I have no idea who Decor are or what they are but I do now they have a new album with the same name and its out since July 4th. These humans are from Brooklyn and make intense and destructive noiserock. The first track is called ‘Bake Sale’ and its probably my favourite, the slow distorted bass, experimental noises and the angry vocals make this a unique an gorgeous noiserock. Now there is a lot more like that first track, the whole album is one angry experimental bass driven noiserock feast. Listen to it.

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Orchestra of Constant Distress is Anders Bryngelsson (Brainbombs, No Balls), Henrik Rylander (Union Carbide Produtions, Skull Defekts) and Joachim Nordwall Idealist, Skull Defekts. They are about to release the fourth studio album called ‘Concerns’ on the great Riot Season Records. Their previous work has been extremely destructive noiserock and the first track of this new album sounds really good, the track is called’ Consistence’ and is experimental noiserock drenched in reverb and noise. Powerful stuff.


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Bummer announce ‘Dead Horse’, share ‘JFK Speedwagon’

Bummer is a trio from Kansas City and they have made some pretty damn awesome stuff already, first got to know them through their ‘Thanks For Nothing’ EP and after that they released the split with The Body. Now it seems the band has grown, in which I mean that they have become even more brutal in their sound. The first track is out and is called ‘JFK Speedwagon’ and it just really rips. ‘Dead Horse’ will be out September 24.


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Chat Pile covers Sepultura

One of my favourite newish bands is Chat Pile, a band that kinda difficult to pin down and has the sound like an industrial concrete mixer. If you don’t know them I really need you to listen to ‘Remove Your Skin Please’ and I promise you will be blow away. Now for the Flenser’s upcoming compilation they did a cover of ‘Roots Bloody Roots’. Tune in now.



Luggage share second track ‘Lie Design’

The previous album ‘Shift’ by Chicago band Luggage really got under my skin, and now they are back with a the second track called Lie Design’ from their upcoming album ‘Happiness’ wich will be released july 16. The repetitive basses and guitar work have an extremely bleak atmosphere and that together with the slow drums and the vocals of Michael Vallera create something really bone chilling and eerie.



Infinity Land, Heel Turn and Virgin Mother Split

There is always coming out great music on The Ghost is Clear Records and now out of thin air dropped a three way split between Infinity Land, Heel Turn and Virgin Mother. Infinity Land i just got to know from their last release on TGISC, Heel Turn is new to me (and very in your face) and Virgin Mother is project of Seb Alvarez from meth.  I believe. Be Cool and Buy it on Cassette.




Psychedelic rockers Longheads release ‘Higher Than Bacteria’

Somewhere in the UK is the four headed band Longheads and they are making something between heavy psych, exprimental, kraut, prog and doom. I Think. Anyway, this is the first time I am hearing this band and it is quite awesome, there is enough fuzz and solos in it to call it in your face heavy psych and it gots all kind of vibes. Layered like a birthday cake and loud like the kids that eat it. Niiiiice.



new music

Table Scraps share ‘Threads’ from their upcoming album

Birmingham fuzz rockers Table Scraps return with new music, and a new video. The track is called ‘Threads’ and is taken from their upcoming album ‘Coffin Face’ which will be released September 24. Again Fuzzed outr heavy riffs in garagerock style. A promising band that keeps on sharing aweome track. Really excited to hear the full album.



One man psych band Tren Go! Sound System & Ornamental

Alway fine to discover another One man band. I made a list a while ago by one man bands and now Tren Go! Sound System & Ornamental is on there too. The sounds are fromPedro Pestana (10 000 Russos and Talea Jacta). Tune in now for some fine Portuguese psychedelia. For vinyl please refer to Dirty Filthy Records or Pink Tank Records.


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Gloop to release ‘Crayon Sun’

The Baltimore noiserockers Gloop released the album ‘Smiling Lines’ in September 2019 and that was a really good one so I am glad to hear they are back with new music. The first track is called ‘Crayon Sun’ and is taken from the album with that same name that will be released August 20. That wild new track got me thinking a bit of Luggage on speed. To be released on Grimoire Records.


Posy released ‘bongga ka dai’

It is early in the morning here and this is just the best music to wake up too. Posy is a punk band from Washington and their music is loud and raw. This new EP together with 5 cups of coffee, a panic attack and 3 croissant is just the perfect way to start your day. Pure unfiltered noisepunk that is excellent from start to finish. Check them out now and order the tapes and buy the digital, you know the deal.


Mr Marcaille released ‘No Snare No Headeache’

A while ago a made a list about one mand bands and I got to know Mr Marcaille which sounds liek it is a five headed noiserock/metal band but it is only one. Now the French Mr Marcaille returns with a new album called ‘No Snare No Headache’ and it is a complete riff fest with trash and doom influences. Tune in now.


new music

Possum release ‘Lunar Gardens’

Possum is Brandon Bak (guitar, vocals), Tobin Hopwood (guitar), Patrick Lefler (bass) and Bradley Thibodeau (drums).Their previous album ‘Space Grade Assembly’ was an album filled with fuzz and Black Sabbath like tunes. I have been a fan of the band since I heard their debut album and I am really happy to show you their new album ‘Lunar Gardens’. On this album we have a completely new Possum, they reinvented their sound from heavy fuzz to really trippy cosmic psych with some space rock, trippy jazz and kraut and stuff like that. ‘Lunar Gardens’ is really trippy, original and most of all, a very fun listen.



Goat to release compilation with non-album material , standalone singles, B-sides, digital edits and never before heard songs

It has been a while since we the mysterious released something so i am really happy to let you humans know there is a new compilation called ‘Headsoup’ with some new material too! Next to all the other stuff we get two new tracks called ‘Fill My Mouth’ and ‘Queen Of The Underground’. The latter is now up for a listen. The album is out August 27 On rocket Recordings. Tune in now.