Latest stuff on Skin Graft Records

Skin Graft Records is an amazing label. The stuff you can find on there is out of this world. The new stuff is always original and are always really cool finds and the rereleases or specials like comic books and stuff are just out of this world. Lately they have been releasing some really special things. And now there are two more released so I wanted to share their latest stuff because you really need these things, just like water and a roof over your head you need a couple of these releases.

Mama Tick

A remastered version by Jason McEntire at Sawhorse studios. The comic book sleeve has also been updated for the new PDF edition. Mama Thick is Chicago heaviness is last heard at Amphetamine Reptile Records! Tune in fro ‘Horse Doctor’.

Yowie / Colossamite / Pre / Mule

This 2020 digital edition of SIDES 11-14 has been remastered by Todd Rittmann and John Dieterich. The comic book sleeve has also been updated for this new PDF edition. SIDES 11-14 was released in 2008 and are 4 ACDC covers by Yowie / Colossamite / Pre / Mule.

Ufo or Die

Ufo or Die wich is on my Japanese list . The two remasterd tracks on the 7 inch ‘Shock Shoppers’ comes with a comic book too.


Brise-Glace release ‘In Sisters All And Felony (Single and Comic Book Set)’. Two remastered tracks.


US MAPLE release ‘Stuck (Single & Book Set)’. The 7″ vinyl release includes a clear vinyl single, a digital download of the songs and an instantly downloadable PDF booklet commemorating U.S. Maple’s first year as a band.

Shellac / Big’n / Brise-Glace / U.S. Maple

Shellac / Big’n / Brise-Glace / U.S. Maple ‘SIDES 1-4 (Double Single & Comic Book Set)’. The 2×7″ vinyl release includes a printed comic book sleeve, a digital download of the single and an instantly downloadable PDF of the comic book that has been expanded and remastered for this release.

Next to these remasters/comic books/rereleases they have released a new  track by Psychic Graveyard and the new Tijuani hercules will be released friday.

Lovely Wife release ‘Best in Show’ on Cruel Nature Records

I was kinda honored when I heard I could premiere a track from Lovely Wife. Bands like them, who make this heavy sludgy doom and psych without caring what anyone thinks, is the stuff I really like.The track I premiered was ‘Shan Patter’ and now the full album is out on Cruel Nature Records.

Now, how to get in to this band: The first track is called ‘Ioniser’ and is the perfect appetizer for the rest of the album. The track is almost 23 minutes long and starts with this ominous droney and saxy sound, evil vocals soon join the game, drums make it even more scary. Everything gets faster and dirtier and more awesome. Now when the track is done you will agree with mee that this is pretty near perfect doomnoise. ‘My Cup Overfloweth’ is more of the same doom but with a funky bassline. Slow excrutiating doom on ‘Shan Patter’, ‘Shenanigans’ is fast paced evilness, ‘Wallow’ is juast sad and ‘Horn’ has a horn wich is pretty freakin awesome.

Their new album ‘Best in Show’ is an original take on doom filled with eerie vibes. Out on Cruel Nature Records.



The Hanging Stars Drop The Video To The Psychedelic-Cosmic Rock Stunner ‘I Woke Up In July’

English 60’s psychedelic revivalists, The Hanging Stars have just dropped the video to ‘I Woke Up In July’ from their ‘A New Kind Of Sky’ album that was released back in February. A luminous, shamanic pastoral piece of psychedelic-rock, that somewhat evokes the more American side of 60’s psychedelia akin to The Byrds, Kaleidoscope and Ultimate Spinach, ‘I Woke Up In July’ transcends space and time and brings the hippy-freak-out era to the modern day.

The video to ‘I Woke Up In July’ comes from Innerstrings who are famous for their mind-blowing psychedelic light-show carnival at the likes of Liverpool Psych Fest, Lewes Psych Festival, Portsmouth Psych Festival and countless other festivals and events. 

Listen to and watch the video to ‘I Woke Up In July’ below for just under 5 minutes of psychoactive, sonic-euphoria. 


This makes me think of a long time ago, back when i was younger. I listened to Metal and this other group of people in my city listened to hardcore and for some reason you did not listen to both. Now I love punk and noiserock and metal and shit like that but this, shit, this is one hell of an awesome heavy hardcore record. Does this fit on Fuzzy Sun? probably not so much, but you guys really need to hear this four track EP. So full of energy and riffs.


Sunn Trio release ‘Electric Esoterica’

A band that is not quite like others, Sunn Trio blends Jazz, space rock, tribal, psych and Middle Eastern music in their music creating something quite epic to listen to. A band that consisting of eight to ten members.

‘Electric Esoterica’ is released in March and is something very original, they have created a highly trippy album using so many different genres and influences.


Experimental duo Valentina Magaletti & Marlene Ribeiro release ‘Due Matte’

Experimental music has always been hit or miss for me, there is so much experimental music flying around and not many are even worth noticing. Gnod has released some pretty awesome sonic experments in the past so this immediatly peaked my interest. This is Valentina Magaletti (Tomaga, Vanishing Twins, etc) and Marlene Ribeiro (Gnod, Negrabranca). They were asked to contribute to Hysteria, an artistic residency in Porto 2019.

Their album ‘Due Matte’ is out now and switches between hypnotic drum rythms and ambient alien music. The music has a trancelike quality to it. Take your time to listen to this.




Tintifucks share new music on Epileptic Media

I recently did a post about the Austrian Underground label Epileptic Media. This label releases the most peculiar music, from hazy dreamy tunes to noiserock and other weird stuff. Now there is a new release on the label by a band called Tintifucks. They make ferocious speedy punk with angry vocals. Their new album ‘Homeschooled’ is out and is an absolute fun fest. Tune in now. As always on this label, with incredible artwork.


HAMER release new EP ‘A New State of Imaginary Hell’

Quite impressive new music of steamrollers HAMER. These are four tracks with equal parts of fun, noiserock, punk and garagerock. Their music sounds wild, like from a lost tribe in the amazon who took way to much mushrooms, eyes open, pupils dilated and rocking the shit out of the woods. Don’t know what the hell I am saying here? no problem, listen to it yourself.

The Shits share second track

This Shits are the band we need this year, they shared their first track ‘The Witching Hour’ a while ago and I knew this is what I wanted and what I needed. Their music is so fucking filthy, so in your face, it is so cool. Now we get the second track by these Leeds rockers and it is called ‘Murder On My Mind’ and it is taken from their upcoming alvum ‘Punishment’ wich will be released June 5 on Hominid. It is sooo filthy, so much sludgy noiserock on this. Weird as it sounds but 2020 is so much better with The Shits.


Aux Portes released new EP

Aux Portes is an Austrian band that makes glorious psychedelic music. I shared their first music in 2018, A track called ‘Leash’ and really likes it but then it quiet for some time and I forgot about them. Now they have a new EP out called ‘Mountain’ and it is a stunning piece of work. This is very hazy psychedelic pop/rock and is perfect dreamy summer music. Tune in for  four tracks of gorgeous psych!


‘Meltdown of Planet Earth’ was recorded in 2014 in France, Paris and now sees the light of day on vinyl through the French Label Disastre and Standard In-Fi. There are two tracks on this album each 29 minutes long but and they are absolutely brilliant, kraut and psych combined with shrieking guitar make this an extremely trippy album. I am kind of in awe of this band, I don’t know much about this and it just makes it more mystical and powerful. This is highly hypnotic quality music and it just fucks with my brain. Let your troubles go away and listen to France.

Ben Shemie (Suuns) shares two tracks from upcoming album

Always been a big fan of Suuns. The band has a very psychedelic sound and Ben Shemie’s solo project has that same quality. His previous album ‘A Skeleton’ was a great debut and I am very pleased to share new music from his upcoming album ‘A single Point of Light’ wich will be released Junu 12. His first two tracks have a very gloomy and psychedelic sound, sometimes it even has a holy quality to it. Tune in and listen now.


Bruges release ‘A Thread of Light’

Chicago noiserockers Bruges released a new album on June 5. The seven track album is really impressive, the vibe in this album is brooding and heavy, their is a lot of repetition wich makes this noiserock kind of hypnotic. ‘A Thread of Light’ is full of pent-up energy, epic noiserock and post-punk. This makes me think of the latest album by Luggage wich was a gorgeous album too.

My favourite track of the album is ‘Not Here’ because it takes everthing from the whole album and puts it in this song, the dream like atmosphere, the built up energy and the sludgy noise rock.

Bruges is a brutal band, I love them.

Worship the Old Ones with Bismarck’s Oneiromancer

Bismarck’s follow up album, Oneiromancer, will become the soundtrack for your late night DMT-fueled trips through the psychosphere. Their opening song, Tahaghghogh Resalat, is a call to prayer–beckoning the listener towards the noises of maracas and traditionals drum with only a hint of the Doom heavy drone underlying the middle-eastern influenced percussions and singing. This introduction acts both to lull you into a sense of comfort and set the seeds for your expectations to be ripped away. Tahaghghogh Resalat is followed by an attack of death-metal, with the titular track Oneiromancer, that flows into a psychedelic sludge before giving way to the melodious track, Hara, and then off into a dozen other directions. Bismark executes these transitions in a way that is sure to keep you guessing.

Written by Tony Britvec


Bent Arcana is the new supergroup formed by John Dwyer

John Dwyer from (The(e)) O(h) Sees formed a new band called Bent Arcana. The band is Ryan Sawyer, Peter Kerlin, Kyp Malone, Brad Caulkins, Tom Dolas, Marcos Rodriguez, Laena “Geronimo” Myers-Ionita, Joce Soubiran and Andres Renteria. All these artist have played or are playing in the most diverse and incredibly cool bands. Now they from Bent Arcana and they have come together for five days of electrified & improvised sessions recorded at Stu-Stu-Studio, edited down to 40 minutes for your earballs. The first released track is called ‘The Gate’ and is  10 minutes of trippy jazz and kraut. I am very curious to hear what is next! Could this be the chillest record of the year? Tune in and listen to the first track now!