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Alright, I am intrigued. New music popped up on the great label Riot Season Recordings and its music by Perhaps, the great spacerock band from Boston. In morse code they announce Perhaps 6 and share a first song. Enjoy some repetitive space rock with the latest track “.​-​-​. . .​-​. .​.​.​. .- .​-​-​. .​.​. / .​.​.​. . -​.​.​- .- -​-​. -​-​- -.”
Sounds from the future



God Unknown Records: Sneers and Rainbow Grave

I think i may have found my favorite label. Every release the God Unknown Label does is exellent and needs listening and buying. The label is filled to the brim with original noisy psych/experimental stuff. Check out their latest bands.
Rainbow Grave is one of those bands i discovered through God Unknown and God are they good. Slow sludgy riffs, distorted noises and and caveman vocals. The band featuring Nic Bullen (Napalm Death / Scorn), Johnny Doom (Doom), Nathan Warner (Bee Stung Lips) and James Commander is something every fan of the heavy should listen to and listen loud. The 7″ will be out October 5.



Sneers are duo from Berlin and make this intoxicating experimental noise with vocals that screech all the way to your soul. Their new LP  “Heaven Will Rescue Us, We’re The Scum, We’re In The Sun” will be out September 21 on GOd Unknown Records.



Check out their upcoming SIngle Club!

foto van God Unknown.

Beyond Beyond is Beyond 2018 Summer Jam Sampler

As expected from the great Beyond Beyond is Beyond this summer sampler is beyond all expectations. All of the artists make absolutely wonderfull music and it needs all of your attention right now. With the two newcomers  Kiki Pau and Primitive Air and unheard tracks from Garcia Peoples and The Myrrors.
It is a free compilation BUT:
– if you pay $5 for it, you will be entered to win either a Myrrors “Borderlands” test pressing or Garcia Peoples “Cosmic Cash” test pressing (winners choice)
– if you pay $10 for it, you will be entered to win a SIGNED Garcia Peoples “Cosmic Cash” test pressing.
So get out your 10 bucks and go for the win.

foto van Beyond Beyond is Beyond.



Muertos are a prime example of the reason why everyone should get to gigs early and catch the support bands. I caught these guys on the support slot at a  New Candys gig and they were brilliant! A great 4 track EP is available from WrongWay Records , with a few vinyl copies still available. A great introduction to Muertos is the track Black Box, this is the one that really got my attention way back in Shrewsbury.

With a debut album due for release next month, I caught up with the band to find out a little more about them. They are DeAnna Avis, Marc Crane & Tom Lewis and hail from Essex.

Who are you and why did you start the band?

Marc: De and Tom used to play in another band together a good while back. I used to play in another band around the same kind of scene, so we all knew each other back then. All of our bands split and for a few years or so nothing was going down, so myself and De got in touch and decided to create something new from the ashes and get things going again.

De: Yep, I met Marc when he was playing in a vampire garage rock band, Von Jergo. They were making quite a sensation around Essex, and Tom and I were in a political, brash, riot grrrl band at the same time, Death of the Elephant. So our paths crossed a lot at gigs and festivals. We kept in touch and then Marc and I decided to join forces and start writing songs in his dad’s front room. It was very low fi and the musical chemistry was awesome from the start. You never know with these kind of things but we just clicked!

What do you guys want to achieve as a band? What story do you have to tell the world?

De: For me, music is an exploration of all the difficult experiences I’ve been through, a way of processing the highs and lows of life. We write about quite heavy topics, our songs have always been quite personal. So the story I’d like to tell to the world is that it doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, you can get through it. I urge you, anyone who’s struggling – nothing is forever, and that’s the beauty of it all. We’ve been on a hell of a ride, if I even tried to go into it I could write a novel – but we write songs instead. It’s such a buzz to connect with other people who get it.

When you get out of bed, what makes you want to create music? What gives you the drive to make records and play live?

De: For me, it’s two main things. One is needing to express myself and being frustrated at always seeing the boys being the ones who got to shout and strut their stuff while the girls were relegated to being fangirls in the audience. When I started, I wasn’t confident writing music at all – it terrified me. But I thought fuck it if I’m going to be quiet – it’s not in my nature. So yeah, basically I play music to be a pain in the ass, because I think it’s my duty to shake things up, and I’d like to encourage other girls to get out there and start getting their share of the limelight the guys have always had. The other side of it is that I just plain love music, and have always played it as I was raised in a musical family. But I want to emphasise – even coming from that kind of supportive background, there is a hell of a lot of societal conditioning to undo to make you feel that it’s OK to make music as a girl, or get over the thought that you’re not playing the ‘right’ type of music. So I busted out of the box of just playing classical and violin music and ripped open the pandora’s box of punk. That’s why I play, to rip open all the boxes.

I’m a massive fan of bands like Spacemen 3, The Black Angels and BJM, I think I hear hints of them in your music. Who are your biggest influences?

Marc: I’m a big fan of them too. I think listening to those kinds of bands helped me get experimental with guitar playing and this eased me into learning to play. Before I knew any chords I was just into making interesting sounds with feedback and creating atmosphere. Black Sunday by Cypress Hill was one of the first albums I owned when I was young, that album had a big impact on me. It sounded so dark and dangerous.

De: Thank you so much, that’s so cool! My biggest influences are: Mazzy Star, Kathleen Hanna, PJ Harvey, Peaches, 90s west coast hip hop, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Von Bondies, The Raveonettes and last but not least, because it’s been my longest enduring love, Mexican music. I’m inspired by any woman who plays an instrument and sings – they rule my heart.

The album is out in August, describe it in your own words!

Marc: Its a deranged, melancholy trip that will make you want to dance. I also think we managed to successfully compress our three personalities and view points into a black round disc that sounds good.

De: It’s the sound of my therapy sessions put to music. It’s the sound of our inner psyche put to feedback and swirling hypnotic guitars. It’s the sound of our brain waves, our emotions, our love and our pain. I think that it sounds damn good too.

I love the new single ‘Suck It Up’, Where did the inspiration for it come from?

Marc: The strange world that surrounds us! This song is about wanting to get away from it all. Away from the orange goblin in the White House, Brexit, horrible commutes and shattered economy. It’s that feeling, when you are wound up and the least helpful thing someone can do is tell you to calm down and it makes you want to bang their head into a table. This song exists on that space of tension, where you want to BURN EVERYTHING. There is no tidy resolution to this story – we don’t do happy endings. You just have to get on with it and suck it up!

A band with a bright future in front of them I think! Thanks to De & Marc for sparing some time to answer a few questions. You can see Muertos for yourselves on the following dates. Try to catch them if you can, they’re pretty captivating!

Two London gigs coming up in August with Roadkill Records (who are awesome):

The Lock Tavern, Camden: Sat 4th August (Roadkill Records Weekender)

Shacklewell Arms, London: Fri 24th August (Our debut album launch party!)

The Bassment, Chelmsford: Saturday 27th October

Muertos are also playing The Psych Weekender in Manchester for Astral Elevator in September:

Night People: Sun 16th September


Julie’s Haircut – Karlsruhe / Fountain 12″

Italian psychedelic rockers Julie’s Haircut  have released a 12″ of two songs that were previously on the deluxe edition of ‘Ashram Equinox’. The front and back cover mandalas were designed by the italian artist Cristina Corradini.
Enjoy some experimental psychedelic bliss by Julie’s Haircut.

foto van Julie's Haircut.






A Look At A Small Independant Record Label

Following on from last weeks featured interview with the band Firefriend ,I have turned my attention to the other side of the table and interviewed Marco, the man behind Electric Valley Records. The label started as a means of releasing music by his own band Raikinas in 2014. Hailing from the island of Sardinia, Italy, Marco is a true supporter of music not only from the idyllic island, but throughout the world. With help from the also excellent Heavy Psych Sounds , the label has become home to some great bands, latest release is Continuum by Sons Of Alpha Centauri.

So, what makes a band stand out enough for Electric Valley Records to take notice of them, and sign them to the label? I asked Marco and his answer is pretty cool!

Generally I have to be hit by the sound immediately, it must be impactful, I want to hear riffs that make me say: Fuck, I have to contact them immediately!
I’m not obsessed with a genre, Electric Valley is for bands that play Stoner, Psychedelic, Heavy Blues, Doom, Heavy Psych, Acid Rock, Garage Fuzz etc…
An important thing is that the band is united, as a family, I would be very sorry if one of the bands of my label were to split.

So how much work is involved in running a label? I imagine keeping up with 12 bands, whilst playing in your own band is pretty demanding. Marco assures me it is!

They just became 13!

The active bands are only eight at the moment, and it’s not easy at all! Most of the bands keep me updated more or less, concerts, new songs, new projects and new ideas, that sort of thing. The most difficult thing is the promotion, I have to be behind a lot of things, but I do not get discouraged by this, after all it is my job and I love my job. It’s a job that takes a lot of time, and I do not have precise schedules, for example with some bands we have 6/7 hours of difference, so sometimes we talk at indecent hours hahahahah. The relationship I have with the bands is fantastic, we cooperate really well together and in this way we create a very pleasant situation, there is nothing better than working in friendship.

So any of you guys reading this dreaming of the easy life putting out records, be warned!

But obviously Marco is a glutton for punishment. He also puts on the Electric Valley Festival in Ossi, Sardinia as well as gigs for the bands on his label. There is some fantastic music coming out of Italy lately by the likes of New Candys , Julies Haircut & Giobia to name just a few of my personal favourites. Marco describes the music scene in his own words.

There is a beautiful scene here in Sardinia, the most famous are clearly the Black Capricorn with their Doom old school, then bands that were born after as the Elepharmers, King Howl, Raikinas, Desert Hype and 24Moons.
I can say that in Italy is full of very interesting bands from North to South and we do not forget the labels, starting from Heavy Psych Sounds, it is also thanks to Gabriele that I am here now, our friendship was born since I asked him if I could have his releases in my distro, he helped me a lot and he’s doing it also now, then there are many other super cool labels like Go Down Records, Vincebus Eruptum, Argonauta Records, Talk About Records, Taxi Driver and many others. I would say that we can not complain! There are so many bands, Stoner Rock, Doom, Heavy Psych, Sludge etc. Bands like Ufomammut, Black Rainbows, OJM, Atomic Mold, Deadsmoke and many others, it’s impossible to name them all!

So I’ll end this with a playlist of all the bands on Marco’s label, hopefully you can check them out, and who knows maybe support Marco with his excellent label and buy a couple of records!

Find out more at