Psychedelic Dj Thur Deephrey

Psychedelic Dj Thur Deephrey
Strolling through the vast reaches of the musical realm Thur Deephrey has been digging up and playing hazy vinyl in Europe and the US for almost a decade now, sharing the stage with the likes of Okta Logue, Allah-Las, The Growlers, Moon Duo, Embryo, Rachel Yamagata & Marianne Dissard as well as producing and recording with Labtekwon, Megan Livingston, Sole (Anticon) & Noah23. The styles of his live performances range from world psychedelia & rare groove, rural folk, garage, soviet jazz-funk, 60s soul & r&b, jazz to hiphop, broken beat, chicago house. Besides spinning with original vinyl, Thur Deephrey incorporates all types of samplers, effects, edits, percussions and self-produced beats to go beyond the regular DJ set and add to the trip.



IHeartNoise – A peculiar label

IHeartNoise – A peculiar label
IHeartNoise is a blog/label for underground music with Boston roots wich started in 2008, mostly focusing on amrep/noise. Later becoming both a blog and a record label as well as event organizer – some of the bands that played the showcases include Skyjelly, Violet Nox, Guiding Light (ex Mercury Rev/Hopewell), Dark Sunny Land, Sadha and Sound Down Cellar. Covering Hasslefest (Boston), Moogfest (North Carolina) and Northside Festival (Brooklyn).
Check out some music on the IHN bandcamp and share!

The 20th Anniversery of Belgian Music Centre Kinky Star

The 20th Anniversery of Belgian Music Centre Kinky Star
Located in Gent/Belgium is the Music Centre Kinky Star with a strong DIY culture. For the 20th anniversy they are doing a 10 day music fest with names like crowd of chairs, Glowsun, Onmens, … .
From Thursday the 13th to 22nd of April you can watch following live bands:
DAG 1: Glowsun (FR) / Witch Trail / The Mighty Machine + DJ’s
DAG 2: Circus Brekovic / Mad Apple Circus (UK) / Moustash + DJ’s
DAG 3 (Consouling): BARST / Innerwoud / Piet Dierickx + DJ’s
DAG 4 (Dark Entries): Curtis / Sygo Cries / Black Snow In Summer
DAG 5: Biezen / Viktor / Slumberland + DJ’s
DAG 6: DJ Grazzhoppa / ABN / Amazumi / Apex Raptors + DJ Miso
DAG 7: Onmens / The K. / Crowd Of Chairs + DJ Mad A-P
DAG 8: tba
DAG 9 (GRIMM) : Killer / Irreligion / Vulgar + DJ’s
DAG 10: tba