Fuzz Club Sessions: The Gluts

Fuzz Club Sessions: The Gluts
Check out the fuzz club sessions by The Gluts on the boat turned record studio. order the beast here, It is up for pre-order now. It lands November 9th.
Enjoy the fuzzed out track “Squirrels” by the Milan heavy rockersThe Gluts. Check out more rawness on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.


Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, mensen die muziekinstrumenten bespelen, nacht en gitaar



The previous release “Play Loud” by Workin’ Man Noise Unit was released in 2015. Now they return with a new album “It’s not Nothin'” on Riot Season Recordings.
The first track “Turn it Off’ is a loud and catchy rocknroll kick in the face. Check them out and prepare for more…

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Qujaku release video for “Yui, Hate No Romance”

Qujaku release video for “Yui, Hate No Romance”
I have become quite a Qujaku nerd this year. I am a big fan and i will not hide it. The Japanese band released their full length this year and it is even more gorgeous then I hoped it would be. With a unique mix of doom, noise rock and psych the Japanese band are one of my favorite acts in a long time.
They released a new video for the track “Yui, Hate No Romance”.  Check out there new vid here.
Next to their original sound and complex music Qujaku has a very strong live act, so if you got the chance you got the see them live. While you’re here, check out  the track “Shoku No hakume”.
The video “Mei” is from their previous EP and one of my favorite tracks of the band. The tension on the track is beyond.
A while ago you could buy the LP on Norman records but it’s sold out at the moment. If there will be more you will need to by this.

Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus release the last track before release

Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus release the last track before release
A surprise track called “Mind Control Ball” was released last weekend by the Annapolis heavy rockers Mojo Bozo’s Electric Circus. The uplifting track is the last one before the release 19 October. Check it out and get ready for their debut.
Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

foto van Mojo Bozo's Electric Circus.

second track from Ty Segall cover album

second track from Ty Segall cover album
The unstoppable Ty segall releases his second track from “Fudge Sandwich”, his upcoming cover album. His first track “I’m A Man” was a cover by The Spancer Davis Group and now Ty releases his new track “Class War”, a cover from The Dils.
Fudge Sandwich is out 10/26 on In The Red Recordings. Pre order now at intheredrecords.
Check out more fuzz, psych and garage on Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

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Mountain Movers release “Pink Skies”

Mountain Movers release “Pink Skies”
The way Mountain Movers used their guitar noise in their first released track “This City” peaked my interest immediately. The track groans and moans and still succeeds at being a calm soothing track. The epic track made me want so much more and here we are, their full album “Pink Skies” has arrived.
From the start I pressed play I knew this was going to be an really good album. The opener “Freeway” starts of with a spacey groove and the guitar screeches perfect troughout the whole track. “Snow Drift” is more of a grunge track with psych vocals. Mountain Movers are a band that know what they want and they own their sound.  Check them out for yourself.
Favorite track: Snow Drift
Listen to more psych on Fuzzy Sun’s psych list.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, mensen op toneel en binnen


Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats release “Wasteland”

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats release “Wasteland”
The psychedelic doom of Uncle Acid has always been something unique. With their new album “Wasteland” the cosmic sound of the band is back, still with their lofi sound that gives you that extra vintage garage sound. Filled with hooks and grooves the English delivered again a good album. The album takes some time to grown on you, but once you listened good it hooks you.
Check out their album out now on Rise Above Records.
Favorite track: Exodus

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