No Teeth shares two new tracks

The Newcastle-Upon-Tyne No Teeth is back with new music. This is a band that keeps experimenting and changing their sound, they have released some music already and it is always difficult to put a label on this band and maybe that is why it is so fun too listen to No Teeth. In the past I heard lofi fuzz, Doompop and weird stuff like that from them. Now they shared two new track and the first track is called ‘1930’s Graphic Design Menopause’ and has  some strong postpunk vibes in it, makes me think a bit of Protomartyr that had a stroke. The second track is called ‘Savers Teabag’ and this is Ariel Pink that has a depression and is solving it with way to much coke. No Teeth is always a pleasure to listen too, Tune in for their weirdo rock now. Out on Blank Expression.