Tomorrow is the release of the album ‘Bent’ by Stonefield

Tomorrow is the release date for the upcoming album by psych/prog band Stonefield. The album will be released through Flightless Records.

The Australian rockers released the track ‘Sleep’ and ‘Dead Alive’ with accompanied videos from the upcoming album. This is the fourth album they release. Their music is filled with psychedelic fuzz.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, gras, boom, buiten en natuur


Here Lies Man return with new track ‘Clad in Silver’

Again excellent news! The Fuzz/afrobeat band Here Lies Man returns with new music! they have just shared a new track called ‘Clad in Silver’. The track is from their upcoming album ‘No Ground To Walk Upon’.

Fuzzy and psychedelic tunes on the new track with that extra original edge makes us carving for more. Here Lies Man is back and 2019 is better for it.

Out August 16 on Riding Easy Records.




The Great Music Dump #8

Starting the Great Music Dump is the Orlando garage/rocknroll band The Spoon Dogs. Their latest self titled album is filled with good fuzzy rocknroll tunes.

Greece stoner/psych band Go released their self-titled on May 2 and its filled with fuzzed out psychedelic riffs and solos. Go produces some very fine tripping music, you need to play this loud and play this now.

A new track by the Norwegian fuzz rockers Dune Sea. Their Self Titled will be released May 3.

On Beyond Beyond Beyond Records comes a new band from Tokyo called De Lorians. Their first track of psychedelic jazz fusion is shared before the release of their new S/T album out June 26.


New Zealand garagerockers Echo Ohs shared a single from their upcoming EP ‘Wild Weeds’ wich will be released in July. Check out the track ‘Fools’.

Four track of about 11 minutes a piece on the new EP by the french doom band Praÿ. This self titled EP is filled with the most gorgeous psych solos and heavy doom riffs.

Seattle doom band Diyu released their self titled on April 20. Tun in for some excellent tripped out doom.

Noisy garage punk by the French band Frank Racket. Tune in and check out their latest album ‘Screaming Skull’.

Heavy psych band BansheeVa released their new self titled album February 8. Tune in for some noisy psychedelic atmosphere.

Psychedelic stonerrock from Argentina. Tune in for the album ‘Guadal’ by Superfat. Fuzzed out riffs and psychedelic guitarwork. the album was released May 7, 2019.

Psychedelic doom by the french band Orbis. ‘Eternal Absurd Cycle’ was released May 18.

Wizard Rifle will release their S/T album on Svart Records, out on August 30. Tune in for the track ‘Rocket To Hell’.

new music on the Danish label Virkelighedsfjern by  Spacedoomband Heathe. 38 minutes of experimental doom and space music.

On June 21 Hex Machine will release their new album ‘Cave Painting’. Tune in for the first three tracks before the release.


The Progerians release ‘Crush the Wise Men Who Refuse to Submit’

‘Crush the Wise Men who refuse to Submit’ is the name of the ne album by Brussels noisy rockers The Progerians (The Fabulous Progerians, The Mighty Progerians). Out on Mottow Soundz in May 24.

Check out this heavyweight now.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, staande mensen, lucht, schoenen en buiten

Cosmic tunes on the new track by The Utopia Strong

The new band The Utopia Strong released their debut song ‘Brainsurgeons 3’ from their upcoming album on Rocket Recordings. The band consists of Kavus Torabi, Steve Davis, Michael J. York.

The upcoming album will be released September 13. Tune in for some psychedelic and hypnotic tunes.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, lachende mensen, buiten


God Unknown 51 and 52 : Two new 7 inch splits

Ah yes, everytime i see a release on God Unknown Records I get all excited. The God Unknown Label deals in the experimental, the weirder stuff, sometimes heavy noise and soothing and weird.

Now it is time for two more releases. GOD051 contains music from Daniel Bachmann, Forrest Marquisse & Ian McColm and on the B side music from Haress.

Daniel Bachman is an American Primitive guitarist and drone musician from Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States.
Forrest Marquisse is a American lap / pedal steel player.
Ian G. McColm is a multi-instrumentalist and composer residing in Richmond, Virginia.

HARESS consists of the core guitar duo of David Hand and Elizabeth Still, based in Bishops Castle in the Shropshire Hills

GOD052 contains music from The Left Outsides and a track from Mésange.

The Left Outsides are: Mark Nicholas and Alison Cotton, a husband and wife duo based in London, England whose atmospheric, hypnotic songs echo Nico’s icy European folk, pastoral psychedelia and chilly English fields at dawn.

Mésange is a collaboration between violinist Agathe Max (Kuro) and guitarist Luke Mawdsley (Cavalier Song).

Be sure to check and buy more music from the label. Check out the Vol. 4 sampler here:

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The Austerity Program share first two tracks from ‘Bible Songs 1’

Angry and abrasive music from this great New York loudness The Austerity Program. Their upcoming album is called ‘Bible Songs 1’ and will be released June 14.

The first two tracks are a start of an awesome album. It is like the tracks iare pissed at you because you are listening to it.

A magnificent start from The Austerity Program, tune in now

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