Some of these sites cover the same genres as i do, some completely different stuff, but all of them are worth checking out!

Ripping off Brian Eno since 2008

indie, electro and folk music blog from London, UK

Kaos Kontrol is a label/mailorder founded in 1999 and located in Turku, Finland. Focus on noise rock and related uneasy sounds.

The best local offstream vinyl shop and mailorder.

The smartest metal blog with the dumbest name. Music news, reviews, interviews, and tons of silly junk.

NTS radio: Black Impulse

Transatlantic camaraderie and a distortion heavy stroll though metal, noise, gutter garage, trash blues, prog, hardcore, hip-hop, free jazz and anything else.

Under The Counter Tapes

Primarily by means of cassette releases on the Under the Counter Tapes record label, the Under the Counter podcast, and now this site, where you can read about particularly compelling independent art.