Video premiere: Hayward Versus Harmergeddon – Helix

The English drummer Charles Hayward ( This Heat and Camberwell Now) has made a lot of music in the experimental scene and now he started this collaboration with the noise/ambient/electronic duo from England called Harmergeddon. Now something curious has happened, these three artists have released their first track and now video called ‘Helix’ and it sounds quite out of this world, not really what you would expect from these artists alone. The track feels alien, cold and trippy. This collaboration sure gives us something interesting to listen to. ‘Hayward Versus Harmergeddon’ will be released on God Unknown Records this friday. Check out the track ‘Helix’ now.

More Sounds of CHUNK To Come

This is the second compilation by Chunk! Chunk is  a Leeds based DIY practice space and venue, primarily producing weirdo noise rock, psych rock, metal and noise. And with their awesome compilation they raise funds DIY practice space and venue.

The bands on this compilation are really cool, just as in the first comp their are a lot of new bands for me, and all of them are something else alltogether. Some of the bands like Thank, Hamer and Territorial Gobbing have been featured on Fuzzy Sun.

So buy this new comp (and the old one).



Girlville is a really cool label with some very nice fuzzed out garage, psych and punk bands on their label. Now they released a compilation with really cool artists on it like Osees, Uk Gold, Hood Rats, Virvon Varvon and many more. The comp has new and exclusive music from bands like Osees, Gen Pop, Germ House, and UK Gold. Some stuff that had fallen out of print (The Primitives 2016 cover of “Been Hiding” by the The Aislers Set), some stuff never before in print (UV-TV, Hood Rats), and then some songs bands gave us just to be a part of it (Mr. & the Mrs., The Proletariat).

This is a benefit compilation for Prism Health in Portland, Oregon. “Prism Health is committed to offering safe, compassionate, and affirming primary and mental health care to all members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Modern Technology share second song

The first released track from the duo Modern Technology is called ‘Semi-Detached’ and is  instantly good for me. Heavy noise and riffs, dirty and gritty. Now the UK band has given us the second second single called ‘Blackwall Approach’ wich is yet again awesome. Starting more ominous and with a bass the track slowly builds up to an excellent noiserock track.

Modern Technology is going to release their upcoming full album ‘Service provider’  on August 25 through Human Worth (who made a fantastic Compilation a while ago) and Cruel Nature Records.

Enjoy the track and video of ‘Blackwall Approach’.


Twisted Ankle shares second video

Twisted Ankle shared an excellent track called ‘Landlord Laughs’ a while ago and now theyr are back with the second track called ‘A Bag of Pasta’. Not only scoring with the magnificent track name but the track is quite cool too, an original sound full of experimental energy.  Twisted Ankle is quite the band. give them a listen. Their debut will be released on Breakfast Records probably this year if its not the last year.

Boris release ‘No’

‘LφVE & EVφL’ was the previous album by The Japanese experimental rockers Boris, that album was filled with doom and epic guitar work. Now they are back with their new album ‘No’. This album is quite different then their latest work. This Boris is the agressive version, the hardcore and trash version, filled with epic solo work and gorgeous riffs, perfect vocals for the music. Yet they stay true to their sound, like at the end of ‘Loveless’ the typical doom sound comes back. This is a band with years of experience and an absolute talent to make heavy music.

‘No’ is an intense and fun listen, with a nostalgic vibe to it. It is awesome from start to finish. Boris is on The Cosmic Side of Japan too.

Tune in now.

Blacklisters share second track

That blacklisters are back is great news, their first track ‘Sports Drink’ is the kind of BLKLSTRS we need. Their heavy noiserock is the sound we need this year. Now they have shared a second video for the trakc with the same title as the upcoming album. ‘Fantastic Man’ is about being better, louder, and more right then all the other weak human beings. Their upcoming albm will be  released on vinyl on the 28th of August 2020 via Buzzhowl in the UK and A Tant Rêver Du Roi in Europe.

Again an excellent track. This surely will be one of the better albums of the yeat.

Lovely Wife release ‘Best in Show’ on Cruel Nature Records

I was kinda honored when I heard I could premiere a track from Lovely Wife. Bands like them, who make this heavy sludgy doom and psych without caring what anyone thinks, is the stuff I really like.The track I premiered was ‘Shan Patter’ and now the full album is out on Cruel Nature Records.

Now, how to get in to this band: The first track is called ‘Ioniser’ and is the perfect appetizer for the rest of the album. The track is almost 23 minutes long and starts with this ominous droney and saxy sound, evil vocals soon join the game, drums make it even more scary. Everything gets faster and dirtier and more awesome. Now when the track is done you will agree with mee that this is pretty near perfect doomnoise. ‘My Cup Overfloweth’ is more of the same doom but with a funky bassline. Slow excrutiating doom on ‘Shan Patter’, ‘Shenanigans’ is fast paced evilness, ‘Wallow’ is juast sad and ‘Horn’ has a horn wich is pretty freakin awesome.

Their new album ‘Best in Show’ is an original take on doom filled with eerie vibes. Out on Cruel Nature Records.



Shit and Shine is back with new extreme heaviness on Riot Season Records

Dear people of Planet Earth, I have listened to a lot of Shit and Shine over the last years and I have to admit that I love them, I absolutely adore Shit and Shine. Their has been acid and elekctronic music and stuff like that and I that stuff is really good but what I love most about them is their extremely heavy sludge/noiserock. Their previous album ‘Doing Drugs, Selling Drugs’ on Riot Season Records was a such an album and it instantly ended on my number two of the year 2019.

Now, Today, with some many new music and full albums coming out we get the first track of their upcoming album ‘Goat Yelling Like A Man’. The track is called ‘Welcome’ and what can I say? It feels like me bed has come alive and tries to suffocate me gently. It is so destructive and so beautiful.



Shy-Talk (Blóm, Cave Suns, Hermitage, Onlooker, Waskerley Way, Young Liar) release double single

Shy-Talk is a new band, a band made of members of Blóm, Cave Suns, Hermitage, Onlooker, Waskerley Way and Young Liar.

Shy Talk makes refreshing heaviness, a good dose of punk, sludge and riffs and it is filled with raw energy. I am not really a writer so mostly I just write down some dumb shit here about how the music sounds like a crashing airplaine full of wobats or something. I am not going to do this today, today I am just going to say I really like this music, and that I am grateful and happy that it is not only one track but two.

Their double A-Side single ‘Chauvinism / Didn’t The Do Well’ is out now. ‘Chauvinism’ is fast paced fun and ‘Didn’ the Do Well’ is slower heaviness, the kind that hits you right between the eyes.

Their sound is strong, their vibe is awesome, their looks are cool, be like Shy-Talk.

Out on the great Box-records!


This makes me think of a long time ago, back when i was younger. I listened to Metal and this other group of people in my city listened to hardcore and for some reason you did not listen to both. Now I love punk and noiserock and metal and shit like that but this, shit, this is one hell of an awesome heavy hardcore record. Does this fit on Fuzzy Sun? probably not so much, but you guys really need to hear this four track EP. So full of energy and riffs.


Second track from ‘Walk It Dry’ by Sly & The Family Drone

Sly & The Family Drone is becoming some kind of addiction for me, a couple of years ago I discovered their music and was instantly hooked by it, the controlled choas and the experimental and ominous atpmosphere in their music is addictive. And since the release of their previous album ‘Gentle Persuaders’ I feel the band kind of stepped it up. I thought it would be difficult to match the quality of  ‘Gentle Persuaders’ but on their two new tracks ‘Shrieking Grief’ and now the latest track ‘My Torso is a Shotgun’ they succeed yet again in their brilliant noise. A force that sounds so brute and primal, Sly & The Family Drone is something you need in your life. Also, the art by Kazland is gorgeous and fitting. They are on my sax list ofcourse too.

Tune in for the first two tracks and listen to this as loud as possible.

Deafkids & Petbrick collaborate and release brutal first track

Wel hello, Brazilian Deafkids is awesome with their experimental tribal drumming and shit and Petbrick with their industrial aproach, each of them released pretty great music not long ago and now they have collaborated for a new album on Rocket Recordings wich will be called ‘Deafbrick’. The track is called ‘Forca Bruta’ and is just a wall of sonic loudness and awesomeness ready to destroy your soul. Tune in and check it out.

Sunn Trio release ‘Electric Esoterica’

A band that is not quite like others, Sunn Trio blends Jazz, space rock, tribal, psych and Middle Eastern music in their music creating something quite epic to listen to. A band that consisting of eight to ten members.

‘Electric Esoterica’ is released in March and is something very original, they have created a highly trippy album using so many different genres and influences.


Purple Desert Rain God to release 7″ on Hoga Nord

Hoga Nord Rekors is quite an impressive label, this surf between krautrock/psych stuff and techno/electronic tinted music. The releases are always worth checking out, there is some brilliant stuff on there. Now We get the first track from the upcoming 7″ by Purple Desert Rain God. The first kraut and psych track ‘Invisible Matter’ is op for a listen. Tune in now.