Kill some spare time and watch videos

If you have some time to kill, do it while watching awesome videos.

Roda Lits

Belgian garagerockers Rhoda Lits release a vid from their album ‘common Specimen/ Indoor Mold’.

Helium Horse Fly

Live at Blend Studio


second single by the australian psychpop band from their upcoming album ‘Manic Candid Episode’

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets

A video from the “Keen for Kick Ons”

Helms Alee

first track and video from the upcoming album ‘Noctiluca’ through Sargent House.


‘First to Die’ is from their awesome 2018 album ‘Eternal Return’.


First track from their upcaming album “Life Cinema”

It It Anita

the track ’11’ is taken from the latest album ‘Laurent’ by the Belgian noisepunkers It It Anita.


second clip from the Belgian Garagerockers Kookaburra from their latest album ‘KidKiteBike’.



New heaviness from Deafheaven, Silver Devil, Coltsblood, Un, Obisidian Sea and Bellrope


Deafheaven released ‘Ordinary Corrupt Hyuman Love’ last year and already their hear with a new track called ‘Black Brick’.

Silver Devil

Swedish Fuzz/stoner rockers deliver on their latest album Paralyzed. Released february 11 on  Ozium Records.

Coltsblood/Un Split

The blackened doom by Coltsblood and the funeral doom on Un combined together deliver one  hell of a split.

Obsidian Sea

Doom Rockers Obsidian Sea shared their first track from upcoming album ‘Strangers’. out on Ripple Music.


The german doom/sludge band released their debut on February 22.


Japanese noisemakers Endon release ‘Boy Meets Girl’ on Thrill Jockey

ENDON is something special, the Japanese band are credited as the most extreme band in Tokyo. Screams, distortion, noise and overal panic is the trademark of the experimental metal band.

‘Boy Meets Girl’ is a horrorish experience, not for the faint of heart.

Released on Thrill Jockey February 15.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 5 mensen, nacht en close-up

Belgian krautpop band Stadt to release new album

The Belgian band uses kraut and psych vibes to create their own unique sound. on March 8, Stadt will release their third album ‘There is/Nothing Twice’.

They already released two tracks from their upcoming album, the second track ‘Daily Comment’ is a very nice mellow track with a splash of psych. But it is the first single that gets me very excited, ‘Nothing Twice’ is a 9 minute cosmic trip starting from krautpop and exploding in psychedelic heaviness. March 8 will be an exciting day.

Check them out and for them or more go to Fuzzy Sun’s list.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen

videos by The Limananas, Sleep, Devil Master, Mysterious Clouds, SHUCK and Drugdealer


A new video by The Limiñanas for the track Trois Bancs

A fan made video for Marijuanaut’s Theme by SLEEP

cobwebs and corpsepaint on the new video by Devil Master.

Psychedelic rockers Mysterious Clouds form Kansas with a track from the  Lunar Duel EP via Kosmic City records.

The Heavy punkers SHUCK released the WUNDER EP on Hominid Sounds and now we get a video from the track “ALIENS”. Tune in.

Drugdealer is back for a new album ‘Raw Honey’ in April, check out the vid for ‘Fools’.