16 Live Sets To Watch During Isolation – Part 3

If you have missed our part one and part two of sets to watch during these times of isolation, then be sure to head over that way for ace live sets from the likes of Altin Gun, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Los Bitchos, Bo Ningen, Minami Deutsch, Kikagaku Moyo, Goat, black midi, The Black Angels and lots more.

This is part 3 of the series of live sets to keep you busy during these times of isolation to help fill the void of live music being on absolute lockdown. So for the third time, get out your beverage of choice and turn those speakers or headphones up as we present to you another 16 live sets you need to check out.


The psychedelic circus that is Flamingods is a tapestry of sounds covering all corners of the globe. Fuzzed-out psychedelia, afrobeat, funk, elements of cumbia, seemingly taking influences from 70’s Turkish folk and lots more, Flamingods are a wonderful cocktail of exotic sounds.


Laid back 60s’ esque psychedelia, garage-rock and rhythm & blues trio, Night Beats epitomise the sound of smashing cans in the summer days with their soulful sun-drenched rock n roll sound.


One of the U.K’s finest exports in recent years, the ramshackled post-punk, garage-rock and country-tinged sounds of Fat White Family and their live show which sometimes falls in the category of vulgarity is utterly compelling. Catch their always fun live show below from Glastonbury back in 2015.


Describing their sound as “Vada Vada”, The Garden tear up the rule book. Eccentricity is key with the genre-bending Californian twins delving between garage-punk, goth, post-punk, avant-garde noise, electro and everything else in-between.


Enthralling noise, minimalist techno and glitched-out avant-garden rock, Nisennenmondai generate the soundtrack to deep-rooted tension.


The first time I came across Imarhan was at End of the Road. Walking by the picturesque Garden stage, Imarhan were wonderful with their desert rock and psychedelic sounds. Imarhan live really is one of the most joyous experiences.


The Parisian outfit Moodoid are a spectre of crunching psychedelia with nods to their mate Kevin Parker woven into glam-rock and pop all soaked in glitted. You won’t find many more live shows as dazzling as Moodoid.


A gargantuan monsoon of heady riffs, French-trio Slift are an outfit from another dimension. Sprawling space-rock, doom-laden psychedelia and garage-rock, Slift are King Gizzard and Pigs x 7 on steroids.


The self-proclaimed “Beach Goth'” outfit led by Brooks Nielsen and his smokey, scorched vocals are probably one of the best bands on the planet. With their immense songwriting and chilled-out Californian surf-rock, garage-rock swelled with hints of psychedelia, country and even reggae, The Growlers are there for the good times and bad.


Cacophonous, visceral angst, Girl Band are a sonic onslaught of post-punk. The aural blast of  Girl Band’s live show is incredibly compelling and mesmerising. Watch them below and catch them at a show near you.


The spell-binding shredders L.A Witch slay with their wonderful ghoulish cinematic surf and garage-rock. Watch their mind-melting KEXP session below.


Merging garage-rock, psychedelia and post-punk, The Psychotic Monks are one of the most exciting and exhilarating bands at the minute with their violent storm of a live show. 


Hailing from the Arizonian desert, experimental psychedelic-space rock The Myrrors blowing minds at Fuzz Club Festival at London Fields in 2015.


Not much more can be said about the legendary outfit from J. Spaceman. Spiritulized’s space-rock, shoegaze and psychedelic orchestra are a celestial odyssey from another world.


Eccentric sounds intertwining between psychedelia, dreampop, jazz, dub, Afrobeat and Latin sounds, the excellent London trio Peluche are almost dreamlike. Shimmering soundscapes that are perfect for late nights sipping cocktails in the summer months.


Italian fuzz-fiends New Candy’s are always blistering with their gloom-laden, acid-soaked psychedelic-rock. Watch their KEXP session below.

So there you go, yet another 16 live acts you should check out during these times of lockdown. Be sure to keep an eye out on all the artists that we’ve posted (well 99% of those who are still going today), and head down to a show once this era of social distancing has passed.

Los Angeles’ Cumbia Meets Garage-Rock Outfit Tropa Magica Share ‘Feels Like Tijuana’

Los Angeles’ cumbia meets psychedelia, garage-rock and surf-rock outfit Tropa Magica are proving to be quite prolific already. The outfit featuring members of Thee Commons have just followed up their cumbia covers EP ‘Smells Like Cumbia’ released at the end of the tail end of 2019 with ‘Feels Like Tijuana’ out today.

Combining their brand of cumbia and surf-rock with the laid back Californian sounds akin to The Growlers’ self-proclaimed ‘Beath Goth’, ‘Feels Like Tijuana’ is a sun-baked party banger perfect for those late summer nights by the beach knocking back spirits. 

You can check out ‘Feels Like Tijuana’ as well as checking out Tropa Magica’s killer live show over on part one of our ‘16 Live Sets To Watch During Isolation’.

16 Live Sets To Watch During Isolation – Part 2

I recently wrote part one of live sets to check out during these times of isolation and lock down which you can read here and features the likes of Los Bitchos, Bo Ningen, Oh Sees, Altin Gun, Snapped Ankles, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizards, Sons and lots more ace acts.

This as per the title, is part two of the live sets to check out during these strange times to help fill that horrid void of live music. Once again get your drink of choice, turn up the volume and kick back and watch another 16 incredible live sets.


Shifting from the agrarian sounds of psychedelic-folk to frenzied psych meets krautrock, Kikagaku Moyo are from another dimension with their frenetic yet trippy, hippy freak-out. Witness their very fresh KEXP session below.


The riotous psychedelic shaman that is The Black Angels are the masters of delving between the haunting sound of the sonic spectrum to explosive, fuzzed out psychedelia.


A plume of colour, Goat’s kaleidoscope psychedelic sounds touching on sonic influences from all corners of the planet are always utterly entrancing and hypnotic. Check out their set from Glastonbury in 2015.


The ascension of the maniacal math-rock meets experimental art-rock quartet black midi has been incredible. In an industry of smoke and mirrors PR nonsense, black midi rose to prominence by simply bringing the roof down of every venue they played with an enormous, abrasive racket.


There’s always a warmth to the cosmic Moon Duo. Dazzling space-rock, krautrock, drone and psychedelic-rock – never are Moon Duo not incredibly entrancing.


From a melting-pot of psychedelic bands being Chile, the psychedelic meets krautrock outfit that Föllakzoid delve into luscious,  minimalist sounds that are a joy to get lost to.


Hailing from Japan, Minami Deutsch delve heavily into the mororik rhythms of krautrock and heady doom-laden psychedelia. An absolute sonic force…


Fittingly signed to Heavenly, Gwenno makes celestial sounds from another plane. The soundtrack to astral projection, Gwenno’s psychedelic-space-pop motorik sounds are perfect in these times of anxiety and isolation.


Deerhunter are a spiritual experience. A spectacular whirlwind of a racket touching on shoegaze, psychedelia and art-pop. There’s very few things in life more euphoric than than watching Deerhunter in a sunny field.


Gloom-laden, frenzied, cacophonous, goth-soaked post-punk, Savages live show is utterly electrifying with an intensity that is hardly matched.


One of the most fun live shows around. King Khan & The Shrines waltz through a set of James Brown esque funk & soul meets garage-rock.


One of the most prolific artists in the world with countless albums and EP’s out under various guises, fuzz-fiend Ty Segall might well actually be a god.


Modern-day garage-rock legends The Black Lips are an absolute shredding riff-riot. Snotty, scuzzed-out rock n roll with hints of country, The Black Lips feel like the could fall apart at any minute. Glorious stuff.


Splitting time between King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and The Murlocs. The latter here sit between Night Beats and The Growlers delving into scuzzed out garage-rock and soulful rhythm and blues.


Stunning celestial, cinematic soundscapes mixed with pastoral psych, the mesmerizing sonic beauty of Jacco Gardner is perfect for any occasion when you wish for your mind to wander.


Vancouver based Crack Cloud are an absolute blast live with their mind-bending, skittish art-noise, punk-punk orchestra.

So there you go, another set of acts to check out during isolation. Once again, if you are able to and do dig what you hear, maybe grab some merchandise or check them out at a live show near you when the time comes.

16 Live Sets To Watch During Isolation – Part 1

With festivals, live events and just about everything else being shut down across the world, many of us are no doubt missing live music. Never has not paying over £4.00 for a flat Carling been so missed… 

With that, I’ve been down the rabbit hole across YouTube of some immense live sets over the last few years, and across a number of features, I’ll be posting some of the finest live sets for you to check out during the era of social distancing.

Of course, there is no way it replicate the same feeling as being in your local grassroots venue or standing in a sun-baked (or rain-soaked if you live in the UK) field with pals, but nonetheless, get out the tinnies, boxes of wine, cider, whiskey or whatever your drink of choice, turn up the volume and sit back in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, garden, balcony or whatever and watch 16 astounding live sets and help fill that void of live music.


Super fun, psychedelic-cumbia sounds, the London-based Los Bitchos are the band we need right now. If you dig their KEXP session above, then France TV have an even longer set from Los Bitchos’ set at Trans Musicales de Rennes here.


A recent face and mind-melting rehearsal from Oh Sees who are quite possibly the greatest live band in any universe in any possible dimension.

The Netherlands outfit YĪN YĪN are an onslaught of joyous psychedelic-funk with heavy Eastern Asian influences. Get to know YĪN YĪN below…


Netherlands psychedelic outfit Altin Gün who play a cauldron of Turkish psychedelic classics – in the best way possible are one of the most ridiculous live bands in the world. I wrote about them at La Route Du Rock too here if you fancy a read about how great they were back then but the footage below should be suffice.

Melt Dunes

Melt Dunes have sadly seemed to have called it a day but before they left us, they were one of the mightiest live bands in the world. Not long before the called it a day, they featured on Fuzz Club’s compilation, supported The Brian Jonestown Massacre and toured mainland Europe, taking their cataclysmic assault of psychedelia, space-rock and krautrock far and wide.

The Mauskovic Dance Band

Psych, cumbia and disco all sounding like it’s from out of space, Netherlands’ The Mauskovic Dance Band are a crazy-fun experience and are perfect for beers during the summer days and nights.

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

What more can be said about Melbourne’s 7-piece psychedelic-merchants? One of the finest live bands today, the prolific outfit are always an absolute brain-eating tour-de-force.


SONS are a raucous riff-riot of psychedelic-space rock and garage-rock. Akin to Oh Sees and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, SONS are utterly explosive and quite possibly one the most underrated bands around today.


Glitched-out krautrock and wonky post-punk, there aren’t many bands out there that are as sonically charged, or as fun as London’s feral, anthropomorphic tree people Snapped Ankles. 


The tale of Niger’s desert-rock, psychedelic guitar wizard Mdou Moctar is pretty remarkable. Coming from a strict background and also not having the means to buy a guitar, Mdou Moctar self-taught himself guitar after building his own out of wood and using brake wires from old bicycles for strings.


Danceable hypnotic Thai-roots party band. If you can’t find any joy from The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band then you might well be entirely lost.


Featuring former members of Thee Commons, Los Angeles’ Tropa Magica blend their brand of cumbia with frenetic, garage-rock and surf-punk. Here they are in session also talking in depth about the origins of the band.


One of the finest new-ish live bands, New York’s The Wants delve between art-rock, post-punk, gothic-rock, electronica and the motorik-pulse of krautrock. Gloriously gloom, If The Wants are not on your radar yet, get involved right now. 


Stockholm’s Viagra Boys live show is absolute relentless visceral sonic-storm. Utterly exhilarating, murky post-punk mixed with garage-punk, Viagra Boys are a melting pot of Fat White Family mixed with The Garden.


London based, Japanese psychedelic warlords Bo Ningen are easily one of the best live acts around. Mind-melting, heavy space-rock, Bo Ningen will have you thrown far into the deepest depths of the cosmos before dropping you down to Earth at light speed.


Anemone are a Montreal quintet that are utter bliss with their jangly, sun-kissed psychedelic-pop. The outfit named after The Brian Jonestown’s classic also produced one of the most underrated albums of 2019 last year with ‘Beat My Distance’.

So there you have it – 16 live sets that will hopefully keep you busy during this time of isolation. If you dig what you hear, then be sure to keep an eye out on all these acts for when they’re back touring again, and if in the event you can spare any change in these hard times, maybe grab some merch.

Wax Machine – Earthsong of Silence

Brighton psychedelic 4-piece Wax Machine have recently released their debut album ‘Earthsong of Silence’ via Beyond Beyond is Beyond. Not too distant from the offerings of Ultimate Spinach, Kaleidoscope, some of Fifty Foot Hose’s less eerie material and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, the debut album from the quartet is beguiling, rootsy agrarian psychedelic-folk at its purest whilst also amalgamating elements of krautrock and jazz.

The serenity of Wax Machine’s debut creates a wonderful sonic odyssey of absolute tranquility in these times of uncertainty. Soft, sweetened vocals, jaunty guitar-lines and flutes that tremble along with the occasional torrent of fuzz, the debut LP from the Brightonian quartet is a tremendous trippy, sun-laden hippy freak-out.

One of the finer psychedelic albums you’re likely to hear this year, ‘Earthsong of Silence’ is an absolute must listen.

You can stream the album below as well as purchase it here.

South London’s Honkies Share ‘Buzz Band’ Ahead of Debut Album

After a change of line-ups, South London scuzz-fiends Honkies have returned with the blistering ‘Buzz Band’ following on from ‘Slugs’ which we featured a couple of months back. 

Akin to Black Lips, Fat White Family and Sleep Eaters, ‘Buzz Band’ is a 2-plus minute riot of explosive garage-rock blended with sleaze-filled country-rock.

Forming of Jim Sutcliffe (Guitar / Lead Vox), Callum Charman (Bass/Vox) Robin ‘Maddog’ McCready (Lead Guitar), Cat Rin (Synth/ Vox) and Alex ‘The Hairdresser’ Herd (Drums), the quintet are proving to be one of the capitals finest garage-rock bands right now. 

You can listen to ‘Buzz Band’ below ahead of the release of Honkies’ debut album out this summer and catch the band at the following live shows:

19.02 – The Talleyrand, Stockport
21.02 – Flying Duck, Glasgow
14.03 – Shacklewell Arms, London w/Sweaty Palms

Australian Psychedelic-Pop Outfit Sunfruits Share ‘Above The Clouds’ Ahead Of Debut EP

Hailing from Australia comes the sun-soaked psychedelic-pop quintet Sunfruits with ‘Above The Clouds’ the second single off of their forthcoming debut EP ‘Certified Organic’ out 11 February via Third Eye Stimuli Records (AUS) and Six Tonne De Chair Records (FRA).

‘Above The Clouds’ delves from crunching psychedelic-pop to 70’s funk and glam-filled disco that’s not too far sonically from fellow incredible Australian cosmonauts Nice Biscuit, Moses Gunn Collective and Babe Rainbow  for a 3 minute 53 second freakout.

Danceable, joyous fun – Sunfruits are the band that we need at the moment in this gloom-laden era.

Listen to ‘Above The Clouds below: