Listen to Goatman

Listen to Goatman
Goatman is a solo project by a member from the Swedesh psych band Goat. ‘Rythms’ will be the debut album and the first track ‘Jaam Ak Salam’ is released on the ever great Rocket Recordings.
check out the mix of African Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Gospel and Psych on the first track.
‘Rythms will be released October 12. ‘Jaam Ak Salam’ is added to Fuzzy Sun’s spotify list.

Virginia’s psychedelic doom WINDHAND

Virginia’s psychedelic doom WINDHAND
The heavy rockers Windhand return with a fourth album on Relapse called ‘Eternal Return’. ‘Grey Garden’ is the first shared track from the upcoming album. Fuzzed out doom riffs accompanied by a ethereal vocals and psychedelic solos make this a strong and powerful track. On October 5 ‘Eternal Return’ will be out. Out on loud and enjoy the epic heaviness.
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Belgian post-punk Whisperings Sons

Belgian post-punk Whisperings Sons
The Belgian post punk band Whispering Sons return with their first single ‘Waste’ from their upcoming album ‘Image’. The unique dark sound that we know from Whispering Sons is back on their new powerfull track. Their Debut ‘Image’ will be out on October 19 on PIAS and Smile records.

foto van Whispering Sons.

perfect new summer music by Orions Belte

perfect new summer music by Orions Belte
Orions Belte is a Norwegian trio that met on the road while playing for different bands. Now they are Orions Belte and the music they make is difficult to put in a box but what we can tell you for sure is that their tracks are chill and magical. Their new track is called ‘Joe Frazier”. Their upcoming album “Mint” is out September 14 on Jansen Records. Enjoy and watch the animated video’s.
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Some days I feel like I’m losing it all/ Then I put on that cruise control/ Baby, it’s all that I got

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new music by All Them Witches, a new Brown Acid, AI noise by Curt Parr, free codes for Onset and an official bootleg by Jospeh of Kirezi

new music by All Them Witches, a new Brown Acid, AI noise by Curt Parr, free codes for Onset and an official bootleg by Jospeh of Kirezi
All Them Witches – “Fishbelly 86 Onions”


After their latest album ‘Sleeping Through War’ the psych rockers All Them Witches announce their fifth album ‘ATW’ wich will be released September 28. Listen to their first released track ‘Fishbelly 86 Onions’.

Brown Acid – The Seventh Trip on Riding Easy Records


The seventh edition of a collection of extremely rare proto-metal, pre-stoner rock music. Listen to the first track before the release on October 21.

Curt Parr – An Angel (Artificial Intelligence aided composition styled as Electronic Speed Noise Doom)


Here is some weirder stuff for you.
The upcoming album ‘White Metal’ by Curt Parr is an abstract commentary on a future London, sonically detailing and critiquing it’s structures, hyper-professionalism, politics, embracement of new technologies and the coping ability of it’s citizens.
𝘞𝘏𝘐𝘛𝘌 𝘔𝘌𝘛𝘈𝘓 has been created through a melding of human compositional choice and aided by artificial intelligence methods through waveforms and midi data. As the human composers mind changes, grows and adapts to what they believe would best align with how to represent a future London, so does the various AI techniques, as they “learn and reflect” on data from the album. Therefore to create an ever evolving piece of music to reflect London’s ever evolving nature, the album will be updated, new versions will overtake the previous ones.



Onset is a Belgian music collective that makes ominous electronic music. They have given Fuzzy Sun some free download codes to share. Hurry up and redeem them at
  1. ap7s-7ty6
  2. uuya-xedu
  3. v5kg-j3sp
  4. 78yy-ywh2
  5. mnuz-u4pc
  6. f55k-jqbw

Joseph of Kirezi – Bleeding Jam Session vol​.​1


An official bootleg of the studio sessions in June 2018 by Japanese psych rockers Joseph of Kirezi.

Exclusive Premiere: the second track by Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus

Exclusive Premiere: the second track by Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus
A while ago Fuzzy Sun premiered the first track by brand new heavy rockers Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus and with great pleasure we premiere their second single ‘Keep It Alive’ as well.
Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus are Ryan and Shane Walsh joined by Jeremy Hayes. The Annapolis heavy rock band puts a lot of different influences in their music. On the second single ‘Keep It Alive’ they start with some classic rock riffs accompanied with some good vocals, suddenly bursting with energy and stoner riffs.
With their two new singles Mojo Bozo’s Electric show their versatility in the different harder genres. easily going from classic rock to stoner all with that psychedelic edge.
We can expect a full album by this upcoming talent this fall. Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus is a force,  a force we will hear a lot from in the near future.
Check out the premiere of the second track ‘Keep it Alive’.
Find them on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify list.

foto van Mojo Bozo's Electric Circus.





Japan’s greatest psychedelic rockers Kikagaku Moyo are back

Japan’s greatest psychedelic rockers Kikagaku Moyo are back
The band started as a free music collective in the summer of 2012 on the streets of Tokyo. Quickly evolving over the years with their unique sound  the band makes themselves ready for the release of their fourth LP.
The album “Masana Temples” will be out October 5.
Being one of my favorite bands I am very happy to introduce to you their first single “Gatherings”. With almost 7 minutes of Psychedelic bliss and kraut their first track is absolutely gorgeous.
Find them on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify list