Self-Stained Slate by Plastic Psalms

Tulsa trio Plastic Psalms make fast paced noisepunk/mathrock. They have released their new album Plastic Psalms on March 19. Tune in for seven tracks of brutal and energetic noise.

Favourite track: Well of Effort

Video premiere: Death Cult Electric – ‘The Fine Print’

Welsh noisemakers Death Cult Electric do make som strange music, the band featuring ex ESTRONS member Steffan Pringle can be heard on your favourite music blog as a premiere. The track ‘The Fine Print’ is a bit more crazy than their previous music (you can check out ‘Deleter’) . It shows a band that has probably snorted half bath of drugs and smoked up a greenhouse between their previous single and now this one. Their is like some spicy industrial in it, some numetal maybe, rob zombie is in there somewhere too and all this in a jacket of brutal noise. This shows a band that is full of serprises and energy, ready to go apeshit in your ears. Go listen now.

‘The Fineprint’ 




I’m gonna paint it magenta     (Get the know how)

I’m gonna build you a catacomb (   Get the know how)

I’m the fucking main event-a

I’m going parabolic to the moon

Get it for me

Get it for me

Yeah, Yeah

The government is out to get us



Laying out the agenda

The reptilians articulate

That the number one rule of apocalypse is punctuality

So get dressed darling, cause you know that we will be leaving soon

Get it for me

Get it for me

Yeah, Yeah

These words I read they imply

 We’ve got no supply

These words I read they imply 

We’ve got no supply

It’s looking good to me

Looks pretty good to me

Chore release two new tracks

All proceeds from the sales of this EP will go to Shallow ND’s Tony Jacome to aid in his fight against pancreatic cancer (like the SHALLOW NORTH DAKOTA // KEN MODE // KOWLOON WALLED CITY wich you cans still buy). The “Greenhorn” track is by Shallow North Dakota. Tune in and buy the digital stuff. The other track is a new one and one of the first releases in very long from the Ontario noise rockers.

W!zard to release ‘Definitely Unfinished’

Somwhere in Bordeaux is W!zard, a band that deals in riffs, noiserock and postpunk. This is the first time I heard this band and you can count me as a fan. The album will be out June 4th and there are already two tracks out and a video. Their music is very varied like the track ‘bones’, it starts of as a catchy punk track in riff fueled ander and don’t get me started on the second track ‘Quick Violence’ which is pure noiserock energy. This band is very promising indeed. They are, ofcourse, on the list ‘Psych and Noise in France’.

Black Ink Stain to release ‘Incidents’

Pogo Records is quite the label, it is filled with sludge, riffs, noiserock, hardcore and stuff like that. If you have a bit time to burn then it is an excellent place to check out their catalogue. Now their is a new band in France that is called Black ink Stain that is going to release their debut album on Atypeek Music, Araki Records, Day Off Records and P.O.G.O. Record and they have shared their first two tracks from that album and both will ripp your face of. The band is now ofcourse on my French List too.

Levitation Session: Ty Segall & Freedom Band

Since these Levitation Sessions my life has been a lot better, the live session that have been out and the ones that are upcoming are just brilliant. These are all the best psych/garage bands at the moment. We had sessions and upcoming sessions by Acid Mothers Temple, Kikagaku Moyo, Black Angels, Osees, Alex Maas, Black Angels, Fuzz, and more. And now it is time for another magnificent band. Now it is time for the second appearance of Ty Segall, this time with his Freedom Band. The Show premieres at 7PM CT on 5/15/21. Buy Tickets, Merch, Lps, the whole ordeal here.

Check out the firsttwo tracks ‘Manipulator’ and the track ‘Squaler’

Snapped Ankles share first track from upcoming album

Urban woodrockers Snapped Ankles return with a trippy motorik first track called ‘Rhythm Is Our Business’ from their upcoming album ‘Forest of Your Problems’ wich will be released on July 2. This first track shows that the band is stronger than ever with their tropical bamboo rock. The swampy dancelike beats make you dance and move like jou have jungle fever. Come out of your natural habitat and tune in to Snapped Ankles.

Child Bite and Black Tusk

Both these bands are experts in noise and riffs and together they have shared some pretty awesome covers and the latest one is a cover of the Butthole Surfers “Who Was In My Room Last Night?” track and on it is special guest Bill “Choptop” Moseley. I added the track on my covers list because, well, it’s a cover.

Holy Monitor released ‘Southern lights’

The Greek band Holy Monitor released their new album ‘Southern Lights’ on February 26. This band is exceptionally good at creating trippy cosmic music and the album has a very good balance between the psychedelic pop and the heavy psych. Holy Monitor is for obvious reasons on my ‘Greek list’. Tune in and trip out on their new album now.

Bronson Arm

A new band has emerged and it is a great one! Bronson Arm plays heavy, punk fueled noiserock. The band consists of only of two dudes named Blake Bickel and Garrett Yates and it seems they don’t need no one else because they do a goddamn great job. As far I know there are three tracks out and all three of them are really good and they have a kind of groove in their music that makes it unique. Hope to hear a lot of new stuff from this band soon! The tracks are out on the OFF White House Label. The band is on my list of duos too

FFO: Fu Manchu, Luggage, Tunic

Rakta & Deafkids: Live at Sesc Pompeia

These two Brazilian bands made an EP together back in 2019. Both these bands make experimental music but together they create something truly wild. The first track from this live album is called ‘Forma’ and is filled with an ominous atmosphere. This would be a gorgeous live experience. Live Lp out May 21.

German heaviness LeSCH

Throw metal, noiserock, punk and some post whatever together and you get the noisy band Lesch. Somewhere in Mannheim in Germany are three dudes that all this racket and it seems they are planning a new release too. So get to know them with their brandnew four song EP.

Hardcore punkers Marketing release album on Trujaca Fala

I have said it before that I am getting way more into the hardcore punk genre, I really like how much of a don’t care vibe their music has. Marketing is a Finnish band that sounds raw and diy with a an uplifting punk sound. They have released their new album ‘Call To Action’ on January 8 through the Polish label Trujaca Fala.

Album of the week: BIG|BRAVE release ‘Vital’

The new album by Montreal band BIG|BRAVE is nothing short of epic. The vocals are gorgeous and on the heavy and eerie riffs they sound even more fitting, like on the track ‘Of This Ilk’ they give it an epic feeling before the track explodes in pure bonecrushing riffs.I am quite blown away by this release, this is all atmosphere and heaviness combined with very (very) strong vocals. It has been a while since I heard music this haunting and heavy. This is very impressive.

The album is out April 23 on Southern Lord.