Cabale release their new EP

The French rockers Cabale released a new EP and it is quite powerfull noiserock and postpunk. The trio is made up of Rabih Gebeile (Mondo Cane, Murmuration, Backbone Party) on bass and vocals, Arthur Travert (Maud Octallinn, Sundown, Vodka Gun) on drums and Michel Malégeant (Moonman & The Unlikely Orchestra, Desmond Korma, Maps of Jupiter) on guitar . The album is released on Greed Recordings. Tune in a order the 6 strong tracks of the French noiserockers Cabale.

I added Cabale to the list ‘Psych and Noise in France’.

Gulch / Sunami SPlit

I kinda have to share this, these two bands really blew me away last year! Gulch was mty favourite metal release of last year, I really love their mix of hardcore, punk and metal and Sunami is just awesome with their epic hardcore riffs and their uplifting sound. So YAY, now they return together with a split albumwith each two really wild songs on it. Prepare to be destroyed!

Videopremiere Pink Room – Losing

This moment here right now is a very important moment in history. Forget about Covid, world war whatever, forget about Hedge Funds and Impeachments, forget about all that bullshit and let us come together for this important moment. Today we celebrate Pink Room, a band you all know and love and care for, their music has soothed our souls, brought us together and made us stronger. Their music has made us bigger Humans, better Humans, cuter Humans. And today I can announce with religious fever that Fuzzy Sun has the honor to premiere the video from the first track ‘Losing’ from the upcoming album by Pink Room. This first track shows a band that has grown over the years, their sound more powerful and more raw then before. Riffs, garagepunk and noise are all gorgeously produced and with their signature fuck off attitude that their sound has.

The new album is called ‘Putain Royale’ and will be out 12/03/2021 on ZOE ZOE RECORDS, ROCKERILL RECORDS & SIX TONNES DE CHAIR RECORDS. You can Pre-order their new album now on their official site. And check out the gorgeous merch too!

‘Losing’ is the perfect starter for your day, the track is in your face garagepunk by a band that is professionally certified at shredding your face off with noises. This is riff fueled anger for the whole family. Watch the lone partyanimal and vocalist of Pink Room celebrate in the new video. This clip was made by Jaak Segers who studied at the Kask and is now a self employed cameraman/director who has been doing a lot in the music scene and livestreamstuff. Make friends with Jaak on Instagram – @jaakisdenaam

The album cover art is made by Valentine Gallardo just like on their previous album ‘Zum Kotsen‘ and ‘Relationshit‘ EP.

Check out ‘Losing’ now! and Buy the album

(If you are hungry for more Belgian heaviness after this you can always check The Big Belgian Noiserock List)

Official Website

Kan een zwart-witafbeelding zijn van 3 mensen, zittende mensen en binnen

Skeletonized release a split album with Un Festín Sagital

If you are a long time lurker on Fuzzy Sun you probably have seen some Skeletonized posts before. The band makes jazz infused experimental noise(rock) and each album is heavy but has always a slightly different atmosphere. This time we get six short bursts of droning jazznoise by Skeletonized and one 28 minute track by Un Festín Sagital who create out of this world sounds so your mind kan take a free vacation. Tune in and enjoy.

Boris release ‘Absolutego Studio Session 2018’ and ‘bootleg -feedbacker- remaster’

Japanese rockers Boris have been releasing a lot of special sessions, remasters, live sessions and stuff like that and all of them are each time a pleasure to listen to. Same with these two releases, a studio session of Absolutego and bootleg remaster for Feedbacker. Expect tosn of noise, feedback doom an heaviness. Turn up very loud and enjoy.

Are you in need of more Japanese psych noise and weird stuff, then go to The Cosmic Side of Japan.

Show Me The Body share new track

The New Yorkers Show Me The Body are back. They shared a new track from their upcoming EP ‘Survive’ wich will be released March 19. The track is again proof this band absolutely rules, making their hardcore punk a bit weirder and experimental give theis sound so much more extra kick. Tune in now and pre-order now.


I think I have shared 90% of the stuff that has been released on God Unknown Records. The label was founded in 2013 by Jason Stöll wich we know from his own bands Sex Swing, Bonnacons of Doom, Twin Sister and Mugstar wich are all bands that fit perfectly on Fuzzy Sun thanks to their brutal and experimental sounds.

On the label you can find the Singles Club, wich are, in each volume, 10 x limited 7″ singles of the coolest bands, and you can buy them apart or in a complete box . The singles are truly a thing of beauty, they are gorgeously designed and I am now proud owner of the ‘Petbrick/USA NAILS’ split single and the ‘The Left Outsides/Mésange’ split single.

Next to the Singles Club there are some really gorgeous other releases too. I have shared music by White Hills, Klämp, Twin Sister, Rainbow Grave, Henge and more from the label. Quite clear I really love the label by now I guess.

Now this post is about the latest releases from the label that the world (you guys) need to know about if you don’t already. I wanted to start with the 7″ inch split single between The Left Outsides wich is a husband and wife duo based in London who make doomy, folky music and the Mésange who a collaboration between violinist Agathe Max (Kuro) and guitarist Luke Mawdsley (Cavalier Song) who make ethereal music.

This next one is finger licking brutal, this is the split between Petbrick (Sepultura founding drummer Iggor Cavalera’s new duo with Wayne Adams of Big Lad and Death Pedals) who made a recent very brutal full album and one of my favourites, the London noiserockers USA NAILS!

James Johnston and Steve Gullick have released ‘We Travel Time’ and is out as of today and available on vinyl. London based musician and painter James Johnston (Gallon Drunk) and Renowned photographer and musician Steve Gullick have made a gorgeous, deeply moving record with ‘We Travel Time’. Both these men have toured and played with a lot of artist and you can just hear the experience they have on this records, it is beautifully crafted and feels perfect in the first listen. The perfect balance between the vocals and the instruments make this a truly exceptional record.

Favourite track: When I’m Down

T. Gondii / Sex Howitzersis a split between to dutch Hardcore bands and it is quite awesome and also superfast. High quality hardcore punk. As i’ve been way into hardcore punk lately this is really spicing up my life. This is perfect music for the weekend to get in the modd. Play it at the family table to get everyone excited! Out also since today, what a feast!

The last release for now is an upcoming one that is going to be really awesome. One of the singles club with The experimental tribal noise artist Deaf Kids and the experamntalists Gum Takes Tooth. So pre-order the stuff, you are going to love it.

Grave Flowers Bongo Band to release ‘Strength of Spring’

Grave Flowers Bongo Band is from LA and is going to release their new album ‘Strength of Spring’ on April 30 via Castle Face Records. The album is produced by Ty Segall and on the first single called ‘Smile’ the band shows their strength in making vintage sounding psychedelia. A really awesome first track, check out the video too.

Stella Research Committee

The Cincinnati/Columbus no wave band Stella Research Committee is about to release a new album called ‘A Proposed Method for Determining Sanding Fitness’. The trio is made of  Kevin Hall (wo plays in Fruit Looops), Tony Squeri and Lauri Reponen and they make this gorgeous noiserock/nowave that is really in your face and refreshing, it is loud, original and these first three tracks are really fun to listen too. This is music for the adventurous, for the people that seek sonic refreshment. Stella Research Commitee is choatic and heavy yet easy to listen, it feels like the criminal son of Girl Band and Sonic Youth that the whole family is trying to avoid.

This is an album I really look forward to hearing in full! The album will be released on March 12. Listen now to the first tracks.

FFO almost everything on Skin Graft Records.

Greylock & BEDTIMEMAGIC split

I like splits, I do, and this time it is a really awesome split, it is a split between the Boston doom duo Greylock who makes really angry doom/sludge/evil music and covers a track from BEDTIMEMAGIC on this split. And believe it or not, BEDTIMEMAGIC is also a duo and makes this gorgeous fast paced noiserock. Make your day better with some agressive music. Be Cool and Buy it on Casette.

New Music by Fast Blood, MAbH, Aiden Baker and Stuart Chalmers / Distant Animals on Cruel nature Records

Cruel Nature Records is a gorgeous label, the stuff that oozes out of the holes of the label is always something special and I really like all the different kind of bands and experimental projects they have. I have shared a lot of the bands on the label and I check out each and every one and sometimes it broadens my view of the stuff I like. Now it seems like thay are really ready for 2021 becaus e they have already released some great stuff and now they have for new upcoming released. In this post I wanted to share them for you, so take your time and tune in.

Fast Blood

Newcastle-upon-Tyne rockers Fast Blood released their first track called ‘You’ from their upcoming same titled EP. The punk track has a great melody, is an instant sing along and shows some expert songwriting from the band. The EP will be out on March 5.

MAbH (Mortuus Auris & the Black Hand)

Peter Taylor aka MabH has been making tons of music since 2008 and now he is going to release an new album called ‘Look Under’ on Cruel Nature on March 5. The first released track is called ‘The Breaking Ground’ and is a calming piece of ambient.

Aiden Baker

I have no idea how many projects, bands, albums or others stuff Aiden Baker has released, all iI know is that I have listen to a lot of his work for a long time and each time it is something complete different. This time the first track ‘Dance of the Entartet’ is a guitar driven track with some psychedelic synths mixed through. Very nice stuff, now I am really curious to hear more from this upcoming album ‘Stimmt’. Also out March 5.

Stuart Chalmers / Distant Animals

A collaboration between two experimental sound artists! And what do you get? A very trippy experimental soundtrack. They are going to release their live album also on March 5. Tune in now.

Mt. Mountain share ‘Second Home’ from upcoming album on Fuzz Club

Perth psychedelic rockers Mt. Mountain return with a third track called ‘second home’ from their upcoming album ‘Centre’ wich will be released February 26 on Fuzz Club. The track is again a ode to trippy mellow psychedelic rock, it is calming and layered. This sounds very promising. Listen to the track here and the previous tracik ‘Aplomb’. Order vinyl, CD and tape here:

On this new track Mt. Mountain gives us gorgeous psych, easygoing and with some kraut vibes. Again a hazy and trippy piece of work.

You can find them and more on ‘The Australian List’.

Mainliner release ‘Dual Myths’ on Riot Season Records

the legendary band Mainliner with original line up of Kawabata Makoto (motorpsycho guitar), Koji Shimura (drums) and Kawabe Taigen (bass/vocals) retuns after their album ‘Revelation Space’ in 2013. You probably know by now that I am an addict when it comes to Japanese noise and psych (you can check out my really really long list about all that stuff here) and Mainliner is somewhat one of my favourites. As expected all the tracks are about twinty minutes long and while a lot of music bores me when it is over eight minutes long, Mainliner does not. The album starts with ‘Blasphemy Hunter’ wich is an intense piece of heavy psych and doom with lots of wild guitar work mixed throughout the 20 minutes. The heavy repetitive riffs go perfect with the occult vocals creatic gorgeous space rock and the tracks ends with the obligatoire noisexplosion. ‘Hibernator’s Dream’ starts of with an eerie vibe, screeching guitars and lots of lovely feedback. Lots of experimental stuff on this trach that fits perfectly with the band. ‘Silver Guck’ is even more my cup of tea with the trippy vocals over the dense riffs that gives it an occult feeling. The album ends with the track ‘Dunamist Zero’ wich is again addictive trippy heavy psych. On this very long awaited new record Mainliner shows they are still at the top of their game. ‘Dual Myths’ is a true feast for the heavy psych/doom and noise fan. Buy it Now.

Valse Noot release ‘Utter Contempt’ on Vollmer industries

i came across Valse Noot while browsing on Bandcamp and thank god I found them. These four dudes from Brest make abbrasive noiserock. These are seven heavy, wild and chatic noiserock songs that will make feel any human better. Their new album ‘Utter Contempt’ is released on Vollmer Industries and is still available on Vinyl. I added Valse Noot on the list ‘Noise and Psyche in France’.

South Korean hardcore punk Slant

I honestly don’t know a lot of heavy bands from Korea, I even did a little research and did not find a lot of noiserock and the likes but what I did came across was Slant, a brutal hardcore band from Seoul. And they are about to release their new vinyl called ‘1집’. The first track is called ‘Enemy’ and is straight in your face punk. Can’t wait to hear more. The album will be out February 26 through Iron lung Records.

Hooveriii shares first track from upcoming album

Hooverii is back and in its final form it seems, the band is now a 6-headed band with a sound that evolved each release. Now they have shared the first track called ‘Control’ from their upcoming album ‘Water for the Frogs’ wich will be released on April 9. Tune in for some trippy sounds. Linktree link stuff, Buy it link stuff .

It is going to be released on Levitation, pre order the rainbow Vinyl, a real cutie.

Swedish kraut band VED returns on Rocket Recordings

The Mälmo 5 piece band VED has been krauting gorgeous kraut for a while and now they return with new music on the great Rocket Recordings. On 5 March we can expect their new album ‘Ett visst fängelse’. For now we can trip on the first new track wich is called ‘The Embrace of the Oarfish’.

Be a good boy and pre-order the abum.

Denmark Brunsten released their debut in October

Must have missed this record last year and i cannot not post this so really happy to come across it now because it is a really good piece of noiserock. The trio is from Denmark and their recently released album is called ‘1500’. Angry riffs with a good punk vibe. Check them out now.

FFO Exhalants, usa nails

New King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard track ‘PLEURA’

It is 2021 and I get the feeling the members of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard do not need sleep or rest. Has anyone seen them sleep before? I am starting to this these guys are possible not from Earth. After a pandemic year full of releases, live albums, demo albums and stuff like that they already return with two new tracks called ‘O.N.E.’ and now ‘Pleura’ from their new upcoming album ‘L.W’, the brother of their previous album ‘K.G’.