Album of the Week: Throat release Smile Less

Last album of the week was the new album from BIG|BRAVE, a truly magnificent album that deserves all your attention. Now there is a new album of the week on Fuzzy Sun and it is the new one from Throat. Throat is a Finnish noiserockband that has made some pretty cool records and splits and stuff and now the four headed band returns with a new one called ‘Smile Less’. i still listen quite a lot to their previous album ‘Bareback’ and was expecting more of their dark no nonsense noiserock but ‘Smile Less’ is different, on it you hear a a band that has evolved to a new level, like a pokemon but then way more evil. The atmosphere may be less agressive then their previous work but it sure is colder and darker. You can hear a lot more postpunk in everything their do but it is all still rooted in that oldschool noiserock sound. here and their an epic guitar solo wich fitts remarkably good between their slow churning riffs.

‘Smile Less’ is more melodic, more haunting, more postpunk (like the tracks ‘Conveyer Line’ and ‘Grounding’) then their previous work but some tracks on that album are still in your face noiserock tracks (like ‘Shots’ and ‘Deadpan’) but the band keeps it experimental (like ‘Home is Where Your Hurt is’) wich makes it a very varied and heavy album and it all fits very good together. This beast is out on Svart Records.

A really good album, I give it a lot of stars, I do.



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