Konark Und Bonark by Elefant

Konark Und Bonark by Elefant
I am very excited to introduce the new album by the Ghentian band Elefant. Fuzzy Sun was created for these kind of bands, bands that make the music they want, not caring if it will fit in some genre. While creating this eerie synth driven athmosphere they still succeed in playing catchy tunes. The 12 tracks on this album are divers in sound yet melt together in one brilliant pot of weird noise. The Hazmat suited Elefant is formed with members The Van Jets, Future Old People Are Wizards, Drums are for Parades, The Arquettes, and The Antler King. With all these different musical backgrounds they created ‘Konark Und Bonark’. Experimental in moments, heavy and catchy in others, this album is easily one of my favorites of 2018. Out on 9000 records (consouling sounds).
Favorite tracks: Lord Sleep and 1929








No Teeth return with Black Butter

No Teeth return with Black Butter
Last year in July the UK band No Teeth released ‘Wither’. A 5 track EP from a band that is hard to describe. The tracks are noisy garagerock style tracks with a high sing a long factor. The experimental rock band started to grow on me and the tracks kept coming back into my head. Original songwriting and a great voice make this EP a great work.
Now No Teeth returns, this time with an experiment. 3 tracks recorded on an old 4-track. The new tracks may be lower in quality but do not lose their strength and originality. These new tracks produce this psych B-horror movie feel. Imagine yourself on an old carousel surrounded by long haired rockers who just came back from the dead. Enjoy the original noise by No Teeth.

foto van No Teeth.

Here is the debut album by Bonnacons of Doom

Here is the debut album by Bonnacons of Doom
Today Bonnacons of Doom released their self titled debut album. The Liverpool collective create a mysterious atmosphere using masks and robes as props. This is reflected in their mainly improvised music with more than a hint of the occult and the primitive. The album brings to mind grand landscapes, shrouded in mist. Bonnacons Doom are a great band with a unique, hauntingly heavy sound, helped along with swirling vocals and monstrous bass beats throughout.
Released on Rocket Recordings .Listen loud and let your mind be taken on a ride into the dark and primitive world of The Bonnacons Of doom.


A dark collaboration between Uniform and The Body

A dark collaboration between Uniform and The Body
We have seen a lot of great collabs in the not so distant past, and this time it is one between Uniform and The Body. Wich is absolutely great. The experimental/hardcore/industrial stuff on the first track ‘come and see’ is just in your face. The beauty of this first song is that you can hear the sound of both bands equally. The tracks build up to something monstrous, so if the other tracks are as strong as this one then ‘Mental Wounds Not Healing’ will be an incredible strong album.
Out on Sacred Bones June 8.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor sacred bones

Spotlights release two new tracks

Spotlights release two new tracks
Spotlights released their album “Seismic” through Ipecac recordings in 2017. Spotlights will release an album wich features four remixes of tracks from the “Seismic” album, plus a cover of The Cure’s “Faith”. Hear a remix and a cover before the release on June 15.


Hot Knives release Static Bloom

Hot Knives release Static Bloom
The Brooklyn based rock trio Hot Knives started in 2017 (previously from bands like Slush & Lean). Influenced by punk, funk, blues all blended together with a bit of dirty noise rock. They have just recorded their first full lenght wich will be out later this year.
The Static Bloom EP has three energetic tracks filled with the noisy solos we like.
Favorite track: Dank Zappa

foto van Hot Knives.