Garden Portal – Prana Crafter and Rootless

Garden Portal is a label and YouTube channel that publishes new videos and/or bringing live streams. Label operator Michael Potter will start each episode with a short introduction and then hand it over to the main guest(s) of the evening for a full set of music at 7:00 PM. Their new new compilation digital-only release will split the proceeds made from sales between the artists on here that are out of work themselves, and the Athens Mutual Aid Network. The Athens Mutual Aid Network is a great group of folks working hard to get support to disadvantaged folks in my community of Athens, GA that have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Youtube is a music split between Prana Crafter and Rootles

Psychedelic folk band Elkhorn

It is really good for me that there is music like Elkhorn, so that I, once in a while, listen to something soothing, something cosmic. If it isn’t for bands like this i would destroy my ears with noiserock and other loud stuff. So Elkhorn is duo and they play psychedelic tinged guitar, both acoustic and electric. They released 2 LPs at once called ‘Sun Cycle/Elk Jam’. On ‘Sun Cycle/Elk Jam’  guitarist Willie Lane and percussionist Ryan Jewell are helping in creating this cosmic trip.