Holy Sunn share ‘Beyond’ EP

The Mexican psychedelic rockers Holy Sunn sare back with a new EP called ‘Beyond’. Their music is a mix of psychedelic and garage rock.

The 5 tracks on the EP show what the band is worth. Their sound has a dreamlike quality to it but without sounding soft. Their are heavy psych riffs and strong vocals to make this a very good psych album.

Favorite track: Xibalba



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The Grasshopper Lies Heavy – Collection I

The Texas band The Grasshopper Lies Heavy was formed in 2005 by James Woodard. Since then the band has released a lot of albums wich can jump from posthardcore to drone to noise rock.

Check out the latest collection of songs by the band. They sold this album on their Japan tour. Check out their bandcamp for more heaviness.



Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor are back with two new singles

i had the please to premiere some music of SOYSV in the past. The Detroit rockers have been releasing some real good psychedelic rock. So it is with pleasure I share two new songs. Both tracks have the signature sound of SOYSV, the hazy basslines, psych guitars and great vocals. ‘Godshe’ is a straightforward track full of excellent guitar noise and ‘Doctor Helicopter’ tends towards heavy garagerock. A band that keeps on giving honest and good rock. Give us more, yes please.


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Belgian noiserockers Youff are back with new face destroying track from their upcoming album “If Wishes were horses, homicidal beggars could ride”. 

’20​/​20 HINDSIGHT’ was the latest album by Belgian noiserockers Youff, this one was released in May this year and is ridicously agressive and loud. Now they are already back with new music from another new album called “If Wishes were horses, homicidal beggars could ride”. 

Their new track is called ‘Quaaludes’ and it seems they are aiming to be the loudest band of the year. There is so much wild frenzy noise on this track that in 3 minutes your brain melts through your nose.

Press play


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Thank release ‘Please’

Good God, I thought I knew what the new album by Leeds noiserockers Thank would sound like. You know, I thought it would be a strong punk/noiserock album in the line of their debut and their split with Blom. But this is something absolutely incredible, the band experimented with electronics, they threw in some nervous computersounds and now their new album ‘Please’ is extremely fun to listen to. It is agressive, wild, still superb punk and very original. For some reason this stuff is almost singalong material, my lazy body who normally needs loads of booze before it wants to move starts moving out of itself when listening to this.

The ‘Please’ Ep by Thank is without a doubt amazing, addictive and  will be very high on my end of the year list.  Out on October 11. It will be released through Buzzhowl Records and Belgium’s EXAG. ‘Please’ is the first Thank release which has involved new member Gowans throughout the writing process.


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Lightning Bolt release new album ‘Sonic Citadel’

Am I getting used to all these noiserock bands and all these experimental stuff because I have the feeling the new album by Lightning Bolt is catchy? Can that be or am I slowly changing in one of those experimental weirdos that dress in gothic/disco clothes and drink only vodka and think harsh noise should be played nonstop on national radio.

I don’t think I am getting crazy though, I think Lightning Bolt is still a furious, wild and frenzy band that makes fast paced noiserock but their tracks are getting more catchy for sure, the rythms get stuck in your head and before you know it you are singing along. The riffs are absolutely great and they still shred your face off, the drums are still weapons of mass destruction.

‘Sonic Citadel’ is easier to listen to and for that matter maybe more fun. This album shreds, is loud and melodic, fast paced and it has the quality of growing on you, sounds better each time you spin it. Can’t me in as a big fan.

Lightning Bolt is a crazy band and the duo are excellent musicians and they really display their talents on their new album.

It is frikkin great.

Out on Thrill Jockey on October 11.



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Kim Gordon released ‘No Home Record’

Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth, Body/Head, Free Kitten, Glitterbust) has released her first solo album. The thing is called ‘No Home Record’ and has exceeded all my expectations. Kim Gordon has made some absolutely great music since Sonic Youth, I really like her Body/Head project so I was thinking in those lines but I did not expect the sounds on this album.

Kim Gordon drops a magnificent album with ‘No Home Record’, the album has a lot of different influences. There are noiserock tracks on it that are very catchy and rocknroll but she experiments with electronics and she does it masterfully.

Not a lot of artist get away with suck different styles on an album but Kim gets away with it and its is truly great.

‘No Home Record’ is out today, October 11 on Matador Records.



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