is froma new album. tune in and enjoy.

All Them Witches song premiere

New album by All Them Witches out

Some albums are just addictive and the new one by All Them Witches is as addictive as they come. The first two tracks “Fishbelly 86 Onions” and “Diamond” where just constantly on repeat. On the track “Diamond” the nashville quartet All Them Witches shows what a brilliant band they are, the track is brilliant from start to finish.
Now their new album “ATW” is out. Eight bluesy psych/stoner tracks of absolute beauty. This album is definitly in my top albums of this year.
“Diamond” remains my favorite track. Listen closely to this soul healing album called “ATW” and tune in Fuzzy Sun’s psych list for more.

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