Shady Nasty release “Bad Posture”

The EP by Australian band Shady Nasty is out and is called “Bad Posture”. It is released on  Royal Mountain Records and Inertia Music. Their music is quite impressive, The band combines with ease noise rock, indie rock and hip hop and you know, stuff like that. Some tracks are chill and makes you think of Archy Marshall and others are agressive punk tracks. “Bad Posture” has a lot of different stuff going on but still manages to sound coherent. These agressive tracks are absolutely wild though, there is such  a raw energy going on, it is really impressive. Shady Nasty are such a great discovery! Tune in and check them out now.

Favourite track: Jewellery

Shady Nasty shares new track and video

Imagine a cage. In it are King Krule, Show Me The Body and Death Grips. They are to fight to the last man standing. King Krule with his amazing dreamy music gives some good punches all around but hits the floor first after being brutally footkicked in the kidneys by one of the bandmembers of Show Me The Body. Then follows the most energetic jumpy and noisy fight in history leaving ony Zach Hill from Death Grips standing but soon he caves in from blood loss. But the question is, what is the soundtrack for this fight? To make everyone happy we have this band called Shady Nasty from Sydney who is one of the few bands that actually succeed in making music from very different genres. The band combines Punk, Hardcore, Artrock, Indierock  and stuff like that. their music can by dreamy but can turn on you and change in agressive punklike music. Their EP “Bad Posture” will be released February 21 on Royal Mountain Records and Inertia Music and in the meantime we can check out the first track “AA”.