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Kookaburra release “Dry Eyes/White Mice”

The new album from Belgian garagerockers Kookaburra starts with the lead single ‘Dacelo Novaguineae‘ wich is a gorgeous fuzzfest, fastpaced garagepunk riffs and catchy vocals give thsi album a really awesome start. The album continues with a mix of catchy, happy garagerock and heavy fuzzed out garage. ‘Dry Eyes/White Mice’ is a big step up in sounds and songbuilding for Kookaburra, on this album they show their strength and how versatile they can be. Not Really difficult to guess wich tracks are my favourite because like most times I chose the heavy ones. Recorded by Thomas Valkiers in the Hightime Studio and will be released on December 10, 2020 on Resurrection Records (US), Gazer Tapes and digitally through Wagonmaniac Music.

Favourite tracks: Dacelo NovaGuineae, Hikikomori

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