Mt. Mountain share ‘Second Home’ from upcoming album on Fuzz Club

Perth psychedelic rockers Mt. Mountain released their new album ‘Centre’ wich is out on Fuzz Club. Mt Mountain makes psychedelic rock that is very soothing, the music fills a room with warmth and rythm. On their new album ‘Centre’ it feels like the band has found their true sound, it just feels so perfect, like they did this their whole life. There is a lot of repetitiveness in their music wich makes it so nice to listen to. ‘Centre’ is a gorgeous album, one that every psych fan will love and cherish. Tune in now and buy the LP on their bandcamp.

You can find them and more on ‘The Australian List’.

FFO Kikagaku Moyo

Skeletonized release a split album with Un Festín Sagital

If you are a long time lurker on Fuzzy Sun you probably have seen some Skeletonized posts before. The band makes jazz infused experimental noise(rock) and each album is heavy but has always a slightly different atmosphere. This time we get six short bursts of droning jazznoise by Skeletonized and one 28 minute track by Un Festín Sagital who create out of this world sounds so your mind kan take a free vacation. Tune in and enjoy.

Boris release ‘Absolutego Studio Session 2018’ and ‘bootleg -feedbacker- remaster’

Japanese rockers Boris have been releasing a lot of special sessions, remasters, live sessions and stuff like that and all of them are each time a pleasure to listen to. Same with these two releases, a studio session of Absolutego and bootleg remaster for Feedbacker. Expect tosn of noise, feedback doom an heaviness. Turn up very loud and enjoy.

Are you in need of more Japanese psych noise and weird stuff, then go to The Cosmic Side of Japan.

Mt. Mountain share ‘Second Home’ from upcoming album on Fuzz Club

Perth psychedelic rockers Mt. Mountain return with a third track called ‘second home’ from their upcoming album ‘Centre’ wich will be released February 26 on Fuzz Club. The track is again a ode to trippy mellow psychedelic rock, it is calming and layered. This sounds very promising. Listen to the track here and the previous tracik ‘Aplomb’. Order vinyl, CD and tape here:

On this new track Mt. Mountain gives us gorgeous psych, easygoing and with some kraut vibes. Again a hazy and trippy piece of work.

You can find them and more on ‘The Australian List’.

Swedish kraut band VED returns on Rocket Recordings

The Mälmo 5 piece band VED has been krauting gorgeous kraut for a while and now they return with new music on the great Rocket Recordings. On 5 March we can expect their new album ‘Ett visst fängelse’. For now we can trip on the first new track wich is called ‘The Embrace of the Oarfish’.

Be a good boy and pre-order the abum.

White Suns release ‘The Lower Way’

On the Decoherence label comes the new album from White Suns. Be prepared before you embark on this sonic journey, White Suns did make some absolutely destructive music in the past but I think they have now made the loudest stuff possible. This deranged album is something between bonecrushing noiserock and mind altering noise. The experimentalism on this album makes it even better, the sounds stay fresh and wild and it keeps surprising. This is not for the faint of heart though, ‘The Lower Way’ is extreme, experimental and above all, a sonic wet dream for the noise lover.

Best enjoyed in the dark with no friends.

OSees release ‘Improv at Zebulon 2​/​6​/​21’

Osees, formerly known as Thee Oh Sees, The Oh Sees, OCS, Oh Sees and others) is led by John Dwyer who does not only release an incredible amount of music with his band Osees but has side projects like the recently released Bent Arcana and his solo project Damaged Bug. Last year we got ‘Protean Thread’ and Metamorphosed and ‘Panther Rotate and ‘Weirdo Hairdo‘ by Osees, his solo project Damaged Bug with the new ‘Bug On Yonkers’ album, his new project Bent Arcana. This year we already got Witch Egg wich is some kind of wild unfermented jazz  and then John Dwyer has released two of the albums with the band Yikes,  another releasas Netman and yet another new release as the death metal band ‘Dig That Body Up, It’s Alive’ another one with Pink & Brown, wich was released in 2013.  Lately we got ‘Live at Henry Miller Library Big Sur‘ and another upcoming jazzy album called ‘Endless Garbage‘.

Hope you are still following because now we are here for the Improv At Zebulon wich is a magical track of 45 minutes. Try to keep it together, let your emotions flow and feel the spirit of the osees. Or whetever, it is pretty cool.

Thee Oh Sees

Warish share first track from upcoming album ‘Next To Pay’

The Californian band Warish fronted by Tony Hawk’s son Riley Hawk returns even stronger than before. The trio has released some awesome punk/stoner in the past but this track may be their heaviest yet and instantly my favourite one. The track is called ‘Say To Please’ and is taken from their upcoming album ‘Next To Pay’ wich will be released April 30 on Riding Easy Records.

Eyelet released ‘The Devil Shining Out Your Eyes’ on The Ghost is Clear

The Ghost is Clear has some really awesome bands on their label, and now, just at the last moments of shitty 2020 the band Eyelet released their new album ‘The Devil Shining Out Your Eyes’ wich is noisy screamo metal stuff whatever im not good in genres. It is loud, it is evil, it is awesome. Check them out now.


If we can agree on something it is probably that there can not be too much music from John Dwyer. You know, the guy from Oh Sees and  Bent Arcana and as Damaged Bug and another load of stuff ofcourse. They recently released the album ‘Witch Egg’ and now they return with a slightly different line up for an album called ‘Endless Garbage’ where theift track is out. Tune in to hear ‘Vertical Infinity’.

Dazzling Killmen/Mothers Day – Killing Fever (Single & Comic Book Set) on Skin Graft

There is so much to discover and buy on the Skin Graft Records label. Long out of print stuff, remastered weirdo music, legendary noise and punk and Japanese weirdo stuff, Comics, it just does not stop and it eats all you money and it even feels good. So for the people who do not know the label I strongly suggest you take a couple of days of work and check everything out their bandcamp page and order some stuff, some comics and music.

Now we are here for the Dazzling Killmen/Mothers Day split. The physical 7″ and comic sets are from the original 1991 pressing. Quantities are limited. Check out the bandcamp for more info, they say it better then I do.


If we can agree on something it is probably that there can not be too much music from John Dwyer. You know, the guy from Oh Sees and  Bent Arcana and as Damaged Bug and another load of stuff ofcourse.

Now he released a new album together with Nick Murray, Brad Caulkins, Tom Dolas and Greg Coates called ‘Witch Egg’ wich is a a quite fun mix of kraut, some fuzz and jazz. Again, as expected, an original and quite refreshing release.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U​.​F​.​O. release first vid from their LEVITATION session

Acid Mothers Temple and its many offshoots has produced so much music I don’t know if the bandmembers even remember everything. I know I tried to make some kind of guide but I am still stuck at part I. It is like opening the box of pandora, you start off and think, hey this is cool, so much music and then it just does not stop, the same bandmembers are switching bands, quiting, starting different bands with almost the same name or side project that are something completely different, it just does not stop. As far as I know their latest releases are “Reverse of Rebirth in Universe” in riot season in 2018, a re-release called ‘Either The Fragmented Body Or The Reconstituted Soul’ on Necio Records and a very dirty split with Orphan Goggles in 2019 and rework  of ‘Minstrel In The Galaxy’. The repress of ‘The Ripper At The Heaven’s Gates Of Dark’ and also a split with Yoo Doo Right and also and album offshoot called Acid Mothers Reynols. Another split with Paul Kidney Experience. In December 2020 they released ‘Zero Diver or Puroto Guru’ on Necio Records. I also made a bit of an ongoing list about Makoto Kawabata core member of Acid Mothers Temple) with al his solo releases.

AMT is a band of many talents and on this album they show again their strength. This album may be more listenable then the others, more hypnotic and more sensitive. I love it. If you are a fan of all these Japanese psych and noise stuff, be sure to check out the cosmic side of Japan.

Now they return with a live EP from their show on Levitation sessions (order it here) . A first clip has been released with the ‘Dark Star Blues Track’. If you are in for some more Levition sessions then check the ones out from Oh Sees, Kikagaku Moyo and The Black Angels.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets release Shyga!

The Perth psych band Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are one of the big rising psychedelic bands from today and they have released some gorgeous stuff already. And now they have released their new album ‘Shyga!’ This is fourteen tracks of feel good fuzz and psych.

For more Australian go see The Australian List.

Order here –

Check them out and more on Fuzzy Sun’s list. Check them out on the Australian list too!

Belgian noiserockers It It Anita share new track

Somewhere in 2019 the Belgian noisepunkers It It anita released their album ‘Laurent’ wich was a really great album, so I am very pleased to share the new single from the  upcoming album “Sauvé” due to be released on April 2, 2021.

The track is called ‘Ghost’ and is wild ride mixing intense punk and noiserock. It seems the band has gone a bit harder with this new track and this pleases me a lot. Same with their previous single ‘Cucaracha’, nthe band sounds a lot stronger and heavier. Really want to hear and have the new album. Tune in enjoy.

It It Anita is on the Big Belgian Noiserock List too.

Ryley Walker And Kikagaku Moyo – Deep Fried Grandeur ( live at Le Guess Who? 2018)

Well, the title says enough doesn’t it. Ryley Walker and Kikagaku Moyo together working their fuzz and psych and folk magic together creating gorgeous sounds live at Le Guess Who?! Two tracks of 18 minutes each that you can buy on CD or on a goodlooking vinyl. I promise you that this vinyl will make you feel good, it will make you feel happy and peaceful! Tune in and enjoy these trippy sound. And if you do not have enough then you can check out The Cosmic Side of Japan, a list filled with all kinds of Japanese psych and noise.

Gaffa Bandana too release ‘Fraught in Waves’ on Human Worth

There is something absolutely bleak and brutal about the music from Gaffa Bandana, the EP starts with ‘Breakage’ wich has an incredible intense and heavy riff and this together with the excruciating vocals of Gill Dread who you may know from Bruxa Maria who made an incredibly heavy album last year (ended on my end of the year list as wel). Some tracks are faster and even more brutal and it beats me how this two piece (with Jennie Howell (So3ek, Sleeping Creatures, Gorse) on the drums) succeed in making such a rich and brutal sound. This absolute beast will be out February 26 on Human Worth and is recorded by Part Chimp frontman Tim Cedar. Two tracks are already out.

Pre-orders Friday 5th Feb with all profits going to mental health charity Mind.

‘Alien 3’ by Gary, Indiana

Gary, Indiana is slowly creeping up as one of my new favourite band. They have their fourth track out and it is again something that really resonates with me. For me Gary, Indiana makes very original music and they do what they please, they mix up post punk and noise and electronic music and whatever. This time they made a track called ‘Alien 3’ and is their most electronic track so far but good lord it rules. Check them out.

The Body release ‘I’ve Seen All I Need To See’

The Body (wich I am a really big fan of) have released the most incredibly cool and bleak music in the past, they have made splits and stuff with Uniform and are a piece of Sightless Body (with Lingua Ignota and Full of Hell).Recently they have released a split 7 inch with Kansas City heaviness Bummer (who have released ‘Thanks For Nothing’ a while ago) and also an album with MSC wich is just deranged.

Now The Body has released ‘I’ve Seen All I Need To See’ and I am in love. I am in love with how good these humans succeed at making bleak music that feels so powerful so full of feeling and intensity. This album is a true heavyweight in both intensity and atmosphere.

Best enjoyed at the family table.

FFO the end of the world.