Tijuana Hercules release Mudslod and the Singles on Skin Graft Records

The first time I heard Tijuana Hercules was on the bandcamp page of the label Skin Graft Records (which is filled with all kinds of special music, comics and cool stuff). I mostly cover noise rock and heavy psych, but now and then I just share something completely different. This is my blog and I do what I like.

The band has a history linked to noise rock. Tijuana Hercules is led by John Vernon Forbes who played in Phantom 309 (which also featured future Jesus Lizard drummer Mac McNeilly) and who also founded Mount Shasta. Tijuana Hercules does not make exactly  noise rock nor do they make heavy psych, they make a special kind of swamp fueled voodoo blues. The sound they produce is one of a kind and feels as if Dr. John drank too much swamp water. The band has now released their new album ‘MUDSLOD AND THE SINGLES’ and it features more then 20 guest artists which makes it even more epic. The album feels brilliant from the first listen, you can really hear the experience each musician brings to the album. There is a lot going on on this album and it all fits together perfectly. This is a band that knows how to write music, knows what they want to make and has the magic.
Here are some thoughts from the man John Vernon Forbes himself:”When it came to recording the record and planning the audio, I took on the engineer’s chair. It was something I had wanted to do for some time. I always had good experiences working with outside engineers, but I needed my own pit where I could stew and let my mind grow long. I was looking to cover the ground that stretched from a field recording to hallucinatory slap-back delay.”

John Forbes is also an artist and he makes awesome cartoons. The LP is filled with drawings and cartoons from Forbes himself, and it makes this album even more unique. He drew a cartoon caricature of every musician that played on the LP and you can check these pics here at Fuzzy Sun.

 John writes “Let me explain the drawings: I looked closely at the people involved in the recording and circled the fresh meat. The caricatures are neither from the Garden of Eden nor the middle rungs of Hades. I’ve always had a soft spot for cyclopes, webbed feet, and wire-cut bouffants. Some are free with their thoughts while others give the side-eye. What the hell are they all smoking? Either Lucky Strikes or reefer”.
Order the album on the Skin Graft’s bandcamp and check out which one you like the most. It will be glorious in your collection.



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