VED release ‘Speleo’

The solo project by Mattias Nihlén is called VED and is a combination of instrumental genres. But what it is mostly is hypnotic.

Tune in and check out the latest release by VED called ‘Speleo’.


The Black Angels performe Vermillion Eyes Live in Austin

Jam in the Van is the solar-powered mobile recording studio that’s changing the way the world discovers new music. and in the Van we can hear the new song by the psychedelic rockers The Black Angels. Check out the track ‘Vermillion Eyes’.

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Ontario’s The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol and Shooting Guns from Saskatoon have joined forces for a split album called ‘In Search of Highs Vol 2.’ on the great Riot Season Records.

With both bands being experts in creating psychedelic vibes this is an LP you want in your collection.

Both of the bands have a track shared from ‘In Search of Highs Vol. 2’ that will be released May 3.

Check them out now.

‘Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip’ by The Gluts

This is the third album by the Milan based noisy punk The Gluts. The album ‘Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip’ is released March 12 on Fuzz Club.

A ferocious, raw and wild album produced by Bob de Wit (Gnod, A Place To Bury Strangers).

Tune in now and get a copy of ‘Dengue Fever Hypnotic Trip’.

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Belgian noisepunkers Cocaine Piss release ‘Passionate and Tragic’

‘Passionate and Tragic’ is the new album by Cocaine Piss and is out now. The album is produced by Steve Albini.

I don’t know how this is possible but the noisepunkers succeeded in releasing a groovy album. Seems a bit strange that noisepunk can be groovy, but it is. The sound on their new album has evolved, grown colorfull and is still brutal just like we want from Cocaine Piss.

A really fast and wild album full of excitement.

Favorite track: Body Euphoria

Kooba Tercu release ‘Kharrub’

I have to admit it is the first time I heard from the band Kooba Tercu. They released a new album through Hominid Sounds, Body Blows Records and Mafia Records.

I’ve been following Hominid Sounds closely because the bands on the label are always special, they always have a very unique sound. And it is no different with the Greek band Kooba Tercu. They have been described as Exotic Noise Rock, Masters of Hypnotic Rythm and thats very to the point.

On the new album you can hear a hypnotic vibes, heavy noise rock and industrial sounds Again a band that can shift between genre’s with ease. Tune in now and buy yourself a copy of ‘Kharrub’. Released on April 11.

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“The Beast You Are” by Big Business

“The Beast You Are” is the name of the new album by the heavy rock band Big Business. Their previous album “Command Your Weather” dates back from 2016. Since that album the band is a duo consisting of  Jared Warren (KARP) and Coady Willis.

“Let Them Grind” is a powerful album with quality songwriting.

released April 12.