Stella Research Committee release ‘A Proposed Method For Determining Sanding Fitness’

The Cincinnati/Columbus no wave band Stella Research Committee has released a new album called ‘A Proposed Method for Determining Sanding Fitness’. The trio is made of  Kevin Hall (wo plays in Fruit Looops), Tony Squeri and Lauri Reponen and they make this gorgeous noiserock/nowave that is really in your face and refreshing, it is loud, original. This is music for the adventurous, for the people that seek sonic refreshment. Stella Research Commitee is choatic and heavy yet easy to listen, it feels like the criminal son of Girl Band and Sonic Youth that the whole family is trying to avoid. The album is out on the great ‘Cruel Nature Records’.

Favourite track: ‘Dustkop’

FFO almost everything on Skin Graft Records.


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