Videopremiere: Two Suns release ‘Chew Wah’

On May 24 the Toronto psych rockers Two Suns will release their new EP ‘Sinnersthesia’. Two Suns is Danny Alexander – vocals, guitar, Cam Starr – vocals, guitar, Michael Scardamaglia – bass and Kyle Williams – drums. These four succeeded in creating a frenzy and fun listen. Their music is highly energetic and with enough fuzz to blow you of your socks.

We at Fuzzy Sun are very happy to premiere their single/video called ‘Chew Wah’.  Tune in and play loud cause this is the fuzzrock you need.


Another batch of Fuzz


The Russian stonerband with female vocals released their debut March 8. A highly recommended riffed and fuzzed out album.


This is some fuzzed out stoner/doom from Portland. ‘Work’ is vid from their latest S/T album. play loud.

Red Eye

The Spannish rockers Red Eye released their album ‘Tales From The Days Of Yore’ on February 22 and the fuzz needs to be listened to.


Vancouver Blues/stoner band Bort is going to release the album ‘The Unblinking Eye’ on April 12. Check out the first shared track ‘Bloodcult’.

Clouds Taste Satanic

New York post doomers Cloud Taste Satanic will released ‘Evil Eye’. Tune in and enter the doom.

Crypt  Witch

The instrumental stoner/doom band from Germany released their new album ‘Bad Trip Exorcism’ March 27.


Th french stoner/doom band Witchfinder released their latest album ‘Hazy Rites’ April 1.

Cities Of Mars

First track ‘Hydrahead’ from the Fuzzed out Swedish doom trio Cities Of Mars from their upcoming album ‘The Horologist.


Three Italian dudes who mix up some doom, psych and stoner on their new album ‘Wheel Of Time’. Released April 13.


UK Doom band Mage released their latest album ‘Key to the Universe’.



Thee Telepaths release The Velvet Nights

UK four piece Thee Telepaths released their latest album ‘The Velvet Nights’ on March 8. The album is psychedelic trip with fuzzed out sounds.

A really good album you need to check out now. Find Thee Telepaths and others on Fuzzy Sun’ psych list.

Favorite track: Alpha, Pt. 3




Sheer Calm return with new music and video

The UK rockers Sheer Calm are back with their anxious sound. They have released ‘Mantle Piercer’ and ‘Copper Tongue’ last year and showed us their unique anxious driven rock.

So I am very happy to share with you their new music. With their new clip and song ‘False Color’ they return with their metallic noisy sound. Sheer Calm are force to be reckoned with.

Tune in and check them out.

Black Impulse: Monthly broadcast on NTS Radio

Aha, very important update here. Maybe most of you will already now this but this is new for me. There is a monthly broadcast on NTS called Black Impulse.

This is done by Heather (Heaty) and Kevin (Philly) and sometimes guests. They play a gorgeous mix of metal, noise, gutter garage, trash blues, prog, hardcore, hip-hop, free jazz and anything else.

I am slowly getting through their shows and they are playing real good stuff. So bookmark them, check out their shows. They broadcast once a month on Saturday from 10 till midnight .

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, drinken en binnen





Kill some spare time and watch videos

If you have some time to kill, do it while watching awesome videos.

Roda Lits

Belgian garagerockers Rhoda Lits release a vid from their album ‘common Specimen/ Indoor Mold’.

Helium Horse Fly

Live at Blend Studio


second single by the australian psychpop band from their upcoming album ‘Manic Candid Episode’

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

A video from the “Keen for Kick Ons”

Helms Alee

first track and video from the upcoming album ‘Noctiluca’ through Sargent House.


‘First to Die’ is from their awesome 2018 album ‘Eternal Return’.


First track from their upcaming album “Life Cinema”

It It Anita

the track ’11’ is taken from the latest album ‘Laurent’ by the Belgian noisepunkers It It Anita.


second clip from the Belgian Garagerockers Kookaburra from their latest album ‘KidKiteBike’.