PART I: The best 150+ Noise Rock/Postpunk releases of the last decades. Selected by Ralph Schaarschmidt (TRIGGER CUT, Buzz Rodeo)

Okay, so I absolutely love noise rock, you probably knew that by now. I wanted a good and solid noiserock list since I started Fuzzy Sun but I need to be honest with myself, I know the cult bands, the ‘popular’ ones and a load of new ones since I started this website but i am no expert on the genre. So what better then ask for help.

So I asked Ralp Schaarschmidt (TRIGGER CUT / BUZZ RODEO) for help and i instantly got a ridiculous long list of the best noiserock/postpunk and stuff from the last decades.

This list is huge and is full of gems, both ‘popular’ and underground, old and new.

It is going to take time to listen to everything on this list but I promise you it will be worth it. Due to the length of the list this post will be in couple of parts. So this is Part I of the Ralph Schaarschmidt List. Enjoy

1. A Minor Forest – Flemish Altruism

2. A Witness – I Am John’s Pancreas

3. A Frames – Black Forest

4. Arabrot – I Modi

5. Alice Donut – Bucketfulls of Sickness and Horror in an Otherwise Meaningless Life

6. Articles of Faith – In This Life

7. Arsenal – Factory smog is a sign of progress 

8. Afghan Wigs – Up In It

9. Animal Lover – Fundango

10. American Analog Set – Know By Heart.

11. Auxiliary Mammals – Auxiliary Mammels

12. Au Pairs – Playing with a different sex

13. Arab on Radar -Queen Hygiene II

14. Arcwelder – Jacket made in Canada

15. Assembly Line People Program- Subdivision of being


16. Archers of Loaf—Icky Mettle

17. Antimoney – Phantom Itch

18. Ativin – German Water

19. Bakamono-The cry of the Tukish fig peddler

20. Bedhead – Transactions de Novo

21. Barkmarket – L ron

22. Boxcar Satan—Crooked Mile march

23. Buzzcocks – A different kind of tension

24. Black Midi – Schlagenheim

25. Borzoi  – A Prayer for War

26. Bikini Eyebolt – Bikini Eyebolt

27. B-52’s – Wild Planet

28. The Black heart Procession – 2

29. Big Stick – Drag Racing

30. Big Boys – Lullabies Help The Brain Grow

31. Bauhaus – In The Flatfields

32. Brainiac – Bonsai Superstar

33. Babes in Toyland – Spanking Machine

34. The Breeders – Pod

35. Blacklisters – BLKSTRS

36. Bummer – Holy Terror

37. BAÑOS y BAÑOS – Singles Going Broke

38. Bellini – Small Stones

39. Baxter Stockman – Haul

40.  Bad Breeding – Divide

41. Bear Claw – Find the Sun

42. Blunderbuss – Conspiracy

43. Big Black – Atomizer

44. Beige Palace – Leg

45. Bilge Pump – We Love You

46. Bitch Magnet – Umber

47. Big’n – Cutthroat

48.  Butthole Surfers – Rembrandt Pussywhore

49. Bar-B-Q Killers – Comely

50. Band of Susans – Hope Against Hope

51. Boss Hog – Cold Hands

52. Bewitched – Brain Eraser

53. Blood Brothers – March on Electric Children

54. Alpha Strategy – Drink the Brine, Get Scarce

55. Birthday Party – Junkyard

56. Building – Melt Cry Sleep

57. A Band Called E – E

58. Cop Shoot Cop – White Noise

59. Bastro – Diablo Guapo

60. Codeine – Frigid Stars

61. Chrome Cranks – Love in Excile

62. Chavez – Gone Glimmering

63. Chaser – Chaser

64. Cutthroats 9 – Dissent

65. Chokebore – Motionless

66. Cherubs – Icing

67. Crain – Speed

68. Coral – Pillow Talk

69. Crownhate Ruin – Until the Eagle Grins

70. Cabaret Voltaire – Mix Up


Hand & Leg release first track from ‘Lust in Peace’

This duo is called Hand & Leg and will release a new album on the 6th of September. The beast will be called ‘Lust in Peace’ and will be released on Black Gladiator / Slovenly Recordings.

Their first track is out and it is called ‘L.I.P.’ and it surprised me, the track is an original and agressive take on postpunk with noiserock vibes. I am very curious to hear more of this!

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Oh Sees release new video ‘Captain loosely’

Next week is the release of the new album ‘Face Stabber’ by the almighty psych/garageband Oh Sees. The video is dedicated to the victims of the El Pasa mass Shooting.

Listen to the psychedelic sounds on ‘Captain Loosely’ and check out their previously released track before the release on August 16.

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Premiere: The Asteroid Shop – Lose Your Way

LA rockers The Asteroid Shop make alternative rock with a bit of trippy space rock mixed through. And today they premiere their new single on Fuzzy Sun.

This is the first single of an upcoming EP that will be released at the end of the year.  Check out the fuzzy new rockin tune ‘Lose Your Way’ by The Asteroid Shop.

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Uniform and The Body share second track from ‘Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back’

This is going to be the second collaboration between The Body and Uniform. Their previous album in June 2018 was called ‘Mental Wounds not Healing’. This album was absolutely great because of its darkness, the album spewed hell right in your face.

They already released the first track ‘Penance’ and now we get a second track called ‘Not Good Enough’. ‘Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back’ will be out August 16 on Sacred Bones.

On this second collaboration it seems the band will go even further with their experiments, going even deeper into the sonic abyss.


Uniform FB page

Sacred Bones FB

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Moon Duo share second track ‘Lost Heads’

Moon Duo sure knows how to make a hazy psychedelic tune. Their are two tracks that have been shared from the upcoming album and they promise a soft, dreamy psychedelic vibe of great quality.

Moon Duo are Sanae Yamada who released her debut last year as Vive la Void and Ripley Johnson who released an album with Wooden Shjips last year.

In 2017 Moon Duo released Occult Architecture Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. Now the band returns with a new track from their seventh upcoming album ‘Stars Are The Light’.

Check out the new track ‘Lost Heads’ and the previous travck ‘Stars Are The Light’. Out September 27 on Sacred Bones.

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