Belgian heaviness La Muerte release new album

The Belgian band La Muerte brings heaviness since 1984. Their new self titled album was released late 2018.

La Muerte brings dirty rocknroll fueled with anger and riffs. From start to finish a great album, filled with hooks, catchy tunes and overal gritty noise. Tune in and play loud.

Favorite track: Darkened Dreams

check them out and more on Fuzzy Sun’s list.

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Roda Lits delivers fuzzy garagefun

I saw Roda Lits a while ago live in Belgium together with the noisepunkers Pink Room. The Antwerp based band creates very catchy punk songs with enough fuzz and garage influences to make a fun show.

Their new album Common Specimen/ Indoor Mold is up since December 6. A fun listen for the whole family. Out on Belly Button Records.

Favorite track: What You Want

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Cocaine Piss released “My Cake”

The Belgian noise crustpunk band Cocaine Piss released their new EP “My Cake”. After their release “Pinacolalove” the band is back with their own unique wildness.

Their new album was released December 7th and is filled with energetic sonic terror. This time with some extra party stuff on it too! The EP is recorded and mixed by Steve Albini.

Favorite track: Treehouse

You can find them on The Big Belgian Noiserock list and Fuzzy Sun’s spotify.

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Excerpts by Perhaps

The Boston space rockers Perhaps released “Hexagon” this year and is featured on my best of list of 2018.

Now they teamed up again with Riot Season Records for a Retrospective/compilation album called “Exerpts”. The profit of the pay-what-you-want album will go directly towards the Perhaps EU tour of 2019.

The album shows again that they are capable of epic space tunes.  Released December 6.

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SHUCK release WUNDER EP on Hominid Sounds

Every band that is being released on Hominid sounds has something dirty in their sound. The new band SHUCK is a punk band from Manchester headed by Jon perry (GNOD, Lake of Snakes) and Al Wilson (GHOLD).

Their new EP “WUNDER” and will be released December 14, check out the first track “Aliens” before the release on Friday.

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Goblin Smoker

Now and then I need to run head first into a wall of sound. And the sound that will break my face today is that of Goblin Smoker, a UK sludge/doom band that oozes heaviness.

They will release their EP “Toad King” December 14. But in the meantime you can let their first track destroy your mental health.

Check out the track “Toad King” here. And if you are in need of more sonic destruction, go to Fuzzy Sun’s list.

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