hardcore punk Band Cutters return

Melbourne punkers Cutters are back with a new EP called ‘Modern Problems’, released on April 14. This is six tracks of oldschool heavy and raw punk. ‘Modern Problems’ is both heavy and catchy. Tune in now and if you want some more hardcore punk then check out this little list.


The Black Heart Death Cult release ‘Sonic Mantras’

The Black Heart Death Cult is from Melbourne and makes trippy shoegazy psych rock. They released their second full length in March called ‘Sonic Mantras’. The 7 headed made an album that is easy to listen to and still has a lot of rocknroll. Filled with sonic layers, this album gets better with each listen. Tune in now  and discover trippy sounds like organs and sitars and stuff.

I’ve added them to the Australian list.


‘Den nya skivan’ by Kungens Man

In the beginning of 2021 Küngens Man shared the previously unreleased tracks for the 5-LP vinyl box set ‘Innanför boxen’ wich is also sold as a stand alone vinyl LP. The Swedish band has been alot on Fuzzy Suna nd will be in the future. Their psychedelic rock is of the highest quality and always a pleasure to listen too. Tune in now.


Candy Apple to release ‘Sweet Dreams of Violence’

I have been following Convulse records for a while not and I have discovered some gems in their discography. Now the label announced the new album of hardcorepunk band Candy Apple. The album is called ‘Sweet Dreams of Violence’ and will be released on April 30. In the meantime we can check out out the brutal first track with the same name as the album.


Carver released ‘White Trash’ Ep

The French band Carver released their EP on Kerviniou Recordz, Day Off Records, Araki Records and Pied de Biche. ‘White Trash’ is catchy heaviness with noiserock and hardcore influences. A refreshing album that is wild fun. The EP is on the list ‘Noise and Psych in France’ because, well, because it is awesome and from France. Go on, listen.



The Armed release ‘Ultrapop’

The Armed is a very loud hardcore/noiserock/abitofeverything band that has been making awesome music since 2009. The very very mysterious band has had an ever-changing lineup (with lots of guest musicians) in their band and it is all very unclear who is a member while they have actors pretending to be bandmembers, fake names and what else more. Now they have released their new album ‘Ultrapop’ and I think I can safely say that it is something unique, something that can only come from the minds of The Armed. I have always been a big fan of bands that experiment with sound, bands that do not care about genres or stuff like that and The Armed mix all kind of influences (even some black metal vibes) and genres and sounds and the result is absolutely gorgeous, you think you would expect a heavy unlistenable bunch of noise but it is anything but that, the songbuilding is incredibly structured and everything fits together perfectly fine. For my, The Armed resembles Girl Band a lot, both make very original, almost futurist music thats brimfull with new ideas. I am quite sure ‘Ultrapop’ will be high up on all kinds of lists and I believe we have an album here that is both extreme and will appeal to the music fan that normally listens to the more ‘normal’ rock.

‘Ultrapop’ is a layered album that is both extreme and easy to listen to. It is fucking awesome. Out on Sargent House.



Levitation Session: Ty Segall & Freedom Band

Since these Levitation Sessions my life has been a lot better, the live session that have been out and the ones that are upcoming are just brilliant. These are all the best psych/garage bands at the moment. We had sessions and upcoming sessions by Acid Mothers Temple, Kikagaku Moyo, Black Angels, Osees, Alex Maas, Black Angels, Fuzz, and more. And now it is time for another magnificent band. Now it is time for the second appearance of Ty Segall, this time with his Freedom Band. The Show premieres at 7PM CT on 5/15/21. Buy Tickets, Merch, Lps, the whole ordeal here.

Check out the first teaser from the ‘Manipulator’ track.

Update 6: The Cosmic Side of Japan

I think this list is the longest I have and I am quite proud of it, it is filled with Japanese noise, psych and stuff like that, both from modern new bands as old ones. This is update number 6. Check the full list HERE and listen here to the newest on the list.


‘Mayoiga’ is out February 2021 and is a gorgeous piece of dreamy psych with Junzo Suzuki (20 GUILDERS
FUJI, MIENAKUNARU,…) on vocals and Guitar and Takuya Nishimura on Bass and Koji Shimura on Drums. High quality epic comsic rock! Buy it on Vinyl on bandcamp!



Daisuke Tobari

Daisuku Tobari has about four records out that are pretty amazing, he mixes psychedelic music with folk and uptembo beats. This is his 1999 album ‘Guitar’.

Sonic Flower

Sonic Flowers has grown out of Church of Misry around 2000. They released their self titled album in 2003 via Leaf Hound Records. The band went on hiatus somewhere in 2007 while making stuff for their second album. Now the band has returned with a vocalist and new line up. They signed to Heavy psych sounds and released their second album ‘Rides Again’ on January 29, 2021. Get yourself ready for some absolutely gorgeous heavy psych.


This Japanese band made dreamy and trippy tracks filled with gorgeous Japanoise guitar work. Shizuka was Seven , Kosugi Jun, Miura Maki and Shizuka. This live album called ‘Live: 伝承美学 [Traditional Aesthetics]’ was released in 2008 on P.S.F. Records.

MoE to rerelease ‘MoE 3’

The Norway band MoE has been destroying my ears with their heavy experimental noise and punk sound for a long time now. MoE is an exceptional band that keeps releasing refreshing music, their 2020 album ‘La Bufa’ was a gorgeous experimental noiserock album and soon after that one they released an album with Mette Rasmussen and Ikuro Takahashi called ‘Painted’ full of noisepunk and wild sax and crazy drums (That album is on my Saxy list for obvious reasons). Somewhere between there they released to collab album with Pinquins too. Now the trio will rerelease ‘MoE 3’ on Vinyl and CD

The overal atmosphere of this album is one of a very nasty and eerie destructive quality. MoE is a very impressive band that keeps releasing original music and still have their very own peculiar sound. This is a magnificent album.


Grave Flowers Bongo Band to release ‘Strength of Spring’

Grave Flowers Bongo Band is from LA and is going to release their new album ‘Strength of Spring’ on April 30 via Castle Face Records. The album is produced by Ty Segall and the first single called ‘Smile’ is out since a while and now we get the second track called ‘Down Man’ which is a bit wilder with lots of of acid guitar work and singalong vintage psych. really looking forward to this album.


Possum share first track from upcoming ‘Lunar Gardens’

Possum is Brandon Bak (guitar, vocals), Tobin Hopwood (guitar), Patrick Lefler (bass) and Bradley Thibodeau (drums). Their previous album ‘Space Grade Assembly’ was an album filled with fuzz and Black Sabbath like tunes. Now the band returns with the first track called ‘Gala At The Universe City’ from their upcoming album ‘Lunar Gardens which will be released June 2.The first tracks shows a completely different Possum, a band that seems to have shifted to a more trippy level, a more cosmic level. Tune in now and check it out.


El Dorado, Peru’s Best Kept Secret Treasure: An Amazing Stoner & Psychedelic Rock Scene written by Santiago Echecopar

The year was 1572 when the Spanish were finally able to defeat the last of the Inca resistance. By then rumors of the riches the colonizers had found had already reached the Spanish motherland and a crazed search had begun. A search for a secret treasure, a city molded from gold, hidden by the Incas and lost to the rest of the world. Many explorers would travel to South America and perish or go insane in the search for riches, and to this day the myth of El Dorado isn’t dead. Plenty of people still look for it on a daily basis.

But what if the riches weren’t gold? What if Peru held a different kind of secret treasure? The cultural diversity of the country has proven to be fertile ground for a thriving Stoner & Psychedelic Rock Scene. Bands from Peru have proven to be, for the select few explorers who’ve found them, a treasure in and of themselves. Promoted by labels such as Necio Records, Peruvian bands have created a niche for themselves with a quality that speaks for itself.

One need only listen to bands such as Hypernaut, El Jefazo, Rito Verdugo, Ancestro or Cuarzo to realize the quality of music being produced and launched from Peruvian lands. And, if one looks at their history it’s actually not surprising. Peru had, during the late 60s and early 70s, one of the best and most diverse Psychedelic Rock scenes in the world. Traffic Sound, We All Together, Laghonia, Pax and Tarkus, to name a few of the bands active during said period, were able to capture the collective imaginary of Peruvian rock aficionados.

However, after a period of silence due to political persecution from a military government that deemed rock music alienating and “americanizing”, not many of these bands were able to stay together. In turn, a new scene of punk influenced bands like Leuzemia and Narcosis took center stage in a country where rock had once thrived but was now being relegated to the underground.

Taking all of this history into account, it is no wonder that, however indirectly, the influence of the country’s cultural history turned it into fertile ground for the new sounds of Stoner and Heavy Psychedelic Rock. The sonic experimentation is there, the infusion of psychedelic and jam-based elements, heavy riffage, reverb-soaked guitar solos, coupled with grit and underground survivalism has engendered an amazing scene that, in this age of the internet, is available for the world to see.

Fuzz share second track from upcoming Levitation Session

Since these Levitation Sessions my life has been a lot better, the live session that have been out and the ones that are upcoming are just brilliant. These are all the best psych bands at the moment. We had sessions by Acid Mothers Temple, Kikagaku Moyo, Black Angels, Osees, Alex Maas, Black Angels and more. And now it is time for another magnificent band. The live track ‘Returning’ is already out and now theyr shared the track ‘The 7th Terror. Tune in now and buy your ticket, lps, shows and stuff here.

Doppler Radar and the Local News

Never heard of this band before but came across this on bandcamp and saw they had a recent two track release called ‘Kissing Booth + Scalp Me’ and it is absolutely gorgeous in your face noisepunk. Really big fan of the second track ‘Scalp Me’ that is only a minute fifthy long and sounds like a hybrik between noiserock and grindcore disguised as a postpunker. Really cool.


Sog City shares ‘the hitch hiker.’

Ohio heavyweight Sog City shared a new album ‘the hitch hiker.’ Their previous album ‘Thoroughbreds.’ was pretty damn awesome so I expected more of the same but this new album is different. The first track ‘tiny hooks’ is 14 minuites long and is a eerie sludge/doom track with incredible heavy riffing and atmospheric vocals at the end. Second track ‘shutterbug’ is 7 minutes of dirty sludge and ‘the hitch hiker.’ is all noise and doom. An excellent album that is way darker than their previous work. pretty damn awesome.


tunic release ‘Exhaling’

Winnipeg noiserockers Tunic are a force to be reckoned with and they prove it on their new album ‘Exhaling’. First thing that stands out is that this album has 23 tracks! 23! The tracks are short bursts of energy that are about 2 minutes in length. Each track is incredibly loud and intense noiserock, filled with fast paced punk riffing. This album is quite awesome because it is really heavy and intense but at the same time it is easy to listen too and even catchy at times. The music from ‘Exhaling’ is a brutal, intense noisepunk riff feast that is brimful of nerveous energy. Tune in now.

Favourite tracks: ‘Dissapointment’, ‘Radius


Noisepunkers Lilac release debut

This debut by Chicago noisepunkers Lilac is incredibly awesome. First time hearing this and I am instantly blown away. The riffs are intense, the drums high paced and the vocals give the while album that hardcorepunk vibe. This is an absolute banger of a debut that is really heavy, raw but still catchy and has some fine producing. High Fucking Quality

Favourite track: A Bruise Won’t


A while ago I made a Black Sabbath cover list and now I am about to do a bigger list of noiserock bands doing covers and bands doing noiserock covers and psychdelic bands doing covers and bands doing psychedelic covers and stuff like that, you know what I mean. Some pretty cool stuff in there.

Metz – Pig (Sparklehorse), I’m a Bug ( the Urinals), M.E. (Gary Numan’s)

Damaged Bug – Bug On Yonkers (Michael Yonkers)

Tropical Fuck Storm – Heaven (Talking Heads)

Here Lies Man – Sorrow, Tears and Blood (Fela Kuti)

Dead Cross – Rise Above (Black Flag)

Moon Duo – Jukebox Baby/ No Fun (Alan Vega and The Stooges)

Chelsea Wolfe – Night of the Vampire (Roky Erickson)

Acid King – Mötorhead (Hawkwind)

Viagra Boys – In Spite of Ourselves (John Prine)

Napalm Death – White Cross (Sonic Youth)

Ty Segall – Segall Smeagol (Harry Nilsson)

Mantar – 100% (Sonic Youth)

Entombed – Vandal X (Unsane)

Various Artists cover The Cramps

Boris – Sometimes (My Bloody Valentine)

Daughters – Radio Friendly Unit Shifter (Nirvana cover)

Rapeman – Just got Paid (ZZ TOP)

Aunt Cynthia’s Cabin – Solitary Man (Neil Diamond)

Aids Wolf – Very Firendly (Throbbing Gristle)

Suck – Time to Suck (Grand Funk Railroad, King Crimson, Free, Deep Purple, Colosseum, Black Sabbath)

Whores – Jumping Someone Else’s Train (The Cure)

Steel Pole Bath Tub –  I Dreamed I Dream (Sonic Youth cover)