Spraint release ‘Radio Caca’

On Premature Records comes the new EP by Spraint. The EP is called ‘Radio Caca’ and is really cool, it has a lot of different influences wich makes it a really interesting listen, here and there the album feels like a grunge album but then the noisy garageriffs blast throughout and it is heaviness all around. Cool stuff, yes, cool stuff.



Stonerdoom Rezn release ‘Chaotic Divine’

I shared the album ‘Calm Black Water’ by Chicago Stoner/doom Rezn in 2018 and then I kinda forgot about them, no idea why because that was a really great album.

Now they are back with a new album called ‘Chaotic Divine’ that is engineered by Dylan Piskula (DEN, Bruges) at JAMDEK in Chicago in December 2019, mixed by Matt Russell (Bruges, Moral Void).


Spacepunk REAL(s)

Something that comes with the term spacepunk instantly gets my attention. REAL(s) is a band from London that indeed does make quit spacey rock. On their first track from their debut you can hear misfits like punk with some nice trippy solos in it. The music is maybe a bit more jolly than the stuff I mostly post about but uit does not all have to be despressing and skulldestroying noise. Tune in for the track ‘Sleezer’ from the upcoming debut album ‘D​.​S​.​L​.​B.’


Nopes to release “Djörk”, share first track

Very intense punk and noise on the first new track by Oakland rockers Nopes. The first track is called ‘Pocket Square Motherfucker” and is taken from the upcoming album “Djörk” wich will be released January 29. If you are in need of some super agressive noisepunk (with some awesome solos) then this will be just perfect for you.


Dorcha release ‘Honey Badger’ on Box Records

I needed some time to begin to listen to Dorcha, I knew this was a special album with a lot of different styles and influences so I wanted to take my time to listen to it with care. And I thought this record would not be for me but I was very wrong. This album is absolutely gorgeous and everything fits so good together.

I feel like this album has three parts. The synth and experimental part, the proggy/heavy spacerock vibe and the indierock. It is amazing how well this all works together. Everything sounds perfectly balanced and the vocals give the whole album an extra level of gorgeousness.

There is just enough experimentalism in this album for the weirdos like me, and not too much for the more boring people.



‘Open Then Spit’ by Dirty Junk

Dirty junk is a Minnesota Duo that makes this agressive noiserock and I am instantly a fan of their music, it makes me think of Shimmer and L’ocean. The vocals are wild and ferocious and the music is extremely heavy, quite incredible they succeed at making such heavy music with only two people. The second track ‘Hatchu’ is just incredible, these immense riffs and the vocals make me itch to break something. I did not know this band before and I am so happy to find this, I know they will make me feel so much better. Five tracks of brutal energy and immense rifs.

Their album ‘Open then Spit’ was released July 13 and can be bought here.


Mienakunaru release ‘Lost Bones Of The Holy Butterfly’

The new album by Mienakunaru is out. This band is Mike vest (wich playes in a lot of bands like Blown Out, Melting Hand, 11Paranoias,..), Junzo Suzuki (20 Guilders, Astral Travelling Unity, a lot of solo work and a lot of collabs) and Dave Sneddon. Here the 17 minute first track and buy the album to hear the rest.

With Junzo Suzuki in it you may feel like listening to more Japanese psych. I added Mienakunaru to the list too.



Them Teeth release ‘Tired.’ on Triple Eye Records

Them Teeth makes big matcho sludge riffs and in your face noiserock. And they do it really good on their new record ‘Tired.’ wich is out on Triple Eye Records. These three dudes just throw heavy riffs in your face for ten tracks and it is awesome. Tune in now.



Shit and Shine released ‘Malibu Liquor Store’ on Rocket Recordings

Shit is getting confusing, there well come a time when I will try to make a post about Shit and Shine where I will try to order their records a bit from weird techno to strange electronics to brutal sludgenoise. Lately Craig Clouse (wich is, I think, the mastermember) has been releasing al his older albums on bandcamp and it brought me a lot of joy. So while I have been checking out all these releases Craig has been releasing new music as well.

‘Goat Yelling Like A Man’ is the album that is released on Riot Season Records and wich is mental sludgenoise. And right about the same time we have got the new album ‘Malibu Liquor Store’  wich is out on Rocket Recordings. Trippy and fat beats for moving your body. I tried moving my body on these beats and I must say it was pretty fun.




Sydney Outfit PEEL Share Fuzzed Out Debut Single ‘Memory Loop’

The second wave of psychedelia from Australia apparently shows no signs of letting up with Bananagun, Lazy Eyes, BADGERS, Sunfruits, Dear Doonan, Kimono Drag Queens, Sons of Zoku, Luke Spook and Leah Senior being just a small handful of names that have released some incredible material this year. The latest up to bat and ready to smash it for 6 is new Sydney outfit PEEL.

Released via one of the finest labels at the moment, Third Eye Stimuli, PEEL have unleashed the video to ‘Memory Loop’ paying homage to the 90’s VHS aesthetic.

Musically ‘Memory Loop’  is epic sounding shoegaze akin to Ride and Jesus & The Mary Chain with the distorted sounds of Place to Bury Strangers and Spacemen 3 with almost a hint of modern-day psych gods OSees and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. It’s glorious, reverberated wall-of-noise that will make your eyes pop out.

Listen now and listen loud.

Belgian Garagepunk Nutshell

I like nuts and I like garagepunk and I am from Belgium. So does this mean I like the band Nutshell? Yes it does! Nutshell are five humans making punk and garage with jolly vibes. There are three tracks and a new video up for a listen from their EP ‘Tidal Waves’ wich is out since July 24. The track ‘The Malthusian Trap’ is the heaviest of the tracks and is my favourite track.

Tune in, watch the video and move a bit to the sounds of Nutshell.


The new album by Karkara is almost out, check out the first three track

Karkara is a French band, and it gets me thinking a bit of Slift, who are French too I believe. Karkara has a really strong, fuzzy and heavy psychedelic sound with Middle Eastern vibes.

A strong psychedelic rock band that shows a lot of promise. Very curious to hear the full album that is called ‘Nowhere Land’ and will be released on November 13. Check them out and pre-order the album.


New Die! Die! Die! track/video

The New Zealand trio makes something between postpunk and noiserock and they have been doing it since something about 2003 and they have released quite a lot of music and albums since then. Their latest release ‘O’ is from August 2019.

They already released the video for ‘I Seek Misery’ wich was directed by Stjohn Milgrew. Now we get the second track from The 7 Inch wich can be bought through Buzzhowl Records (UK), Learning Curve Records (US) or through their own bandcamp (New Zealand). The track is called’450′ and is fast paced in your face noisepunk. Tune in now.