Louisville psych rock Vale

Formed by singer/songwriter/multi-Instrumentalist Austin Garner. Vale quickly grow to a bigger band with Brandon Craft and Austin Garner as core members. In September 2017 the debut came out.

Now we can listen to a new single from Vale, and while you are here you can check out their previous album S/T album too. Tune in now.


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Khana Bierbood

the Guruguru Brain is one of the coolest labels around and now we can find new music by the Thai psych band Khana Bierbood(คณะ เบียร์บูด) with the album ‘Strangers From the Far East'(คนแปลกหน้าจากดินแดนบูรพา).

The first full length is produces by Go Kurasawa from Kikagaku Mojo (check their amazing last album Masana Temples). Khana Bierbood is Thai psychedelia with surf and garage influences. This is for all the fuzz fans out there.

Favorite track: เย็นมาริน/Jeanmaryn



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