I think I have shared 90% of the stuff that has been released on God Unknown Records. The label was founded in 2013 by Jason Stöll wich we know from his own bands Sex Swing, Bonnacons of Doom, Twin Sister and Mugstar wich are all bands that fit perfectly on Fuzzy Sun thanks to their brutal and experimental sounds.

On the label you can find the Singles Club, wich are, in each volume, 10 x limited 7″ singles of the coolest bands, and you can buy them apart or in a complete box . The singles are truly a thing of beauty, they are gorgeously designed and I am now proud owner of the ‘Petbrick/USA NAILS’ split single and the ‘The Left Outsides/Mésange’ split single.

Next to the Singles Club there are some really gorgeous other releases too. I have shared music by White Hills, Klämp, Twin Sister, Rainbow Grave, Henge and more from the label. Quite clear I really love the label by now I guess.

Now this post is about the latest releases from the label that the world (you guys) need to know about if you don’t already. I wanted to start with the 7″ inch split single between The Left Outsides wich is a husband and wife duo based in London who make doomy, folky music and the Mésange who a collaboration between violinist Agathe Max (Kuro) and guitarist Luke Mawdsley (Cavalier Song) who make ethereal music.

This next one is finger licking brutal, this is the split between Petbrick (Sepultura founding drummer Iggor Cavalera’s new duo with Wayne Adams of Big Lad and Death Pedals) who made a recent very brutal full album and one of my favourites, the London noiserockers USA NAILS!

James Johnston and Steve Gullick have released ‘We Travel Time’ and is out as of today and available on vinyl. London based musician and painter James Johnston (Gallon Drunk) and Renowned photographer and musician Steve Gullick have made a gorgeous, deeply moving record with ‘We Travel Time’. Both these men have toured and played with a lot of artist and you can just hear the experience they have on this records, it is beautifully crafted and feels perfect in the first listen. The perfect balance between the vocals and the instruments make this a truly exceptional record.

Favourite track: When I’m Down

T. Gondii / Sex Howitzersis a split between to dutch Hardcore bands and it is quite awesome and also superfast. High quality hardcore punk. As i’ve been way into hardcore punk lately this is really spicing up my life. This is perfect music for the weekend to get in the modd. Play it at the family table to get everyone excited! Out also since today, what a feast!

The last release for now is an upcoming one that is going to be really awesome. One of the singles club with The experimental tribal noise artist Deaf Kids and the experamntalists Gum Takes Tooth. So pre-order the stuff, you are going to love it.



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