I’m Being Good release “A Constellation Of Bad Ideas”

Excellent weird music by the UK trio I’m Being Good. This band has been releasing weird music for so long and they stayed weird, and this is good because their new album “A Constellation Of Bad Ideas” as a really good one. Filled with original stuff, heavy frikkin riffs and an overal eerie atmosphere. Yes, this is is quite depressing fun stuff to listen to. Would recommend ten out of ten.


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i’m being good

I like this, the sounds i’m being good makes, these are pretty cool sounds. First time i heard the sounds of this band and they are pretty good.  Their first track from the upcoming album ‘A Constellation Of Bad Ideas’ is called ‘Furniture With Feet’ and sounds pretty weird, and I like weird.

Slow riffs, lots of noise, weird vocals. Yes please, give me more. This album will be released November 20. Tune in to check out the first track.


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Call of The Void by Lumerians

It’s time, Lumerians released their cosmic trip ‘Call of The Void’ on Fuzz Club.
I had some kind of physical breakdown today. I have no idea what happenend, but it hit me hard, suddenly i felt extremely ill, sweat running down my back, cold and warm again, snot clotting up my brain. ofcourse the only solution to these kind of situations is to fill my belly with all the pills i could find in my cuboard. There must have been some strong stuff in there cause only ten minutes later i was staring at the ceiling and my brain was completely empty.
Suddenly, out of the blue, ‘call of the void’ started playing, and everything fell in place. my mind and body left and went on this cosmic voyage and lord, it was beautiful.
I’m back now, like nothing happened.

foto van Lumerians.


Psychedelic rockers Arcadian Child

This, this i like. Arcadian Child released their debut album “Afterglow” on October 29. Afterglow is full of groovy guitar riffs with a little bit of all the stuff we love. A strong voice, psychedelic tunes and here and there some stoner feel. Enjoy the Cyprus band Arcadian Child with an album full of heavy catchy tracks! (Check out their awesome video too)