Heavy Natural releases heavy punk noise

Heavy Natural releases heavy punk noise
noisepunk duo Heavy Natural (with René Aquarius from Dead Neanderthals,Cryptae) released a self titled album. But watch out, the thing is so agressive that it comes alive, jumps out of your speakers and tries to eat your ears of. A casserole of wild punk, screeching black metal, a bit of noise and some 80’s pop makes up for one good sonic meal. Absolutely gorgeous.
Favorite tracks: Leak and Hide
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Prana Crafter’s magical sounds

Prana Crafter’s magical sounds
Prana Crafter is a acid-folk musician from the woodlands of Washington and has released music in the past on labels like Sunrise Ocean Bender, Cardinal Fuzz, Beyond Beyond is Beyond, Eiderdown, Deep Water Acres & Reverb Worship. This time Prana Crafter return with ‘Enter The Stream’ wich will be out on July 31.  Two magical tracks are up for a listen with the opener ‘Enter The Stream’, wich i have to say is an absolute beauty.
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Uniform and The Body release Mental Wounds Not Healing

Uniform and The Body release Mental Wounds Not Healing
When Uniform and The Body started making music together the ground started shaking, day turned into night and dreams switched to nightmares. The bleakest of athmosperes, bringers of sonic terror Uniform and The Body have created noise from the pits of hell.
Listen to ‘Mental Wounds Not Healing’ and embrace the fear.
Their collab album is out on the great Sacred Bones.
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Lumerians give us second track Space Curse

Lumerians give us second track Space Curse
After 4 years of silence psychedelic quartet Lumerians shared the new track ‘Silver Trash’ from their upcoming album ‘Call of the Void’. They will release the new album June 22 on Fuzz Club.
Now we get a second track called ‘Call of the Void’. Let your mind drift on this gorgeous cosmic voyage.

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Julie’s Haircut – Karlsruhe / Fountain 12″

Julie’s Haircut – Karlsruhe / Fountain 12″
Italian psychedelic rockers Julie’s Haircut  have released a 12″ of two songs that were previously on the deluxe edition of ‘Ashram Equinox’. The front and back cover mandalas were designed by the italian artist Cristina Corradini.
Enjoy some experimental psychedelic bliss by Julie’s Haircut.

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Music update with Scratch, Eazyhead and Miserable.noise.club

Music update with Scratch, Eazyhead and Miserable.noise.club
Music! there’s music everywhere!
‘The Key’ is the new track by Grungerockers Scratch. Scratch’s debut album is set for release in 2018, and the duo are excited to share their creation with the world.


International experimental musical collective founded in 2015. Featuring members of Artificial Ghost, Lèng, If Signifying, and CAssette (CH).

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Trees Ortega a.k.a Eazyhead is an musician from the Philippines and released his new album ‘Fatebreaker’. The album is filled with indie psych tunes.

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