Instrumental Noiserock Lindblom & Lindblom

Instrumental Noiserock Lindblom & Lindblom
Swedish instrumental noise rockers  Lindblom & Lindblom latest album ‘Obducenten & Allmänläkaren” was released on October 2017. The first two tracks are complex and rich followed by two tracks wich are an alternative version of the first. These have the drums played at half-tempo and the guitars and bass introducing variations on the riffs and melodies. The last two tracks are the Drone versions. Listen to this highly amusing music and forget about daily life.


The Big Belgian Noiserock List

The Big Belgian Noiserock List
Belgium has a lot of heavy to offer you. So here is a list of some noisy, weird and loud bands that will be updated.




Pink Room


Skiska Skooper

Kapitan Korsakov

Missiles Of October

Crowd of Chairs

Cocaine Piss

It It Anita

El Yunque


Future Old People Are Wizards

30000 Monkies

Vandal X

Supergroup MIEN release second track

Supergroup MIEN release second track
Meet your new favorite psychedelic band of 2018. Mien is comprised with members of Elephant Stone, The Earlies, The Black Angels, and The Horrors and they have released their second track ‘Earth Moon’ from their S/T upcoming album 06/04/18.