Hot Rock Action 2020

Reptilian Records is releasing pretty freaking awesome stuff lately, we got a new Chief Tail record and a Hoaries/Beige Eagle Boys split and faster then Covid-19 can spread we get a new split, this time a four-way split wich are the best splits if we are being honest. On this great thingy we new tracks from Bulls, Hoaries, Sinking Suns, and Super Thief. Each band as awesome as the next this fourway is going to rule. Follow this Label, Follow these bands, follow me, follow you, follow whoever you want but buy this split here. Listen, it is so loud and cool.

Track of the week: “Meat” by Blóm

It is amazing! Its is idontknowanymorewhatday day of the quarantaine and I am still alive. Good People, this bag of organs and badly stiched together skin and bones woke up this morning feeling just fine, yes, fine. And I put on my morning tea (with a bit of lemon) happily checkin the news how many dead where in my city now. And then, Pop!, a pop up! “Single Drops Tommorow” it reads, this is coming from the facebook by the Newcastle upon Tyne noisepunk band Blóm. They will release their new album “Flower Violence” on the amazing Box Records soon. The first single “Be Kind” is already released and is quite incredible people. Now we get the second wich is called “Meat”. For me it is quite clear, Blóm truly rules, they absolutely own their original heavy sound, they are fast and ferocious. Their new track “Meat” is again in your face, beautifull riffs, angriness and fun dripping from my headphones,  This is the kind of band I really love and that i recommend to everyone (then everyone looks really strange at me and walks away because they like justin bieber probably). Out May 1 On Box Records. Be Amazing Listen to Amazing.

Cuntroaches​/​Guttersnipe Split

You know that moment you want to completely destroy something, you know like smash something extremely hard, preferably  someones face but since that is not okay you really want to smash something else but there is nothing to smash and you only get more mad. Well, I do not have a solution for that but I do found music that makes it way worse, that feeling will multiply by ten and you will come out stronger or dried up like a raisin. Funny this split is out on Anxious Records, very fitting.

Cuntroaches are from berlin and make experimental electronic noisepunk.

Guttersnipe are leeds most famous noisemakers, probably.

Do you want to punishing music, do you want anti-virus music? maybe even want people to stay away. Listen to the gorgeous Cuntroaches​/​Guttersnipe Split.


This is one of earth most fascinating bands. Acid Mothers and its many offshoots has produced so much music I don’t know if the bandmember even remember everything. I know I tried to make some kind of guide but I am still stuck at part I. It is like opening the box of pandora, you start of and think, hey this is cool, so much music and then it kust don’t stop, the same bandmembers are switching bands, quiting, starting different bands with almost the same name or side project that are something completely different, it just does not stop. As far as I know they released “Reverse of Rebirth in Universe” in riot season in 2018, a re-release called ‘Either The Fragmented Body Or The Reconstituted Soul’ on Necio Records and a very dirty split with Orphan Goggles in 2019 and rework  of ‘Minstrel In The Galaxy’.

Their new album “Chosen Star Child’s Confession” and new line-up (Kawabata Makoto, speed guru, Higashi Hiroshi, Jyonson Tsu, Satoshima Nani , Wolf) is called “Chosen Star Child’s Confession” and will be featuring Geoff Leigh (ex Henry Cow).

Tune in for the first track “Nightmarish Heavenly Labyrinth” now.


Eye Flys release “Tub of Lard”

Long ango I listenened mostly to metal but for years now I have been listening mostly to psych and noiserock and here and there some metal albums but I have to say this Eyes Flys band with members of Full of Hell, Backslider and Triac and stuff brings it all back for me. This is just no nonsense riffing heaviness. Ten tracks of goddamn good metal with some noiserock and sludge vibes. “Tub of Lard” brings my love for some good metal back. Turn up the volume and be blown away.

Favourite track: “Predator and Prey”

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Child Bite release “The Fool, The Creeper, The Masochist” and “Nerve Quaker”

On Housecore records last year was the latest album by Detroit heaviness Child Bite. A full LP filled with fingerlickin good riffs and dissonant guitar noise. “Blow off the Omens” was an absolute blast of an album and now they released their three tracks that were written & recorded soon after recording Blow Off The Omens wich come from the Child Bite Side of the Ringworm / Child Bite split 7″ (2019, Failure Records & Tapes).

And if that is not enough awesomeness they also released “Nerve Quaker”, the track from their split with Brain Tentacles 7″ (2019, Learning Curve Records).

listen to some Space Streakings

Do you like your music pretty weird, do you like your guitarmusic a bit wacko and chaotic then you will like SPace Streakings for sure. Two out of print singles are digitally available together with a densely illustrated 18-page PDF comic book that reproduces the original 7″ and comic book set packaging. Recorded in 1993 by ZENI GEVA’s K.K. Null and remastered in 2020, both tracks are exclusive to this release.

Where else would this be released then on the great Skin Graft label ofcourse. Tune in for some absolute Japanese crazyiness and if you are hungry for more check out my Japanese list – The Cosmic Side of Japan -.




Pretty Lightning release “Jangle Bowls” on Fuzz Club

I have listen to a lot of Pretty Lightning over the years and always enjoyed it, here and there a track that really stuck and stayed in my favourite tracks. Their previous album “The Rythm of Ooze” was a great piece of psychedelic rock but I think we can speak of a whole new level on their new album “Jangle Bowls” wich is released today on Fuzz Club. Their new album is very hypnotic and instantly grabs you, it is way more catchy, there is way more repetition and the level of fuzz on it is just gorgeous. In times sounding a bit like the bluesy version of The Black Angels. The German duo have been doing this for quite a while and I believe it is on this album they show what they are worth. “Jangle Bowls” is a splendid mix of kraut, fuzz, blues and psychedelic rock. The mix of the more heavy tracks and the bluesy psych tracks is in perfect balance. This is one of the best psych albums I heard this year and it makes my quarantine way better. Feel the fuzz and tune in for this absolutely marvelous new album.

Favourite track: “Greyhoud”, “Boogie At The Shrine”, “There is Ooze on our Shoes” and “Shovel Blues”

Music for the endtimes: Willy Organ

It is day 3 of the quarantine I am starting to cave in, I am starting to give up. Kid number 1 is asking the same question over and over and over and Kid number 2 can’t talk yet but makes a lot of gurgly noises nonetheless. I am eating 5 hot meals a day and chocolate is my new type of fruit. Stinking in my pyamas is my new style and I can fart like Donky Kong on speed. I have been listening to Chat Pile the last couple of days because the gloom of the band perfectly fits these times.

Now suddenly, without warning, snot starts running out of my nose, my throat hurts and I think this may be the end. The stress and tiredness is taken over after 3 days of pure terror and suddenly I paused Chat Pile and remembered the New Synth Wizard, The Master of the Life Song, the new Ghentian artist Willy Organ! Willy Organ does not fit on this website at all, not even a little bit, yet he has given one of the best live shows I have ever seen, his lyrics are beyond beautiful (it is in Dutch so I suggest you learn Dutch as fast as possible so you can truly enjoy this music) and he deserves to be on every site. Willy Organ’s music oozes existential dread, it asks questions that make you look deep into yourself at these bleak times. Willy Organ’s music is what I need and I don’t know if you will need it too but I wanted to post it mostly because I can and fuck you and because I just sit here in quarantine and I wanted to post something else for a change.

This new Belgian word wizard wil release a new album that will be called “Jonge Plant” that you can pre-order on bandcamp. And you should buy it because he may be a wizard, he needs money for food and drinks. If you can’t get enough of Willy you can just look him up on youtube and you will find a lot more. His new album will be released June 5.

I also embedded Willy doing a cover of Type O Negative’s “My Girfriends Girlfriend” called “Mijn Vriendins Vriendin”.

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We Wild Blood back with new music

Th previous album by We Wild Blood was “Blood/Money” and was released on Hominid sounds somewhere in 2019. We Wild Blood is Andy Clydesdale (shjruken heads), Dan Hunt (luminous bodies), Marion Andrau (melting hand) and Ben walker (birdbrain).  Now the band is back with some new music. Their new track is called “You Do Not Exist” and is from their upcoming album that will be released on the brand new label Hot Fools. This new label is made real by Andy Clydesdale and Dan Hunt from We Wild Blood and this will be the first release on this label. I am expecting much from the new We Wild Blood album as well as the new label.  Tune in for some extremely fuzzy and eerie noise, press all the like buttons on the new label, buy the digital track…




These are dirty times, with this virus going around, quarantine stuff and The Great Toilet Paper Shortage it is difficult not to get depressed. So here is some really angry music to unleash all your frustrations. Tune in for the Ohio hardcore punk band shit blimp who released their new album “A Groundbreaking Standard of the Genre” on March 4th.

Hoaries / Beige Eagle Boys split on Reptilian Records

Ooooh gorgeous, I am always super excited when I see something now on the great Reptilians Records. The previous release from Chief Tail is still thundering at my place now and then. And now, yes please, a split between the Texas noiserocker Hoaries who deliver three raw and dirty noiserock tracks straight from the swamp and The Beige Eagle Boys with also three crushing tracks (with a surprisingly cool cover) that sound like Entombed on acid. Is this a magnificent split? Yes Yes Yes. Turn really loud and maybe it will kill the virus too! (wash your hands while you are at it. And buy it.

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Ides drop new album “Hikikomori”

New Jersey hardcore punk outfit Ides released their new album “Hikikomori” and it is raw and heavy punk and hardcore. These are thirteen in your face tracks that are so full of energy it’s difficul to sit still while hearing this. “Hikikomori” is chaotic in moments, clear and heavy riffs in others but most of all its dirty and heavy the way it should be. This is an absolute blast, a real fun listen. Tune in now.

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Damaged Bug (John Dwyer) shares cover

John Dwyer from Oh Sees returns with his Damaged Bug project. His previous album “Bunker Funk” was from 2017 and now the psychedelic master is back wich is splendid news in these shitty times (wash your hands!). This time he shares a cover from Michael Yonkers. The track “I Tried” and you know what, I do not know what you expected but the cover is a psychedelic wacko version that sounds like Mr. Yonkers on LSD.

Tropical Fuck Storm share new track “Suburbiopia”

Their previous album “Braindrops” still gets a lot of plays in my home and the Australian band always brings refreshing and original tunes. And now it seems we get new music by the band. The track is called “Suburbiopia” and features Amy Taylor of Amyl and The Sniffers, Dan Kelly and Sean Powell of Surfbort. This track comes from the B-side of yhe upcoming 7″ ‘This Perfect Day’  wich will be released April 3.


Prana Crafter/Ragenap

Been a Prana Crafter for a while now, especially since his album “Enter The Stream” that was released in 2018. The track with the same name brings me joy to this day still. So now he is back with a split with Ragenap. This split was originally released in November of 2019 as a limited run of 60 cassettes on Baked Tapes and we can check it out digital now.
These two tracks combine perfectly on this split, The godly psychfolk of Prana Crafter and the mysterious drone/psych of Ragenap make this highly hypnotic and need to be heard.
“No Ear To Hear” will be out April 10.

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Sei Still share first track from upcoming album on Fuzz Club

The Mexican cosmic kraut band Sei Still are going to release a self titled album on Fuzz Club. The first released track from that album is called “El Camino” and is almost 8 minutes of trippy kraut. Sei Still will be really fun for every fan of the psychedelic. Out on Fuzz Club  April 10. Check it out now.

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Zeus! Feat. Mike Patton share The Cramps cover

“Really Bad Music for Really Bad People”  is a tribute album to the Cramps. The album will be released digitally as well as on limited edition vinyl on May 1st on Three one G. You can pre order it here. This compilation has the most amazing list of bands:

Child Bite “TV Set”
Metz “Call of the Wighat”
Secret Fun Club feat. Carrie Gillespie Feller “I Was a Teenage Werewolf”
Chelsea Wolfe “Sheena’s in a Goth Gang”
Sonido de la Frontera “Zombie Dance”
Qui “New Kind of Kick”
Zeus! feat. Mike Patton “Human Fly”
Retox “Garbageman”
Magic Witch Cookbox “People Ain’t No Good”
Microwaves “Don’t Eat Stuff Off the Sidewalk”
Daughters “What’s Inside a Girl”
Panicker “I’m Cramped”

The first track shared was from Metz and now we get the second one by Zeus! feat. Mike Patton with the track “Human Fly”.

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Human Impact release new album

Human Impact is made from members of members of Cop Shoot Cop, Unsane and Swans. The 10 track album is full of excellent songwriting, heaviness and above all there is an gorgeous atmosphere. There is an eerie vibe throughout the album, the tracks are heavy and yet they are stuck easily in your head. It is quite clear these people have lots of experience, every track is crafted carefully and excellently executed. This self titled album was released 13 March on Ipecac Recordings.

Favourite track: Consequences




Girls in Synthesis to release “Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future”

The London band Girls in Synthesis make something in the lines of DIY noiserock/postpunk and they do it good. The band released “Arterial Movements” in October”, released their winter single “Pressure ” and not long ago they released  the collection “Pre​/​Post: A Collection 2016​-​2018”. So if you are not known with the in your face noisy punk of Girls in Synthesis then now is the time. Their upcoming album “Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future” will be released May 22 and has two brutal tracks up for listen. check them out now!

Modulator II is back with a lot of fuzz

The French trio Modulator II is back with new music. Their self-titled is from 2018 so it is real good they are back because we can all use a dose of their fuzz. The band creates heavy garage/fuzz that numbs the mind. Their new track “Silvered Hearse” is out and comes from their upcoming album with the same name that will be released April 24 on Stolen Body Records. Pre-Order here

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Second Eye Flys track from “Tub of Lard”

Are you a fan of loud music? Do riffs make you happy? Do you like people screaming? Then Eye Flys may be the band of your dreams. Most of the bandmembers yell or make riffs or something in bands like Full of Hell, Backslider and Triac and stuff, and they will release a new album called “Tub of Lard” on March 20. They released a second song just now called “Guillotine” wich is pretty loud and nice.

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Second Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs track from upcoming “Viscerals”

I don’t think it’s me, I don’t think I am wrong but this year, 2020, is going to be an amazing year for music. I remember I said this last year too, in the same words probably, and it was an incredible year, so much good music but now we are only march and we have records from Casual Nun, Bruxa Maria, S.H.I.T., Wasted Shirt, Slift, Blom and so many more. And then we still have this one coming, one I really look forward too! the Newcastle band Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs. Their last year album “King of Cowards” was really good and now they return with an upcoming album “Viscerals” that will be released April third on Rocket Recordings. They have already released the riff fueled stoner/doom/Heavy Psych track “Reducer” and now we get the second track “RubberNecker”. Their are touring with BLÓM by the way wich is a show you really want to see. Tune in now and check out their new song.

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Second track by DEAD from upcoming “Raving Drooling”

On their own label called WeemptyRooms the Australian heavyness called DEAD will release their new album “Raving Drooling”. This is an album I am looking very much forward too, Dead makes really fucking cool riffs and need to be heard by everyone. “Remorse” was their first shared track and now we get the second track “Digging Holes” and on these two tracks Dead shows they have evolved, their sound is better, Riffs are massive, vocals fit perfectly with the bleak heaviness and drums are really intense. This album will be out April one and listen, listen to this awesomeness!

Robonoise: Noiserock with electronic influences

I noticed I really like it when bands experiment with sound, as a big noiserockfan I ofcourse go completely wild when these bands experiment with sound, especially with electronics. The difference between noiserock and industrial is small, I know, but I wil try  to leave Industrial mostly out of it.  So I will share some of my favourite releases, some with an obvious electronic influence and with others it is a bit more nuanced. Be sure to let me know wich ones deserve a place on here, I really want as much as possible on this list.


The leeds noiserockers released their album “Please” last year and ended pretty high on my end of the year list. Their sound is full of electronics wich makes their music even more nutty.

Girl Band

On the latest one of Girl Band the electronics are maybe a bit more nuanced but the techno piece in the middle of “Shoulderblades” track is absolutely brilliant and give me goosebumbs to this day.


Maybe not 100% noiserock but shuttlecock made a really cool album with “Simulation Assimilation” in 2006.

Gary, Indiana

This is a newer band but it is quite clear the band intents to make a marriage of noise rock and electronics.


This list would be nothing without the 90s band Brainiac.

Kim Gordon

On Kim Gordon’s first solo album “No Home Record” she experimented with a lot of different genres, and she succeeded wonderfully, This is a great record with a lot of different influences.

Shit and Shine

This is quite a band, Shit and Shine has released a bit of everything, I don’t know how many releases they had but it must be a crapload. The band has made pure electronic and acid albums but I wanted to share their latest called “Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs”. There is a lot of sampling and electronic in this album but most of all it is extremely heavy.


This is maybe not exactly fitting but I always do love me some Raketkanon, and since they called it quits they deserve a place on here. Their latest album is very much synth, so here it is.

Psychic Graveyard

Noise Rock pioneers, Eric Paul (Arab On Radar, Chinese Stars, Doomsday Student), Paul Vieira (Chinese Stars, Doomsday Student), and Nathan Joyner (Some Girls, All Leather, Hot Nerds) make really awesome industrial/electronic noiserock.

Duchess Says

The debut of Duchess Says was released in 2006 and deserves a place in here too. Keytars, Keyboards and whatever make this stuff pretty frikkin cool.


14 tracks about robot domination and human extinction? Released on Amphetamine Reptile Records in 1996? Yes, please.


This is some nutty music. Its sounds like the 80’s Thank. This is from their 1985 album “Wash & Slog”.


I don’t have a lot of info on this band but this EP, Jesus, this EP completely blow me to bits.

Radar Men From The Moon share new track “Eden in Reverse”

I have shared a lot of music from the Dutch collective Radar Men From The Moon in the past and seen them a couple of times live too and the cool thing about this band is that they never do the same, it is always something new and refreshing. Drone, noiserock, spacerock, industrial and so forth, this band can do it all. They did collaborations with bands like Gnod, The Cosmic Dead and 10 000 Russos.

Now they return with again something new, they shared the track “Eden in Reverse” from their upcoming album “The Bestial Light” wich will find its home in Fuzz Club Records. This time the their music has vocals (and a second drummer). On this new track they go from heavy electronic drone/rock to more noiserock/industrial punk themed music and I am not mad, not at all, I love their bleak electronic sound but this new music is really great, the soul of the band is still in it, the bleak destructive heaviness is still there. “The Bestial Light” is something I really look forward too. It will be released May 8 on Fuzz Club.

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Mutated noiserock on the new Bruxa Maria “The Maddening”

Let us be clear and honest from the start, Bruxa Maria is not noiserock anymore, Bruxa Maria has evolved into something else, maybe even evolved is not the right word, maybe mutated is a better word. The music made by Bruxa Maria is extremely intense, their is no rest, no pause, only brutal fucking riffs, in your face drums and vocals so angry my balls are trying to get back in my body. “The Maddening” may be the most fitting title for an album like this. This is noiserock and punk so dirty and intense it is more punishing then grindcore. These are abused guitars that have come to life by snorting way to much glue. “The Maddening” is as good as it is intense. Yet again a record that is on Hominid Sounds (just like Casual Nun I posted yesterday), it seems the label is ready to win 2020 with all the best noises. Buy this LP, you will be pleased, I promise.

Favorite tracks: “The Shock Into Behold!”, “Love And Riots” and “Brutal Attack”.

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Casual Nun release “Resort For Dead Desires”

I had heard a couple of singles from this album before the release and was getting really excited. But now I am really amazed! This four headed beast of a band made an incredible album. The first track “Party Favors” starts with a fucking Saxophone like they make the most chill music ever, but they don’t, the track slowly gets into noise territory until it blows your face away. “Zoetrope” is a track full of heavy bone shattering riffs, “PCH” is bleak psych and I am not going to walk through every song because that is just boring when you can listen to them. “Resort For Dead Desires” is heavy, really heavy and it is not only noiserock, there is psych, punk in it and whatever and maybe the coolest thing about this album is that every song is very different wich makes this album a pleasure to listen to again and again. This album is released on Hominid Sounds and needs to be in your collection. The album is released together with the digital only single containing the edited version of “A Light Plague” and the full unedited version of “Φυλαχτό”. Both tracks feature on the new LP Resort For Dead Desires in different forms. Order the Resort For Dead Desires T-Shirt and get this digi single free. This album is going to be with ease one of the best of the year. An absolute blast! Tune in now for some Casual Nun.

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Gary, Indiana

Gary, Indiana is from Manchester in the UK. The duo makes experimental noiserock with electronic influences and this is the stuff I love. I really really love it when bands experiment with noiserock and techno and Gary, Indiana does this with a really cool twist. Their first track is called “Berlin” and is a great start from a new band. I had the luck of hearing the next single wich will be released soon and it only gets better. So tune in and check them out now.


4th Human Impact track

Human Impact is made from members of members of Cop Shoot Cop, Unsane and Swans. The band shared the tracks “November”, “E605”,  “Consequences” and now we get the fourth track “Cause”. These tracks are taken from their self titled upcoming album wich will be released on Ipecac Recordings on March 13. All this accumulated experience creates some really strong songs.




Liquid Shit release “Pillars of Shit” on Hominid Sounds

What to expect with a bandname like Liquid Shit, what to expect when they release an EP with the name “Pillars of Shit”. Well I expected much with such great names and I am not disappointed, the music of the Liquid Shit is a bit of a mix between some classic death metal and dirty noiserock. It is like you put Rainbow Grave and early Entombed in a blender and then just nothing happens, you just look at that shit, throw it away and go listen to Liquid Shit. Out on Hominid Sounds, your place for dirty sounds.

Fake Indians release “The Pest”

Fake Indians are a band from Antwerp, Belgium. I have not seen them live yet and had not listened to their music, I don’t why I did not but it does not matter because I did now. I do not know much but what I do know is that Fake Indians are pretty much frikkin awesome. I know that their latest album “The Pest” was released February 29 because I read it on their bandcamp page. I do like this very much because of the level of rocknroll, heavy fuzz and punk atmosphere. “The Pest” is one of those albums that is impossible to pin down, to much energy, to much of a fuck you. I am very glad I finally listen to Fake Indians and I know you will be glad too. I hope to see them live soon, I even might drive to Antwerp.

I very much like the track “Terror Squad” but I don’t like the track “Cheyenne”.

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Irish noise Leroy

In Dublin are these four dudes who make dirty, in your face bone crushing noiserock. This is angry noiserock with a splash of punk, the kind my girlfriend does not like. They shared their new EP, the beast is called “Wretch” and is three tracks long and it is perfect to yell along with. I don’t know if they have lyrics but you don’t need them, just yell your lungs out. Listen to this mad Irish band now.


Listen to some Soul Glo

“THE NIGGA IN ME IS ME” was the previous album by hardcore/punk/rap outfit Soul Glo and was absolutely awesome. Their music is loud, experimental and agressive. Their latest track is called “Too Late Nigger, I’m Tired” and is again a gorgeous piece of pissed of lofi hardcore punk. Hopefully this band will release some new music in 2020. Tune in and be blown to bits by Soul Glo.


The Hominid Sounds label started 2020 really nice with bands like Bruxa Maria, Casual Nun, Liquid Shit and stuff! Now we get the new track from The Manchester fuzzpunk trio SHUCK. The trio is Jon Perry (drummer of GNOD, Lake Of Snakes) and Al Wilson (bassist/vocals of GHOLD) and Andi Jackson (who is probably playing in bands too) . Check out the new track “Blue Moon” now wich is catchy and extremely catchy. (And while you are here, listen their previous EP “Wunder” too).

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Band to watch: Obey Cobra

Obey Cobra will release their debut album in the next couple of months. For now we can check out three videos from the upcoming album wich will be called “Capita”. These tracks are do not only have very awesome videos but the noises on it are pretty frikkin cool too, from crazy circusnoiserock to gloomy psychnoise to epic dark beats and electronics. Obey Cobra shows they can easily shift from genre to genre and execute this perfectly. I would call this experimental music but it does not sound experimental, it sounds like this band have been doing this their entire life, they own their unique sound. This South Wales band has 6 members and maybe that is one of the reasons why their sound is so versatile. There is a good chance that this will become one of my new favorite artists.

Experimental heaviness, very good produced, excellent video and goddamn original. Listen now to these three tracks by Obey Cobra.

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New track by Rose City Band

Maybe a bit softer then what I usually post, especially lately it has been a lot of noiserock and stuff. But this new track by Rose City Band has to be shared on Fuzzy Sun. I am still a big fan of psychedelic music and when i hear the name Ripley Johnson I get goosebumps. Ripley who is best known for his part in Moon Duo and Wooden Shjips has always created truly beautiful music, on now he is here again but under the name Rose City Band. Maybe less psychedelic then his other projects but still you can feel the calm, feelgood and trippy vibes he produces through his music and vocals. Tune in to hear the first track “Only Lonely” from the upcoming album “Summerlong”. Out May 15.

Image result for rose city band ripley

Skiska Skooper release “Surreality Check”

When you press play on the very first track from the new album “Surreality Check” by the Belgian trio Skiska Skooper you immediatly get a gorgeous riff with some distorted underwater like vocals, this is no bullshit heaviness to begin a really good album with. Melodic guitar riffs switch with noiserock brutality and here and there some psychedelic vibes. Most tracks on this album are catchy, heavy and get stuck in your head really fast.

Skiska Skooper took their game a step further and created with “Surreality Check” their best work so far. Heavy tracks like “Cocktail” ,psych/sludge tracks like “Northern Escort’, acoustic stuff like “Heroin Shifter” and grunge in “Silver Linings” create a album that is versatile and fun to listen to.

Favourite track: Clusterfuck

You can find Skiska Skooper and more on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”.

This Is Wreckage release “I DON’T LIVE, I EXIST” on Forbidden Place Records

Dear Noise Rock Fans, This Is Wreckage is here with a new album that you can pre-order. The beast is called “I DON’T LIVE, I EXIST”.  The Cardiff rockers blend noiserock, postpunk and chaos together and create some nasty stuff. The album is raw and fast, vocals angry and the bass is downright brilliant. I am sure this will be a please to hear for everyone with even a little bit of a music taste. Tune in to hear This is Wreckage new album out on the great Forbidden Place Records and pre-order it on their bandcamp.

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Pretty Lightning to release “Jange Bowls” on Fuzz Club

These two dudes from Germany have made a lot af really cool psych in the past, their previous album “The Rythm of Ooze” was released in 2017 and now it seems the duo is ready to release some new music. On March 20 they will release their new album “Jange Bowls” on Fuzz Club. Their is a first track that we can listen too, it is called “Greyhound” and is very easy listening, a trippy bluesy track, a bit more easygoing then most of their music and it is gorgeous. Tune in and check it out.

Amazing noise on the new BLÓM

BLÓM is amazing, they have released some pretty cool stuff in the past, their music is extremely frenzy, fast paced and wild, it feels refreshing and is like a slap in the face by a hippopotamus. They have already a split out with the amazing Thank on Hominid and a in 2018 they released their 2 track debut. NOW, and I am really excited for this, the band will release their full album on Box Records on May 1. The Album will be called “Flower Violence” and they have shared a first track from it. It is called “Be Kind” and it is everything I hoped it would sound like, In between the high paced noise rock there are a lot of heavy psychedelic vibes too, The vocals are really cool and make the track even more jumpy.  I am going to copy some stuff from on their bandcamp page too because they can say it better: read it and listen to their amazing first track. Fuck yeah, It is BLÓM.

“The debut album ‘Flower Violence’ is a succinct introduction to Blóm. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Sam Grant at Blank Studios – Summer 2019.
Lyrically the album explores themes of queerness, feminism, gender identity, mental health, socio economic challenges, christianity, Twin Peaks and the Fyodor Dostoyevsky novel ‘Crime and Punishment’. The latter theme is covered in – Übermensch, listed as two tracks on the album, which for the most part, was structured in the studio.
Open to improvisation, with fluidity, is how live performances are approached, often playing a continuous set with pieces merging into each other without any interruption. ‘Songs’ will develop once they have been played live to an audience, and are always open to change. This is how Übermensch in particular was approached during the recording. The improvised nature of the track adds to the feeling of unrest and uncertainty.”

The Feral Young share “LOVERS OF CONSEQUENCE”

The Feral Young are an awesome band.  Their sound is always full of energy and ranges between noiserock and punk. I was absolutely hooked on their 7″ “I Haven’t Seen Myself in a While” wich was released  in 2018 and has to be their most ferocius work to date. A while ago their shared a new track “Complicated Transmissions” and now we get another one “Love of Consequence”. Both these tracks are way more accessible and catchy raw punk. Tune in to hear them now!

For more noise check out Fuzzy Sun’s list.

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Favorite tracks of February

I had the shits and the flu this month, I lost a couple of kilograms and directly after gained a couple extra, I worked, saw some live bands, bought the Grauzone EP with that gorgeous “EISBAER” track and listened to a crapload of good new music. It has been a ridiculously good month for music. You guys were probably to lazy to follow everything on here so here is a summary of February because I love you guys so much.


Population II by Randy Holden

Population II is a rare album from 1969 by guitarist/vocalist Holden (Who was in Blue Cheer) and drummer/keyboardist Chris Lockheed. So this was Randy’s solo project and now we get a digital release of the album. “Population II” is released February 28 on Riding Easy Records. The full album is out now and is a glorius work of vintage heavy psych.

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OCH released “II” on Rocket Recordings

The Swedish band Och released their album “II” and it is quite something. The album is very exotic and trippy, kraut rythms forcing you mind to go boketo. This is their first release on Rocket Recordings. The trio truly created something otherwordly with this is record so make yourself at ease and listen to OCH.


Slift release “Ummon”

Slift has clearly taken inspiration from one of the best books in existence for their new album. The album is called “Ummon” wich was some big AI god if I rememer correctly. But more imprtantly, Their album is out and is 11 tracks of epic and glorious spacerock. Heavy frikkn riffs with psychedelic guitar work make this one hell of an album. Their previous album “La Planète Inexplorée” was really good but it seems the band has pushed themselves and put out their best work so far. This is strong, heavy and psychedelic. Tune in now to hear this wall of psych sound.

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