Porridge Fist release ‘California Resort’ on Already Dead Tapes

‘California Resort’ is the new album by Porridge Fist and is quite awesome, believe me because I have a blog and everything I say is therefore the truth. Porridge Fist makes music for the clinically insane, the adventerous, The weirdos that always look for something new and experimental, the namedroppers and the wannabe hipsters, for hippopotamusses and birds, for depressed milfs and feet addicts.

The new album sounds like 15 15 year old cool kids kick the shit out of Marilyn Manson with vintage keyboards all the while playing the keyboards and guitar and drums and some sing and all this happens together and everyone is pissed and afterwards you see the security video and you play it X6 speed and thats how it sounds.

Porridge Fist is going to be the new (but then agressive) Taylor Swift, believe me.



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